Finally .... Tummy Tuck After Weightloss! - Erie, PA

I am scheduled for my Tummy Tuck with flank lipo...

I am scheduled for my Tummy Tuck with flank lipo on April 2 ... ONLY 2 MORE DAYS! I am a mommy of 3 beautiful kiddos (12, 10 & 5). I had gastric bypass Jan. 2009. At my highest weight I was 303# I am currently 170#. My lowest was 140 about 2 years ago. I am not really nervous about the procedure, but I am very "ify" about the recovery ... I have been a single mother forever and never had any help until a little over a year ago when I met my b/f. He is so amazing with my kids and me ... he works from 7am to 430pm, so I will be doing the recovery on my own. BUT, my biggest concern is my children. My 5 year old is a high functioning "special needs" child & takes a lot of help in the morning getting ready for school. It's going to kill me to sit on my recliner and let my b/f do everything. The only other thing I am worried about is the drains ... my daughter (Chloe) is going to want to see whats going on with mommy & she loves to cuddle, just afraid one will get pulled **OUCH**. With all that being said, I can not wait until I am on the flat side & finally feel great about myself. I am taking pictures tomorrow, so will post them then!! Good luck to everyone considering or having a TT ... I hope I am as pleased with it as I am excited :-)

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Tomorrow is the big day! I'm at my pre-op...

Tomorrow is the big day! I'm at my pre-op appointment right now ... I do believe he is marking me and going over the last details for tomorrow. I'm so excited ... 8am can not come fast enough!


The first few days you will certainly need help, but after that there are small things you will be able to do. Really rest the first few! I would recommend getting some cough drops for at home right after, you throat will be sore. Other then that, can't wait to hear your story! Good luck and happy healing!
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Gud luck hope all goes well
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Good luck it won't be now. You will need help this is one surgery where you can't do it all. Take care.
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Today is the day!! Off I go to the surgery center...

Today is the day!! Off I go to the surgery center :-) My TT is scheduled for 9am! I just got done cleaning the house, getting the kids ready to ship off to school and everything set up for when I return this afternoon. I am getting so excited ... still a little apprehensive for the recovery with my little 5 year old ... but I know all will be okay. Well, off I go!


You look so amazing already!!! Hope your healing goes smoothly!
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Looking great!
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Looking good Karen! I know you had a rough couple of days. Was waiting for you to post. How are you doing? Better I hope! Hugs!
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I am now 3 days post op & let me tell you, I had a...

I am now 3 days post op & let me tell you, I had a ROUGH first night!! I am so much better now. Yesterday Dr. Kang took off the tape/gauze and the binders for the first time. I almost cried in the office ... I was soooo amazed. Swollen & all, my new tummy looked so good! I am so annoyed with these drains ... one comes out Monday hopefully and the next a few days later.

He told me he took a total of 10 lbs off. 1- 1.5 lbs per side of lipo, the rest was from the tuck. I can't wait to see what it looks like in a week :-)


Your results are phenomenal! And aren't drains the fashion statement? LOL! But they are there for a purpose and are actually helping you to not be overly swollen right now. I do hope you get them out on Monday though! Have a great weekend and enjoy your results, you look fantastic!
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You look great!!! I know your pain, I had my TT on 3/28 and I also Los 10lbs... I'm so swollen right now n so much pain but I love my results even though I feel like a loaded baked potatoe split n 1/2.. Lol good luck to your healing:)
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Today is 5 day PO. I officially HATE my right...

Today is 5 day PO. I officially HATE my right drain. It keeps getting clogged and it shoots pain up my side for some reason. My muscle pain from the MR is doing great! I overdid it yesterday ... went shopping for a bit and my daughter had a b-day party I let her attend, so I was wiped out last night. But, still am having trouble sleeping. I just can't wait for these drains to not be a part of my life anymore ;-)
I am also a little more swollen today because I didn't watch my salt intake yesterday and I did drink a diet soda. Shame on me, but I was so upset with my drains I took it out on my food lol. Hope tonight is better than last night!


You look great, the drains look in a really awkward place and I'm pleased the MR is ok as I see a lot of people say that's worse than the TT and I'm having both on the 10th. Hope the drains are out soon. :)
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Karen. You really look good! My drains came out each side of my hips. I wonder why they do that other than pubic area. I'm guessing it depends on how long the incision is. I had my TT on the 2nd and I haven't had any bad experiences yet except the first night one time I got up to use the restroom and felt like I was gonna faint. Other than that I'm really looking forward to having these drains pulled out and put on a nice outfit :-) Have a wonderful Sunday!
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There are tough days and easy days. Glad your MR is feeling good. But sucks that your drain is clogging and giving you problems. How much are you draining? I know my PS wanted me to drain less then 20 ml for a few days before he would pull them. I hope that you lose yours tomorrow! Take it easy today, don't beat yourself up for yesterday and you will be fine. Hope you feel better and have a great day today!
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PO day 6 ... one of my drains finally came out!!...

PO day 6 ... one of my drains finally came out!! The one that was bothering me bunches. After the last drain produces less than 30cc per check ( 3x a day ) then I can call Dr. K and tell him I want it out :-)
I really over did it today, I am very swollen and tired. I have had zero pain pills until 7pm tonight, and I regret overdoing things with zero pain meds. The next 2 days I can tell you, I am planting my butt in my recliner and watching movies and that is it! This swelling is no joke! My PS says I am healing very well and should be very pleased when my swelling goes down. I am pleased NOW so can only imagine a few more months when everything falls into place.


You look so great already! And your standing up striaght! Im jealous!
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Today is 8 days PO. I have been doing WAY too...

Today is 8 days PO. I have been doing WAY too much the past 2 days and I am very swollen. I just want to do everything the way I use to ... lol but my body says NO NO NO. I finally caved in and kicked up my feet today and told myself I have to rest to get better quicker. I go back to work Monday and am so not looking forward to that :-( On the upside, I get my last drain out tomorrow morning!! I am going to post some pics soon, but really didn't want to, I am so swollen ... but gotta take the good days with the bad.

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PO Day 10!!! I can finally sleep on my back! My...

PO Day 10!!! I can finally sleep on my back! My drains are GONE! My back aches and pains are virtually ZERO! I am still having swelling, I love when I wake up in the morning and look at myself .... swelling is minimal and I look fantastic (not to toot my own horn ;-) ) But I am very active (more than I am suppose to be, I know this), so that is where a lot of my swelling comes from.

I can tell you, the post op blues have set in. I have my ups and downs. I read about this preop, but sounded so silly to me. When I look in the mirror and see how swollen I am, I get down and have no idea why?!? I was once 303#, not I am at 170# and know I am a beautiful woman. I just think my boyfriend looks at me like blah , especially when I had the drains coming from my body and how swollen I am now. I can't cuddle with him yet, and I want to soooo bad. I feel sad because we are a very close couple, and now it's like we are so distant. I can't even sit on the couch until yesterday and watch a movie with him. I can't pick my daughter up and cuddle with her or jump up every time she needs something. I am very independent and let me tell you .... your independence is GONE for a few weeks after surgery & I wasn't ready for that at all. I had to count on my b/f and my kids to do a lot for me ... I just am glad I am getting back into the swing of things. I am kinda looking forward to going back to work on Monday so things will be somewhat back to normal.

This surgery was much more than I ever expected (having 3 c-sections and a few other surgeries didn't compare to the amount of "down time" this surgery entails) Just glad I already have 2 weeks behind me :-)


I am on day 4 and these drains bother me more than the tummy pain and l feel like l am the only one out there with 4 drains!!! I want them out so bad and he was saying he is only planning on taking one out Mon but l am demanding at least 2 because 2 of them have hardly drained anything in them and they are painful:(
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I wished and wished for my drains to come out and pushed at the dr. appts for them. They finally did (I think with my pursuasion). Then I filled up with fluid so bad...I've had to be drained with a needle twice a week ;). I wished I would have just left them in another week or 2. Don't rush them ;)
It's def hard when you have kids and the guilt sets in but in the bigger scheme of things you are worth this bit of downtime so you can enjoy the rest of your life and the new you. We all feel crap at times. You do look great. Take care.
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This swelling is for the damn birds! I worked 1/2...

This swelling is for the damn birds! I worked 1/2 day Monday, all day yesterday and had to call off today :-( I am so swollen and hurt today. I am icing my belly and it still is so much more swollen than last week. WHEN WILL IT GET BETTER ?!?! I have my post op appt tomorrow, I hope he has some suggestions on what to do. I don't think I was prepared for this recovery at all ... I thought I was. Future people who get a TT and lipo really need to keep in mind, the pain isn't bad, it's the swelling. Wish I took that into consideration ... I just want to be "normal" again. I want to get back into the swing of things, but this swelling has me so restricted. ***Pity party for me today!***


Thank you for sharing your story, you look amazing! I was wondering 2 things, first did you get to wear a bra during the surgery? Second do you think that the swelling serves any purpose? I was thinking that the swelling might be a way for the skin to restretch itself slowly...I don't know if that is true but that is what I am telling myself to prepare for it. ;) Don't forget to be kind to yourself through this journey we call life.
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Sorry to heat Karen. Ive been wiating.for you to update What have you tried for swelling?
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Just have been doing ice and my compression. I don't know what else to do. I shouldn't have worked all day yesterday :-( I'm sore too. I took off today hoping it would help so I can go back tomorrow.
Dr. Ajaipal "Jay" Kang

Dr. Kang is so very nice. He took his time to explain everything to me. His office staff is very supportive and nice also. Post op, Dr. Kang is always on call for himself and he takes time to call you back. I work for a doctors office, so I know what it's like for patients to get a doctor to call back after hours and it be a doctor they never even heard of. So that was a plus for me. I have yet to hear anything bad about Dr. Kang. I have picked the most amazing PS ever! Here is Dr. Jay Kang's website:

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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