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My Picosure Diary - Esher, GB

I have a tattoo that is 27 years old and I have...

I have a tattoo that is 27 years old and I have hated it for almost as long. This year I decided to do something about it. After reading about the diferent types of laser I opted for Picosure. I was very nervous as have seen and heard of some awful results with normal laser removal. the pain wasn't as bad as I was expecting, although far from pleasant, it was bareable and also very quick - literally felt like it took a couple of minutes. I am not sure how effective it has been so far, but have been told it will continue to fade between treatments. Its very expensive, so am going to have 3 treatments, then review if i feel it has been worth it. I am hoping it will though - just to be able to have the confidence to wear sleeveless tops again without feeling like self conscious.

Next session looming!!

Well I have my second session on Friday and am feeling slightly nervous. Really hoping to see some better fading this time. The cost is stressing me before Christmas but I want this gone more than anything. I've put it off for so long I need to be patient and remind myself that hopefully next summer I can wear the sleeveless dresses to work that I've wanted to for years!!!!

Second session today

Had Christina carry out my session today. Although she put the machine on a higher setting this time, I didn't think it hurt so much. It's very blistered tonight and quite swollen. Pics will follow

The day after

Well it's looking disgusting this morning. No Eva I didn't use any numbing cream or pain killers

4 days after 2nd session

Itching started. Blistering gone. Not sure how much will have gone. I guess time will tell

A week after 2nd session

Scabbing finally starting to go and so far looking pretty faded underneath

Before and two treatments later

Third treatment

Had my third session yesterday. The pain is getting far easier each time. I think it's a case of knowing what to expect means I can handle it better.
Hoping only one more session and it will be gone. Booked for end of March

4th treatment

Getting there but frustrating as was wanting it gone before my holiday at end of May :(


Photo showing pre - picosure, after treatment 4 then 3 weeks after treatment 4. I was hoping it would be my last but unfortunately think I will need another one but going to wait until after my holidays now

5th treatment

I decided to have another treatment before the dinner starts in the hope that it will finally go. Edita (not sure of spelling) at esher was so lovely. I hadn't seen her since my first session so she was amazed how much it had faded. I am really pleased with how it's going so far but do want to completely gone so if there are still some dots when this one heals I will go back again. I think when this heals though I will be able to cover for the summer with make up

2 weeks after treatment 5

Significant fading now. Really pleased. Have no blistering and very little scarring with treatments now and it's still working. Hoping it will fade a lot more over the summer

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I love in oxford, I have been really depressed all this days because I have a big tattoo on my thigh a garter tattoo and I hate it so much I don't know what to do I feel so bad I can't eat I can't even go to work it's ruining my life :( the tatto wasn't properly done it looks so bad. I think I need to try this
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Im sorry you feel so bad about your tattoo. I can relate to it, and have felt a real sense of freedom the last few weeks now that mine has virtually gone. The last few slight marks on mine I can now cover with make up. It is a huge financial drain and depressing whilst you are still having treatment as sometimes you look at it and think it looks even worse but I am so glad I did it. Its a shame there is nowhere nearer for us in oxford. Anything you want to know though please ask and I will try to help
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I was wondering where do you go to get the laser done? It's easy to get from oxford to that place I think the nearest is in London? Thanks
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I go to Trueskin in Esher - I drive - takes just over an hour depending on traffic
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Oh ok, I guess that should be ok for me I got a car so I can drive there. Just another thing, does it leave any scar? I mean after the laser treatment? Thanks very much
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How much did each session cost?
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£299. Paid for 4 and after that it's complimentary
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Does it matter the size of the tat?
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Yes mine is classed as a small one - the pricing structure is on trueskin a website. They also do something called picoplan where you pay a certain amount each month and you can have as many treatments you need within 12 months
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Wow- awesome results for only 5 treatments!!! Enjoy yr summer- it will be gone in no time :)
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Your results are so good! It makes me hopeful that there is light at the end of the tunnel! Keep posting pictures so we can follow your progress!
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Absolutely amazing results! Do you know which spot size was used at all?
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Well I had my last treatment 2 weeks ago and went in the sun at the weekend as it was so nice not to. I used factor 30 on the area and the pigmentation seems to be blending ok. I started in September with 6 weeks between treatments but then went to every 2 months as was a bit costly. I'm now just going to enjoy my summer, go in the sun but use plenty of sunscreen. I think the setting was 2.8 although that doesn't mean much to me, but she mentioned that when reading out my notes
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oh, also wondering: how long has the whole process been for you so far? thanks
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Looks great, hardly noticeable, congrats! Are you gonna have to keep it covered all summer though to prevent color or can you use sunscreen and be good? it'd be exciting for you to be able to have a normal summer, good luck!
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Looks great, you will easily be able to cover that with make up!! Check out this review for make up info:

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Thanks Eva. Just ordered the make up so will let everyone know how it goes
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Please do :)
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I know you wanted it gone b/f your holiday but you may be surprised to find that it continues to fade during that time off...try not to get down and enjoy your trip!!! You are so close- it's impressive for only 4 treatments, be proud!!
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Aww thank you
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really great progress. Looks like it will be gone after 1 more!
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Appreciate the update, love side by side progress!!! Results are encouraging, you will be done soon!!! Way to go!
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Looks good! How long do you wait between sessions?
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I've been going every two months
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Wow, that's come a long way- it looks like you have some really great fading for only 4 treatments!! Hang in there; I'm sure you'll see more fading in the coming weeks :)
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