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Hi, all. I'm a 31yo mom to identical twins and...

Hi, all. I'm a 31yo mom to identical twins and have decided that this twin-skin has got to go. I've taken up running to help keep my weight in check and have managed to stay under my pre-pregnancy weight for three years. But the skin, the dog-ears over my hips, the diastis recti? None of that is getting better. I am not afraid of surgery. I had a c-section with my daughters. I was back to about 90% 3w post. I know pain, I know I can tolerate pain... what I don't know is how I'm going to take care of my kids. My husband said he can take time off work, but I have doubts. I'm easily 15 pounds over-weight (and had one surgeon tell me I was border line obese, nice) and I'm worried that I won't really look better- though I'm sure people won't say to me, "Wow, twins and another on the way?" No, no stranger... not pregnant. Just flabby. I don't know if my expectations are realistic, I don't even know what realistic expectations are for me. Could use some encouragement and been there, done that.. I'll add some before pics momentarily.

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Added some "before" pics

added some "before" pics

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Ack, forgot to put in surgery date! Scheduled for...

Ack, forgot to put in surgery date! Scheduled for March 10th :) First surgery of the day!


WendyL, I just read your profile and sweetie you are going to do great. Believe it or not I'm 40 years old and I'm a police officer in a special unit. My stomach looked a lot like yours. That gun belt use to kill my tummy. Having an extra 45 pounds on your waist with a large muffin top was driving me crazy. As you can see I'm not a large woman (5"6 160). I can out runn half the men on my department and all the women :)

But that tummy sucked! Hang in there! You are going to look awesome!!!!
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Thank you so much. I hope I'm feeling and looking as good as you :)
I dont know what to tell you exept I am in the same boat. I am scheduled for surgery April 4. My husband will take 2 weeks off and my mom says she will take 2 weeks off and my dad 1 week. I am thinking about hiring a nanny though cuz my mom and I just never seem to get along. The other day she said "well you could give the kids breakfast and I will be at your house by 11 am" ! I dont think so ! Someone needs to be here by at least 7am ! She knows I cant lift for at least 4 to 6 weeks and I told her dont say you can help me if you cant or dont want to ! I have a 6 month old and a 1.5 year old. Then she goes on saying that I should wait to have until my kids are older !! She doesnt know how I feel about myself right now with the sagging skin. You would think that I have had twins LOL !! I wish you all the best!
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Woo! Thirteen days until we say "Farewell, Fupa!!"...

Woo! Thirteen days until we say "Farewell, Fupa!!" hahaha... feeling pretty excited about the potential for a sexy, flat tummy. This site has been amazing and so supportive and informational, I love it. I'm pretty much over the nerves for now; I'm sure the day of or the night before I'll have a break down and freak out, but for today it's all good things :) Thank you to everyone for being so helpful!

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Holy crap... five more days. I met with my PS last...

holy crap... five more days. I met with my PS last week and discovered that my insurance might cover a breast reduction as well. We've been waiting to hear back, but I'm not holding my breath. I'm happy just to get rid of this rockin' flab. I have been wondering though, where do your drains go when you are dressed? And by "dressed" of course I mean, wearing your jammies for two weeks. Do you tuck them into your pant legs? Also, how long is the binder? I see some people had one that was like my binder from my c-section, but that wasn't long enough for me at all. It sat above my hips (where the TT incision will be) and didn't go up to my boobs. I'm having a LOT of muscle repair done, I want to be sure the binder is going to be long enough to support my whole abdomen. Also, I'm pretty freaking excited. Not just for surgery, but for the rad maxi dress I bought to wear after :)

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Since I've got three days to go, I'm going to...

Since I've got three days to go, I'm going to throw my stats out there:
166 lbs (those stool softeners this week have been ::thumbs up::)

Measurements: (remember, I had twins and got to 49.5 inches in circumference)
bust: 35in
waist at belly button where I'm the widest: 44.5in

I wear a size 12 jean and XL tops. I'm a 38DD bra.


So after reading this, you are now one day post-op. I hope all went well for you and that you're resting comfortably. I scheduled my surgery today and I can't wait to be one day post-op.
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Hope all went well for you! Can't wait to see your results!!
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Hoping all went well for you yeserday!
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Well, I'm 5 days post op!! The first four days...

Well, I'm 5 days post op!! The first four days were bad. I did not do well after the anesthesia- stopped breathing a number of times and had to be put on O2, was in recovery for about four hours. Luckily I was staying over night. Unluckily, they decided to try every pain killer known to man on me. Not a fan. I'll do a surgery/recovery post later though, my head is really foggy and it's hard to think straight. I had a breast reduction at the same time as the TT, and really, if you're going to do this as well, do it at the same time. I haven't had any boob pain. I haven't seen my body yet, but I can tell you something about the drains. They F-ing suck. Mine leak all the time, whenever I try to stand. I want to stand and move around, but the fluid just spills out and it's disgusting. I'm hoping one of the two is removed tomorrow. My tubes from the reduction were removed on Saturday.
Dr G repaired a 3inch gap in my abdominal wall, and removed 9lbs of tissue-2lbs from my boobs and 7lbs of excess skin. I'm not able to stand up straight yet.


Hey Wendy, how are you doing? Today is our day 6!
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Thank God..your okey..just make sure that have plenty of rest and help..i'm sure you look daughter had the same procedure done..she recover very well and she looks beautiful..the surgeon did a very good job...and pretty soon i will be doing the same thing..u can all me lovely bone123..i'm 51 years old and decided that its time for me to feel good about my self..and my hubby suprise me with this gift..i'm super nervous but at the same time excited too..i just hope and pray that i will recover very well from the to hear that you are doing well makes me feel good..well i will keep all of you update as soon as my mommy make over is done ..keep me in your prayer..thank you for sharing your expirience..ttyl
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My biggest fear is stopping breathing... Were you "awake" for this? When and if you are feeling up to it, I would love to hear more of your expierence.
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13 days post op and I just had my stitches taken...

13 days post op and I just had my stitches taken out of my belly button and my new little bewbs :) It didn't hurt, but I did feel the strings being pulled out. I'm feeling really good now. I'd say by about day 10 I was feeling normal. My abs don't hurt at all, nor do my boobs. My sides are a little tender and I do get swollen by the end of the day but all in all, I'm feeling great. I haven't needed any pain meds for over a week now and even before that I was just taking Tylenol. I wear my binder for side support and to help with swelling, and I'd suggest keeping yours on as long as you can, too.
I've added my one week post op picture :)


You look amazing!! What a difference in you before and afters! I'm so excited for you!! I'm scheduled for April 21st, and I can't wait!! I'm glad that you results are so great and that you are feeling good! Yay for you!
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I am not going to say it does not hurt, because sometimes you will cry and say it is not worth it..I am 6 weeks pre op and would do it all over again, because of my results and how much self confidence I have now. I dont think you can put a price on how great I feel now. You will go through a rough couple of weeks, just pray hard, take your medicine and know that IT IS ALL WORTH IT!
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wow ~ just perfect!!
I 2 am going through what you went through ~ with the back and forth.. i go in on April 12 th for a TT & Breast Aug.

I have a 3 year old and im feeling a liitle selfish for taking away from her.
and more so for being down and out for so long. Im so scared of the pain.
any words that may help me out ;)
please help!@
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Four weeks post op tomorrow :) I can't believe how...

Four weeks post op tomorrow :) I can't believe how awesome my stomach looks. I have freaking ABS now!! My PS said it was good I had been working out bc it made pulling the muscles in easier woot! My stitches have begun to dissolve and I'm having a little pain in my abs now- I'm using my muscles now instead of depending on the stitches for support. I haven't taken pain meds in weeks, but I take some Tylenol at bed time. I sleep in my binder and wear it off and on through out the day and it's really helping. I have virtually no swelling any more. At the end of the day, I am a bit swollen below my incision but it's no biggie. My boobs are tender and the seam is broken (but I've heard from IRL friends who've had the reduction that it's totally normal) and my PS has retaped them, to help with the healing but all in all, I feel great. I cannot believe this is my body. Honestly. My H has a hard time keeping his hands off me :O haha

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Also, added another post op picture

Also, added another post op picture


WHAT A DIFFERENCE! you look spectacular
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Hello look amazing girl...i hope i will have the same result you had..i'm getting excited but so nervous too..i am trying to relax as much as i can..i'm just looking forward next wednesday for my make over coming..before i know it..That's funny when you said that your hubby can't get his hand's off you..same thing my daughter said...LOL..she also had mommy make over last Feb. and she look so good too. we have the same PS...well will talk to you later ..i will keep u posted of my recovery..hopefully everything goes okey...keep me in your prayers..thank you:)
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Wow! You look so awesome!! You must be so excited! You look like you are healing so well!
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Four weeks post op and I'm getting peeved. My...

Four weeks post op and I'm getting peeved. My seams under my breasts are open and hurting and weeping (all normal I'm told) and now I have an open weeping sore at my TT incision! This shit freaking hurts. I had less pain the first week, damn it. I can't get into to my PS either until Friday this week- I have to take my daughters to the ENT tomorrow and the office closes before we'll be back from the ENT and he has surgery on Thursdays. I'm half tempted to just go to my PCP and get some antibiotics or SOMETHING. This is making me really angry. I'd take pictures, but they are really gross. Anyone else dealing with this kind of crap?


How much did you wiegh pre op & how tall r u if you dnt mind. Im 5'2 & 185 & just wanted to see if I could compare us. My tummy looks like your b4z & your after pix are amazing! TT will be done this monday for me
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Wendy, you look awesome! Hope everything gets better.
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I am peeved right there with you girl! I started with a fever today. I can't believe how well I felt the first week or so and now this. I am so disappointed. My mom leaves on Thrusday, I am assuming that is just my luck, something bad is gonna happen and she is going to have to go home. SHe has been here 2 1/2 weeks.
For what it is worth your pics are really good!
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Hello hello again! So, I'm about 10 weeks post op...

Hello hello again! So, I'm about 10 weeks post op and I'm pretty happy with the results thus far. I have some pooching out on my left side though and I hope that my PS is able to fix it-- it looks like a love handle-- I don't have it at all on the other side. I'm also down to 153lbs, and a size 10. I was fitted for bras three weeks ago and I'm a 36D after my reduction! I was really afraid they were going to be so much smaller- I was measured "unofficially" a 38B, which was waaay too little. Everything looks great now; I just hope to have the triangle of tissue on my side revised.


Hi, Melissa! Pre-op I was in the 160s, I think I was 166, or 169 the day of surgery. I am 5'5. I posted it in my updates somewhere :) Hope you had a good surgery!
Thank you! Just about 11w post (10w 6days) and my seams are healed and I'm allowed to use scar creams. FINALLY! I thought my stupid boobs would never heal :P

Photo Update


Great results, hope you are feeling well. Just wondering if you have any swelling at this point?
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Still have swelling on my hip, PS said that it likely won't go down for quite a while. I go back in Sept and if it's not better, I'll have a revision.
Just wanted to say how awesome you look! I hope I get great results too. Less than 36 hours now for me !

Adding pics of 8m post op :)

adding pics of 8m post op :)


Hey wendy I live in bradford pa which is about an hr and hf drive from erie. I have a consult on feb 13th in erie with a different ps but if this one doesn't pan out could you give me info on the ps u went to? Was there a consult fee. I was quoted 11500 in pittsburgh last week but that was for everything. Tt was 8500 plus fees. My belly protrudes like im 7 months prego. Unliking the fact I get asked all the time when im due
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Oh my gosh! I cant believe the difference. That's crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thank you for your post. TT scheduled for Jan. 5, 2012. Your before measurements and photos look so much like mine. I too have been worried that I need to loose more weight. But I work out constantly and monitor my calorie intake and nothing works. Your stomach looks great to me. I am hoping that all the ab work I have done over the years only helps me too.
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Well, I'm almost 11m post op so I'll give a quick...

Well, I'm almost 11m post op so I'll give a quick update. I continued to run through December of 2011 and my weight it holding around 154. My diet has been pretty bad lately so I'm putting on a little bit, but in the coming months I'll run it back off :)
My new measurements are
bust 39in at nipples (which are now up where they ought to be!)
waist at BB-- 36in
hips are 41in

I still have a hunk of "left overs" on my left side, but without further surgery I won't be able to get rid of them; it looks like left over muffin top. I'm disappointed in that, but the rest of me looks pretty damn good. I'm happy I had the surgery- I cut about 2:30 off my mile which was a big accomplishment for me!


Ok i had mr lipo and tt july 13. I still have increased swelling in mr repair also where lipo was performed. I only received one binder. Is there another type of garment that will help flatten and reduce swelling. Is this normal to still have swelling.
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I went to Steven heaney on cranberry st. Surgery at hamot surgery center
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what hospital u got the tt done i live in erie and are seeking for the best hosp to do a TT ..thank you..
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