Removal of dark tattoo on calf

Hello everyone. First of all, i'm glad to have...

Hello everyone.
First of all, i'm glad to have found this place where people obviously have the same feelings as i have had. Im 18 (Soon to be 19) and live in Denmark, Europe. I got a fresh tattoo with a motive which i wanted, but as soon as it was there i just felt horrible. Having a tattoo wasnt me at all, and since its on my lower leg i can't hide it in the summer. I dont think it's ugly, i just dont think it fits me as a person, and it gives people the wrong impression about me. I was very depressed, but you guys probably know the feeling so not gonna go into detail. So i began searching for removal options, and in my country there is only one major laser tattoo removal clinic chain, the rest is simply small back yard businesses which i certainly dont wanna gamble with. I will post a photo so you can all see the tattoo, and tell me if you think it can be removed. I haven't honestly seen anyone who had a tattoo completely removed myself, so if you have any photos that prove it works, please do share them with me. The laser they use at the clinic is the Revlite laser, which they say is the golden standard - is that true? And do you think it can remove my tattoo completely, because if it cant, i will just be a major waste of money and time for me. The laser specialist says he can remove it completely in 7-11 sessions with his laser, but i can't trust him blindly since he is also selling the procedure. The procedure will cost around 4700$ roughly in US dollars, which is a lot of money for me. The tattoo is done in black and has a lot of shading, i dont know how many inches because im European (sorry american friends) but its roughly 15cm x 20 cm but it's slimmer in the ends.

TL:DR - Can this tattoo be removen completely with the Revlite Laser, and do you have any photo documentation of laser removal actually removing a tattoo completely?

Wish you all the best, tattoo mistakes hurt mentally, but your not alone.

If your reading this while considering getting a tattoo and you are not sure, take this advice - DONT GET IT, save yourself from a lot of pain and suffering :) Buy a t-shirt with your design instead. I hope this can save someone out there from making the same mistake i did.

Btw, the tattoo is the logo of my favorite football (soccer) club Liverpool FC, and YNWA is for You'll Never Walk Alone and the two flames are for 96 fans who died at a match in 1989.

English is not my first language, so if i made any mistakes feel free to ask me for elaboration :)

Better times

I am getting used to the thought of it being there, and i'm not depressed anymore. I'm still going to meet with a laser specialist, but that is basically to find out what my options are. I'm not going to start the removal any time soon, as i dont have the money or the opportunity to take care of it while it's healing right now in my life. Who knows, mabye i wont ever get it removed, because as of now, im actually pretty pleased with it. I'm a little concerned that it will hold me back on the job market, which is why i want to know my options, in case i at some point need it removed. I might also get a little test spot done, just to see how i react to it.

Overall i feel much better now, and i hope that this feeling last so that i can be pleased with myself and my tattoo. There are some minor things i consider getting done to my tattoo (some lines and shades i want fixed), but i dont know if im going to get them fixed or not. It might make me more satisfied about my tattoo, but then again, its unwise if i should want to remove it at a later point, so i dont know whether i should get it touched up a little or not. What are your thoughts here? :)

TL;DR - Going to keep the tattoo, still going to meet a laser specialist to know my options if i later on in life would need it removed.

Meeting at the clinic

So today i went and spoke with my laser specialist Jan, and we spoke about my tattoo. His clinic uses the RevLite, but has also bought the picosure! :) He believes that the RevLite is best for my tattoo, while picosure is more for colors. He believes that 100% removal of the black and the shading is possible, but that the white lines might not be able to be removed. He also gave me a zap with the laser so i could feel how it is, and i didnt think it was too bad. He has given me a good offer for the whole tattoo, somewhere around 3500$, which is 1300$ less than i was quoted first time. He believes it will take me 18 months and between 6-9 treatments.

I will be going to Thailand, NZ and Australia for three months november - january, where i will be exposed to the sun a lot. He says it wont be a problem, as his laser only targets the 2nd layer of the skin and not the 1st where the pigment is, that sounds good, but mabye a little too good. Also i am going in the army from february-june next year, which may force me to take a 4 month break in between treatments, but that is allright i guess.

So right now i'm thinking of whether or not i should accept the offer. If i accept it i can have 2-3 treatments before i leave for my travel, then i can have 1 treatment when i come home, and then wait until i have done my time in the army to complete the remaining sessions. So im looking at atleast 2 years probably even more if i begin now.

To all of you who are currently going through removal, what are your experience when it comes to sun exposure and laser treatments?? :-)

I will update the blog when i have decided where to go from here!

First session booked!

22th of july i will start my tattoo removal journey. I'll be paying 480$ pr. session for 7 sessions, and if there is still ink remaining afterwards i will get free treatments. So the total cost of my removal SHOULD be 3343$ according to the agreement i have with my provider. Looking forward to get started, even though it will be expensive and painful! :-)

Treatment #1

Just came back from the office. Did the treatment with no numbing cream, only the cold air machine. He used the Revlite laser. It hurt pretty bad, but it didnt take more than 5 minutes. There was a nice frosting all over the tat. Now the tattoo is red and raised as you can see in the photos. He didnt wrap it up afterwards, but he put some sort of gel on it, that hospitals use on people who have got burnt. He said that i shouldn't be afraid to go excersise or work or anything, he even told me that i could go out in the sun, and thats its only the old lasers that cant treat people with tanned skin. I got a 50% discount on the treatment because i am a new customer. All in all a good experience, and i feel like im in good hands, even though his aftercare advice differs a lot from others i have read on here :-) Now i just hope that i see some fading once the redness goes away :) Cheers

Partial removal?

My first session went well and i am almost all healed up (although it is a tiny bit raised and scabbing still).
My tattoo is already much lighter/brownish in the shading, and the thin black lines around it is breaking up. The thick black lines havent changed.

But lately i have been considering only removing everything around the bird. All the things im unhappy about with the tat, is in all the shit that is around the logo(bird). When i went in there originally, i dit it to get the logo, and thats it. So i have been thinking, that mabye i will be pleased if i just remove everything but the bird. I am not against tattoos in general, its just that i dont think SOME PARTS of mine turned out like i wanted it. Any of you guys who have considered partial removal of the part your unhappy about, instead of the whole thing? And no the bird doesnt look bad after #1 treatment, it looks a little lighter, but nothing much :)

I will post pictures of the result of treatment #1 the day before treatment #2 which is scheduled for october 1st :)

Result of treatment #1

Today i went for treatment #2, he turned up the machine a bit, hurt like hell, but was done quickly. For me these sessions take less than 5 minutes. Not so much frosting (hope this is because less ink), but i did see some though. These pictures are taken right before treatment #2.

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Hey there, do you have any photos for us?
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It's still a little itchy, so its still healing :-) Im gonna put up photos of treatment #1 results shortly before treatment number 2 which is in a months time :-)
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Congrats on your first treatment! I know it's too soon to tell but from your pics, looks like some of the shading have already disappeared! I'm positive you'll see more changes in the weeks to come. How long do you intend to wait in between treatments? I just had my 2nd treatment with the Revlite last week and I already see changes...I'm pretty amazed with this laser.
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Because of things im doing in life the next year (going travelling, army etc.) i'll have to wait 2,5 months, then 3,5 months, then 4,5 months - and after that i dont have anything planned, so then i can do whatever i like. But i think i will wait atleast 2 months between every session, to let my body heal :-) and also to make it easier to afford $$$! How long does it take your skin to return to normal after laser? (not red/raised etc.)
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I think that's a good spacing in between sessions! It's already been a week since my 2nd treatment and some of the redness have gone and my skin isn't raised anymore which I think is just due to swelling. It pretty much stopped swelling on the 3rd day. What I notice now that it's been a week is that some of the black ink are still slightly raised and some parts are getting dry. I just put Bio Oil on my tattoo if I feel it's getting too dry. Interestingly, I haven't experienced any itching like some go through after laser treatment. Happy healing!
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I have had a little uge to itch, but nothing major like some describe. It's the same for me too, the thick black parts are raised after the rest has returned to normal. Its still pretty red, i thought it would turn normal color quicker actually.. How long did it take for your skin to not be red anymore the first time you had treatment? :-) And oh, i put on some aloe vera sometimes, but only if its really dry.
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To be honest, I wasn't at all satisfied with my first treatment. It was done by a different doctor at a different clinic and I think she's only familiar with the Revlite used for other aesthetic purposes like skin rejuvenation, etc. Her settings were too weak that my tattoo hardly had any reaction at all. The day after my treatment, I only got sunburn like symptoms like itching, etc but nothing major like redness or swelling. I even want to discredit that first treatment and consider this 2nd one as my first. But anyway, how long the redness stays depends on our own bodies' reaction to the laser I guess...I think certain creams can also help when applied during the initial stages to help reduce redness like in my case a beta + gentamycin cream was prescribed plus oral antibiotics. I think if the redness persists it's best to call the doctor as it might be an allergic reaction to the ink, etc.
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Yeah your right. But its not even been a week, so i dont think its unusual that mine is still red. Also a little surprised to hear you had all that prescribed to you, as my technician prescribed nothing to me. This morning, which is 5 days after treatment, the itching has begun a little for me, but aloe vera helps neutralize the itch.
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I know I think the oral antibiotics were totally unnecessary and will forego taking them after my next session but will continue with the cream as it was pretty expensive for a small tub hehe. Hope to see pics of your tattoo a few weeks from now to see the progress...crossing my fingers for the both of us that we will see awesome fading! :-)
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Me too , especially since our tattoos, laser and placement is pretty similar! Yeah i will prolly post something once its healed completely :-) PS. the itch is real
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Congrats for the first treatment! :-) I have heard the same things from my doctor not to be afraid to work out or work normally so, that's also giving me more possitive feeling about the process and all. Anyway, keep your attitude possitive, it's the key trust me! ;-)
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I can confirm that you are indeed able to work. It can be a little uncomfortable, but nothing major. Sleeping was also better than expected actually. So far the pain hasnt been an issue, even though its VERY red and raised. Hope it stays like this, because then i will definently be able to go through this :) Its only day 2 though, so i dont know how long it will take me to heal :-)
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Congrats on your first treatment! :) take a good care of yourself now and let's hope for a good fading! As for after care, I also have read lots of different things and my doctor told me that I am good to go to the sun, but then I will have to wait few weeks after I got tanned to get treated again. There are few reasons why: tanned (darker) skin: laser hit the ink worse as the skin is darker. And also, treated skin is a lot more sensitive to the sun and to everything. That's only my opinion and I decided to keep my tattoo away from sun as not to jeopardize next treatment. You will do just great! :) keep us posted!
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Thanks Marisska! I will try to keep it out of the sun, and when i have to go in the sun i will put a strong sunscreen on! (its VERY hot in denmark atm), the only time i will get a treatment while really tanned will be when i return from my trip in january, then i will probably have a strong tan after 2,5 months in the sun. i know this will make it less effective that one time, but i still think it will work a little. Also my doctor assured me that he has treated tanned persons a lot of times (especially people with tattoos in face/neck/hands etc.), and that he just puts different settings on the laser :) But that is a long time from now, so i will cross that bridge when i get to it. For now i focus on healing, and try to stay positive :)
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Congratulations on starting your removal. Happy healing to you!
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Thank you! :-)
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Well done on treatment one - you're officially underway!! Sounds like a good session. Happy healing.
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Yes finally! :) Thank you!
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Sounds like your clinic is pretty confident with the Revlite the fact tgat they are offering you free sessions after the 7th treatment. Sounds like a good deal to me! My doctor estimates about 5-6 sessions but not 100% removal as she personally hasn't seen that happen given that she has had the Revlite for under 2 years. Just hoping for the best outcome for the both of us and looking forward to seeing progress pics! Good luck!
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I dont have unlimited free treatmens after though, i think it's 2 treatments or something like that. My provider has been able to get 100% clearance with the Revlite, but he has been doing it for quite some time now! So it is possible! Im just nervous atm., as it is a lot of money! Also the weather is pretty nice where i live these days, so not being able to wear shorts will be a pain in the butt! And then there is also the fear of being left with something way worse than i have now - but i think the thought of having it gone forever overshadows that, and makes me excited to get started! :-)
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Hey, you are certainly not alone! I have a similar tattoo in dimensions on my back, I have had my first consultation already and I will start my treatments after the summer, mid-September most likely. I will post my story as well, after the first treatment. Be patient and possitive and everything will come your way! ;-)
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Cool, i will go check your review then :-)!!
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Congratulations, can't wait to see how you get on!!
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Congrats! This is a big decision and a lot of money, BUT I do believe money can be earned and your happiness and self-confidence is much more important and in a bigger picture - that's all what really matters! Glad to hear you are starting! It is a long way to go, but nothing what really worth is coming easily! You worth it!
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Hey! If I were you, I would definitely take this offer. As 4 month break is not bad at all. At the moment I am waiting around 8 weeks. More time is better for fading. As for the sun, I was surprised then my doctor told me that sun and sun tan is not a problem for the laser. However, the darker the skin, the less effect you might expect from the laser. It is better to keep it covered from the sun and use sun protection. That's how I am doing. Good luck to you! I am sure you will find the best solution for yourself :)
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