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I am 50 and my eyelids were hooded at the top with...

I am 50 and my eyelids were hooded at the top with lots of lose skin under my eyes. I saw Sabrina who suggested I have an upper and lower blepharoplasty. I had it done under sedation which was surprisingly not frightening at all. The pain afterwards was mild, more irritation only. I felt a little wobbly for a. Few days but was able to go back to work after 10 days. I was still a bit swollen but looked ok. Now he results are really great after 9 weeks. So much better. Sabrina has been excellent. Her surgery is very skilful. I would definitely recommend her. She is an artist at her trade !
So glad that your happy with the results! I'm under-going the same procedure myself two weeks today with Cosmetic Surgeon Sultan Hassan at The Westbourne Centre Birmingham! Hope I'll be as happy as you are with the results! Will keep you posted!
Can you add some photos please? It's always great to see before and after ☺️
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Sabrina as friendly , informative and honest. Most importantly, she is a skilled surgeon.

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