Mesotherapy Ruined My Life- Please Help Me!

* cost and doctor remain anonymous and I have put...

* cost and doctor remain anonymous and I have put generic information into those fields

*You can read my whole story below (It would be much appreciated but I understand it's quite lengthy)
I am looking somewhere out there for a doctor who can help me and I understand that this is not an easy case. I'm looking to see if possibly a section of the main scars below my belly button can be removed in some sort of umbilicalplasty or other revision? Even if there was another scar made- if it was smaller somehow I could later get that lasered. Is there anything we can do here to excise at least some of these scars? I would prefer not go through a full tummy tuck; is there anything else we can figure out? - Caroline


I'm sorry; I forgot to include the link to my entire story and how I got the infection.
Here's the link and the story

Thanks for reading
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Hum!! I would get second opinion by at least 2 doctors and see what they suggest. They can tell you all the options you might have. Ask the doctors here too! Best of luck you and keep us posted :)
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Welcome hun I'm trying to understand ur store n I'm kinda lost lolz srry but if u even need sum1 to tlk to we r all here for u (wink wink) mwahz oxox
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