My Picosure Journey

Hi everyone. This sight has helped me a lot over...

Hi everyone. This sight has helped me a lot over the past few months. I got a tattoo in May that I hated immediately afterwards. At first I was so regretful that I kind of went into depression mode. But then I thought, Chan, chill out, there is something you can do about this, it's not the end of the world! (I'd just like to add that if there is anyone suffering bad from the regret that comes of having a tattoo you don't like, please feel free to message me if you want to chat about it. Talking always helped me when I was at my lowest and believe me, I know how low it can make you feel).

So anyways, I brushed myself off, started researching tattoo removal and landed on Picosure as it is supposedly the best technology out there at the moment. I have a consultation booked for tomorrow morning at True Skin Medispa in Esher, Surrey. It's about a 2 hour drive from where I live but it's worth it for me personally.

My tattoo is all black, about 15 x 1 cm, down the side of my left forearm (such a visible area, eww, so not me!)

Although I do not have an exact quote for the removal of my tattoo yet, I expect it will be around £500 a session judging by the website guidelines. I am a student at university and have had to resort to using my scholarship money to fund my stupid decision, but I justify this by telling myself that getting rid of my tattoo may make me more employable in the future so il make my money back that way maybe - Silver lining and all that. So, oh well, lesson learned now let's move on :)

Il get back to you all soon!


Site*, not 'Sight'.. Wouldn't believe I'm an English student :/
Hey, welcome! You'll get loads of support here from people in the same situation as you! How did your consultation go?

Welcome to the community.  You have a great attitude about this and that alone will get you through it.  We have all done things in life we regret so don't beat yourself up.

Definitely let me know how the consult goes.  I will be anxious to hear and see how this all goes.


My 'consultation'!

So basically, I made the 2 hour journey to the clinic today, I was nervous but kept telling myself 'one step at a time, it's just a consultation'.

As it turned out, I ended up having my first treatment! Having my treatment that day saved me £50 as the consultation fee acts as a deposit if used on the day. I was bricking it. As soon as I realised that it was happening there and then, my mouth went completely dry, my stomach was flipping and I started sweating like a crazy person. But the laser technician was so nice, she got me some water and reassured me that it would only last about 2 minutes.

She passed the laser over a small section first, and though it does hurt, a flush of releif ran through me as I realised 'it's not that bad'. It is worse than getting the tattoo but not massively worse. It really does feel like hot rubber bands flicking against your skin over and over in quick succession, but it's really nothing unbearable. I do have a fairly high pain threshold (I think getting a tattoo actually feels nice)...

It literally was over in 2 minutes, that included her stopping for little breaks between sections.

It cost me £449 altogether today. I haven't removed the gauze yet to put more Vaseline on so I'm actually not sure what it looks like! Il take pictures and update you tomorrow.

Can anyone remind me how often Vaseline (or alike) needs to be applied to the area. She told me but I can't remember :/ lol.

Speak to you soon!
Wow - that's awesome! I'm surprised they didn't do a test patch. Most places need to see how the laser reacts on your skin before doing a treatment. Perhaps it's because the Picosure is apparently less damaging to the surrounding tissue that they can just go ahead. Either way, treatment 1 in the bag! You may very well find that those clouds have faded dramatically already. With regards to the Vaseline, I've heard lots of different theory's. Some say that you should keep it dry for the first few days. I would just play it by ear and see what your skin feels like - twice a day will probably do the trick. Another thing to remember is to get plenty of water in you. This'll help to keep your skin hydrated (especially now it'll be in a vulnerable state for a few days) and will also assist your immune system as it begins to flush out the pigment. Congrats and welcome again.
Thankyou so much :) She did a patch test and then waited a few minutes to look at the results apparently they can tell after a few minutes if you will have adverse reactions by how quickly pinpoint bleeding occurs (this happening straight away isn't a very good sign) but I was fine so we got underway! I really hope the clouds do fade, I'd be slightly disappointed if they didn't shift a bit. I'm not expecting a lot from the lines at this stage but we'll see :) I've had a gander at your review and I really think that hyper pigmentation your experiencing will settle down. I've done an embarrassing amount of research and seen this happen time after time. Hope that's at least slightly encouraging? Lol. Are you using Picosure too?
I'm a bleeder too! Nope I'm being treated with the good ol' q-switch yag. The Picosure would cripple me financially (although I imagine it would get the job done quicker) - I'm getting married in May so I'm already not in the good books considering any spare cash should be going towards that! Plus I'm down I'm Devon so it would be a good 3 hours each way which would be more cash on fuel! All quite the inconvenience isn't it! Have a look for Jakes removal blog on here. Here's having a fairly new half sleeve removed using the Picosure. His clouds significantly reduced after the first treatment. Have they booked you in for another session? What do your friends and family make of the situation? It's such a relief to have somewhere like this to write down how your feeling knowing that everyone's going through the same thing. It's a real tricky one in the outside world because ultimately what we've done was our choice, and people without tattoos (understandably) might not be quite so sympathetic to our situation - but people here are!

The Grand Unveiling

Well, this is my tattoo approximately 10 hours after treatment. Hideous. But it's what I expected and I know it's only temporary so I'm not really bothered :) It doesn't really hurt much, but it has blistered unfortunately. I'm quite anxious to see what the cloud shading will look like once the ugliness has settled down, I can kind if see through the swelling and it looks significantly lighter! No immediate change with the writing but I didn't think there would be. So far, no real concerns.
Hi everyone, so glad I have found this page and read all your comments! I got a tattoo a week ago ( yes 7 long days!!!) and I hate what I've done..... I don't hate the tattoo I just hate where I ended up getting it. Mine is on my fore arm like yours Chantelle, and I went into the shop to get a little one on my wrist.... I stupidly got talked into having it on my arm and after sitting in the shop for over an hour after my app was suppose to be, my anxious self and get it over with attitude just agreed:-( stupid I know as its my bloody body and being 35 years old I should know better! I left the shop happy and proud that I'd finally got the tattoo I have wanted for 2 years only it wasn't where I wanted it, but I could deal with that right.... Wrong I woke up that night in a panic a very delayed reaction thinking WHAT THE FUCK HAVE I DONE! Ever since I have felt terrible, really depressed about the whole thing and really angry with myself that at my age I could still be so stupid. Also like you I have 2 other tattoos on my body that are very simple and don't bother me at all but then they r on my back so I forget that they r there, I see this one constantly. I also work in a school and have now had to re-think my wardrobe as I don't want to flaunt it, thank god it's jumper weather now. Because my tattoo has 3 colours in my birds I have been researching my best options for removal and found picosure is my best route. Can I ask did you have any sort of consultation over the phone before app? Thanks Nikki
Did they give you an estimated number of treatments that it would take to remove it?
She said tattoos similar to mine take around 3 or 4 but everyone reacts differently. It could be up to 6.

Quick update...

4 days since treatment and swelling has gone down a fair bit but it's still red and a bit gruesome looking! The itching has begun this morning so hopefully that means I'm nearing the end of the healing proccess. Will update with a 'one week later' picture on Friday :)
Hey! I have a tattoo on my wrsit and hat it, it's 5x8 size and gosh...I want it away! I am thinking about picosure but it's quite new and no guarantees that your tattoo will be fully removed...UPDATE! I am so curious! ;)
Hi all, I can't begin to describe how I feel reading all this it's so familiar. Although I've been stupid enough to do it twice now and I feel like a first class idiot. I had a tribal design on my upper arm when I was 16 (28 now) and when I was 21 I decided to get it covered with,yep, another tribal. I hated it immediately and it sent me into deep depression. Over the years I tried to have it removed with tattoo erase but it scarred terribly and I was left with very white scars. Anyway over the last few months I got really really fed up with this on my arm and the perplexed looks on peoples faces when they saw it. So I decided enough was enough and wanted a cover up. I went to a very talented artist and at first I absolutely loved it. But now a week later I hate it and really really regret my decision to get it done. I've been in the deepest depression and have hit true rock bottom because of this. I feel like a total idiot for doing this to myself twice. I'm thinking removal is my only choice but seen as the tattoo is over quite large scars I am unsure if the pigment will be reached and will be flushed into my system? I hope someone has some advice on this, any responses would be most warming. Thank you, Paul
Hi Paul. Firstly, welcome! Like myself and many others on here, you've come to the right place. I'm sorry to learn of your experiences with the tattoo and the subsequent effect it's had on your mental wellbeing. You'll receive a great deal of empathy on this site from people in very similar situations to the one you're in now. You've taken the first big step in acknowledging to yourself that you want to make things right and you certainly shouldn't be too hard on yourself. We're all in the same boat and, as human beings, we're all allowed to make mistakes. The first thing to do is to educate yourself as to where you can potentially look to undertake your treatments. Are you in the UK? It's often a good idea to have more than one consultation (they're normally free). This way you can scope out the best price coupled with the best care and treatment. You'll want to ask lots of questions (especially considering you've got concerns with regard to scar tissue etc). If they're unable to answer your questions satisfactorily then you should probably move on to the next one. I really recommend starting a review/blog on here. Not only will it help others in seeing how you progress, but it can be really beneficial to get those emotions written down and shared amongst people who know what you're going through - you'll be pleasantly surprised how much support you'll find here! Your tattoo looks to be composed of a lot of black ink - this is targeted the best by laser, and so it's generally accepted that it's the easiest to treat. With regard to the colours, a different laser will be needed, so you'll need to find somewhere that can tackle both. Having said all that, it's very important, from the outset, to ensure your expectations are realistic. Tattoo removal is a slow, arduous process. However, if you find a good technician, look after your skin after and between treatments, and are accepting of the fact that it's not an overnight cure then it can yield amazing results! I look forward to seeing how you progress!

8 days later...

Decided to hold off posting any pictures at this point as it's not fully healed. Bit disappointed with the result at the moment. The laser seems to have done nothing to the writing. I thought I'd at least see slight break up or fading but no such luck. I STILL can't tell what's happened to the shading because it's all completely scabbed over, il have to wait until it has flaked off I suppose. I'll post pictures then. But I guess it's still early days, I'm not letting it bother me at the moment because its too cold to have my arms out anyway! So it's not really affecting me, I'm just anxious to see what has happened to the shading, hopefully it's a darn sight more than what's happened to the writing!
Hey, wish I could be more helpful but at the moment I still can't see the full extent of what the laser has done. There doesn't seem to be much response from the writing but I think underneath all the nasty scanning I've got, the shading will have faded quite significantly. Heres hoping anyway!

Timeline update!

So I woke up this morning and the flaking of the scabs has begun. The skin underneath is slightly pink and shiny but almost completely ink-free! So excited for it all to peel off :) This refers only to the cloud shading. The writing remains pretty much intact at the moment.
Awesome! I really hope at least one color almost totally disappears after my first treatment too

Great results so far! Thanks so much for sharing your story and being so open and honest about your feeling, there are so many others that can relate. 

Hey! It looks really impressive! The cloud is almost clear! Wow!....Really great for you...Keep lasering ;)

Any ideas?

Hey guys, as you can see the laser has made a crazy impact on my tattoo as it seems that all the shading will be pretty much gone when the scabs shed completely after just one session. It's exceeded my expectations so far and I'm really happy with how it's going :)

Just one question, I don't know if you can see from the picture but where the scabs were, the skin is pink and shiny. Is this scarring or just new skin. If anyone has any info or tips on how best to repair it, please comment and let me know :)

Hey, I think the pink skin is pretty normal. It should return back to normal over time. Still can't believe how much shading has come out!
Okay thankyou! I hope so :) do you think bio oil is a good idea once the scab has gone? Neither can I to be honest, I'm really impressed! How's yours coming along?
Bio oil is a great idea. You'll probably need to wait another week to ten days perhaps. The surface should hopefully be all but healed by then I would have thought! I'm putting it on once a day before bed. Hopefully it keeps any scars at bay. Mine is doing ok. My darker areas are breaking up now and some of the lettering is on its way out. I'm incredibly impatient, which makes this whole thing very difficult. Just gotta keep our eyes on the prize I guess! When do you'll think you'll schedule your next treatment for? Are you still going to give it a few months?

17 days later...

Hello all, this is what my tattoo looks like now. All the scabs have fallen off and the fading is pretty impressive. The kind of 'shadow' from the shading that you can see is mostly just the redness of the new skin. There is a tiny but of ink left in places but I expect this will disperse and I'm hoping I won't need any more treatments on that part of the tattoo.
The writing also looks faded and the lines look thinner. I'm applying bio oil twice daily to the tattoo :)

So far so good. The proccess has been so much less scary than I thought it would be, in fact it's been a bit of a breeze so far and I highly reccomend picosure to anyone considering tattoo removal. It works!

Il post again with a picture when the pinkness has gone down completely and my tattoo is kind of in it's 'resting state' if you will.

Bye for now!
Hey there, would love an update, how is the fading coming along? Have you had any additional treatments since you last posted?
Hey, looks like you were seeing some good results! How has the process been treating you since the last post? Thanks for sharing
Hi Chantel, I was really happy to come across your review! I have a black only tattoo in almost the exact same spot. Same story basically too - I got the tattoo because I loved the message but right away realized a large forearm tattoo is not ME. Your fading after treatment 1 looks really good! I just started my removal today and am hoping to have results as nice as yours! Thanks for sharing.
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