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I had the worst experience, with surgery on my...

I had the worst experience, with surgery on my nose, due to a Deviated Septum. I went to a doctor who specialized in Breast Augmentation, he told me he could fix my nose. I couldn't breath from my right side and I had problems sleeping, not to mention I had an "S" shaped nose... I called over ten doctors and had several consultations and no doctor wanted to touch the extensive surgery I had prior. I was told to go to an ENT. I still had no luck with finding a doctor who felt comfortable doing another surgery. The right side of my nose was caving in and I was getting sinus infections at least six a year... I went to my practitioner and he told me about how great the work of Dr. Imola was, I felt nervous and I didn't want to go through another surgery without the results I wanted and needed. Upon arriving, I spoke with Dr. Imola's staff and they were so diligent and quick to get my prior medical records, they treated me so good when I arrived and they really took time to listen to me. When I met Dr. Imola, I was hesitant about the consultation just based on how young he looks. After meeting with him and seeing before and after pictures and not to mention his extensive medical training... I was confident he could help me. I came in a second and third time to go over all the details of my procedure and to make sure both Dr. Imola and I were on the same page. The surgery center was also amazing! I am so happy and I blessed I found Dr. Imola, Lisa and the rest of the staff, Thank you!!!


Your new nose looks so beautiful. I'm so glad you had a successful revision; I know how it feels to live with a botched nose primary was done by a double-board certified PS who specialized in rhinoplasty. In my experience, a bad surgeon is just that, a bad surgeon. And the number of rhinoplasties he's done, at some point, doesn't make any difference. Some surgeons just don't have a clue what women want and consider beautiful. Dr. Imola is a great surgeon and an artist, my surgeon, on the other hand, is not.
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Very nice and natural result! so happy for you =D. Your review gives me hope=).
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WOW! Your results are astounding? What did he do to fix it? Do you have a cartilage graft or an implant?
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