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I am super excited to have this breast reduction. ...

I am super excited to have this breast reduction. I have been wanting to do this since I was 17. When I was 12 I was developed into a 36C and every year I got bigger. I am now 27 190 lbs and a 36-38 J or H depending on the bra. I have wrapped up most of my identity in these things as that's how people mostly know me (small town) and talk about my gigantic breasts , it's always been a part of almost every conversation I have had since i was 12. I am now happily married and ready to move on and be the person behind the boobs. I sit at a desk 40 hours a week and am in constant pain. I so scared I'm going to end up hunched over permanently. Despite my boobs, I maintain a pretty active life, I was a cheerleader all 4 years of high school, I go to the gym (reg bra+sports bra always poss 2), I had the best time runnin the dirty girl 5k obstacle for breast cancer. I just wish it wasn't a struggle, a struggle to sleep with my 10 pills propping up my back, or to find clothes, most importantly to breathe. When I hold my breasts up, it's like a weight is lifted off my shoulders and I can breathe SO SO much easier.

So I have made the bold choice to finally do this. I have been researching this for years and I love this site, it's really helped me, and now I want to help other people. I'm going give my personal experience with this whole thing.

The one thing I haven't been able to find is about smoking more specifically anyone who smoked and their nipple didn't fall off. I smoke about 5-8 cigarettes a day for about 13 years. When my surgery was schedueled 8/7, I was told I need to stop completely. I have researched this up and down.. turns out there are the obviously possible complication with anesthesia and the healing process. I have been under general twice before as a smoker and had no complications (that obviously doesn't make it ok, I'm just sayind) So I have attempted my hardest to quit, I am now down to smoking 1/2 cigarette a day. I am trying really hard to stop completely, but it's the hardest thing ever. I promised myself I would not have one 48hrs before surgery and after till I am completely healed. I also have been trying to lose some weigh before surgery, but with quitting smoking, I find myself without control eating everything in site.

I can't wait for my pre-op appointment with my PS next wednesday to get all my last minute question out of the way.

Any advice or ideas for questions ( like ones you wished you would have asked but didn't) I'm all ears :)

Inside My Excited Brain

So I basically drown my nicotine withdrawel/ anxiety with excitment over my new life as I like to call it. I don't want to set myself up for disappointment and I know the road is just beginning, but I keep imagining life without the these extra 3-4 pounds on my shoulders and I can't imagine how lucky the people are who never bare this burden.

I went to walmart last night to find a a front-zip sports bra, no luck. But I am a professional shopper and will certainly find a moderately priced one this weekend.

I've been slacking on working out, but I decided to make a last strong attempt and started my XBox 360 NikeFit 4 week training program. I know I can do only 2 week, but 2 is better than 0. So after I strapped on my extra bra's and did the workout I was exhausted. As I made my way to shower, and disrobed a familiar friend was there to great me. (i.e. my photo)

I have skin problems, it's definately genetic, but it's also due somewhat to my body type. I usually get the cysts or boils on my bikini line, but over the past 5-6 years they have been under my breasts. Definately due to my active lifestyle of creating sweat under my breasts. They swell, they pop, they hurt, they are hideous. I looked at them and I said "your gone in 2 weeks". Funny thing is my friends refer to them as " those things we get" so if you do too, your not alone.

I am a super-confident self assured person. I think I am wonderful lol. Ever since I booked the surgery, I look at myself (the self I've become accustomed to) and I think, they aren't that big, they fit my body, am I doing the right thing? Then when I take everything off and I look in the mirror I'm unhappy and excited. I see exactly how disproportionate they are, and how unhealthy they look. Then I lift them up, where they should be (about 4-5 inches not sure) and feel the weight lifted from my ribcage and take a great big easy breathe, and I know I'm doing the right thing for me.

2 days pre op

Supposed to work today...but woke up with the worst sore throat ever and mikd congestion... Super scared im going to have to cancel surgery.. Call the ps.. He said as long as i dont have a fever i will be ok... Start a hot tea coufh droo

late posts because of my head cold

I'm going to backdate my blog because i was too sick to stay current please follow along ty

1 Day Pre-Op 9/4/13 Head Cold Stage 2

i wake up and my head cold has moved to stage 2, the sore throat is gone, but I am now fully congested and feel like crap. I drink an entire bottle of OJ and about 13 cups of tea with only honey n lemon, and 1 can of progresso of chicken soup 2 packages of lipton chicken noodle soup. Periodically running a mind fever 99-100.7 keeping a cold rag on and off my forehead. So scared they won't take me. I get my friend to braid my hair, so I don't have to worry about it. I finally get to bed (full of snot) pray I wake up and pass the pre-op stuff at the surgery center

*BIG DAY 9/5/13*

I was so concerned about being healthy enough to go through, I didn't have time to be nervous. my husband woke me up at 5 am and we got ready took care of the dog ( made him an egg, while i couldn't eat anything obvi ) and were on out way. I'd been working on a roll of toilet paper over the last 2 days and brought the last of it in my pocket, blowing my nose all the way there.

I apparently did not read my pre-op letter correctly, I though it said only water, not no water. I had a few sips on the way there (which according to the anesthesiologist could have killed me).

Surgery went excellent, I woke up , crazy thirsty and burning in my boobs. They made me wait ( i hate that) a few minutes after I woke up to drink, and then the lady had an issue with my sucking down my apple juice. Between the cold and whatever they did while was under, what did they expect. I has 2 apple juice boxes 2 lorna doones cookies (love them) and I was release about 45 minutes after waking up (although I was so woosey I had no sense of time)

I got home took a perc and remained in and out of conciousness for the rest of the day. I set up shop reclined on my love seat in front of my TV. Surrounded by pillows. Eating a yogurt , 4sips of my mother in laws chicken soup (even though she makes it phenomenal) and lots of cranberry and green tea. Taking a percocet every 4 hours. My Breasts consistently burned.. and the pills made it tolerable.. I started developing a mild fever again and icing my breasts with e ice packs (after googling i saw to use them and not to, when i read that I stopped and got ice bag from my mom) i was awake and sleeping all night.

day 3 post op

I have been following my ps orders exactly... waited 48 hours to change the dressings..good thing my husbands aunt eho lives around the corner is a nurse... she cleaned me..then my mom washed me up..then re dressed me... I didnt want to take shower..im being super cautious...theylook great to me...took a walk today...I have full range of my right arm.. the left one is kinds tight.. im keeping it close to me... ive been icing them with an old fashioned ice pack since I got home..but stopped this morning..I also took my last perc last night..... cant wait to be fully healed! Im walking around hunched over..just protecting my goods...mynplan is to clean n redress tomm and look forward to the steristripsncoming off on wed at my1week post op.....as far as my cold its prettymuch gone...im just coughing up phlem...hisnaunt told me to hug a fluffy pillow when I cough... worked like a charm..helped me stabalize n still get it out...I already feel so happy and blessd to feeling alright n them looking good..I feel so free...I could cry..even if I godforbid get a complication..this is 1000000% worth it



In essence tge cold was kind of a blessing as indid stop smokin last money....inthink about it so much...even a week out...but im so excited for these new boobs...im staying strong for min a month post op.. small goals.. at least its something

orange discharge

So my dr doesnt use drains... But even ppl who did have them.. Still said they got this...


post op

I'm so excited for my post op tomorrow... I really want the steri-strips off. I am so freaking itchy


So ive been leaking for awhile some honey colored fluid from my bottom scars... But it slowed down almost completely...however now.. Im bleeding from two incision lines on my left breast.. I called the ps... He said to remove the steristrips clean the area n put antobiotic ointment n cover... i forgot to mention at my 6 day post op visit he removed half thr steristrips on lmy left breast...i removed the nipple ones today... Its really a


Its really annoying n scary to me to be bleeding from the line down and where the t meets.. I amd grateful my right breast has not has any problems n is healing perfectly...but these left boob problems r really diheartening

bleeding pics

t blood

half normal half not

Im still bleeding from my left boob.. There is a hole in my boob..seperation in the incision line ..right at the T .. I guess everyrhing cant be perfect about this experience.. My right boob is healing perfectly.. I cant wait to see my ps in 2 days...from my reading its a normal problem.. But i still hope he will stitch it or something ..just to make it stop bleeding...im going through a gauze every 3 hours

right breast

Dr. Abramson

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Congrats on the reduction. How have u been doing. I too live in Jersey and I'm looking for a surgeon
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Firstly congratulations :) hope the little victories start to cheer you up. With the hole I'm no expert but because super cautious myself i asked a ton of questions at my PS visits and he said if i get separation that i shouldn't worry too much because there are a few different layers of stitching which helps. But you'll know when your body i feeling sometime unnatural during healing. :) just be strong its a wonderful thing and you can be happy about it but even with few hiccups i found it was hard to be upbeat all the time with little worries seeping in. We get post op blues and the best thing to do is to explain that to someone close. A nice dinner or even some kind words and TLC can make a world of difference to your mood. One thing that is hard to prepare for also is the waiting game. It will take up to a year to see scars faded and underlying stitches dissolving (those normally in the first 9months) and we just want to see what we will be wearing for the rest of our lives! But at 3 months post op i can say it all goes pretty slow til the 8-10 week marks then life goes back to normal pretty much and time can fly by. Come here for comfort if you cant be with people and try not to let your little setback ruin an experience you will most likely never regret :) well wishes your way. X
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Thankyou.. Good info to know.. I honestly do not care about how they look much as far as scars n healing...i just want this seperation to close.. And it looked better this morning.. Some yellows n whites in f all red.. Im still bleeding a bit..even so i will never ever regret this decision.this is the best decision i ever made..other than deciding to date my now husband haha .. This will definately teach me some patience.
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Hope all goes well tomorrow and the hole starts to heal!
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My surgery is in 4 days! Glad yours went well!
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Thankyou..best of luck...life is about be amazing for you
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Amazing results!! Happy heaLing
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You look awesome!!!!
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They look fabulous!!
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He did tell my husband my breast tissue was dense..n im sure other stuff that he if course forgot instantly lol ..gotta love him tho..helping me up n down..waiting on me hand n foot...love my forgetful man
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He didnt tell me im gonna ask Wednesday.
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You look great! I'm sure it was such a relief to get all that weight off your chest. How much did they take off? After surgery my boobs also burned. Take it easy and don't over do. It's a long road ahead.
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Thankyou ladies!!! I am much better
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I hope you are feeling better now!! It's gotta be hard to have surgery in the middle of a cold. That's a drag! Sounds like you are doing the right things now, drinking tons of fluid and resting. Keep us posted when you can :)
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So glad your cold didn't stop you!
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Best wishes on your surgery..
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Welcome to  the community!!  So happy that you joined us and I know you will find all the support you need here.

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Your doing the right thing good luck with your surgery I went from a G to C I had my surgery in March and have just been back in for review surgery 4 days ago I have had a few problems but nothing is as bad as having big awful breasts I'm waiting for the end of this road now probably a few weeks to recover but life has been so much easier with smaller breasts All the best
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You are definitely doing the right thing! Good job on quitting cigarettes. You will feel so much better overall. I wasn't a smoker but really feel for people who are and who quit :) it's terribly difficult but you are adding YEARS to your life! This entire process is sort of a self renewal. It's a way to start fresh. It's really interesting how your body transforms but even more interesting how your mind does as well. You will actually look at your breasts after and LOVE them! I always hated how big and saggy mine were but now they are perky and appropriate for a woman in her twenties. It's wonderful to be able to button a shirt without the top two buttons begging for mercy. I'm still in the healing process (3weeks post op today) and have a lot of psychologic healing to do as well. I do feel you for being known as a lady with big boobs. That's the mindset I'm moving away from now. I am now a different person and will undoubtedly be viewed differently but have not experienced that yet. I haven't been back to work, that's next Monday, so will be seeing a different response to me I'm sure. Good luck and keep us all posted. :)
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congrats! i want my review to be about the mental and physical aspects of it all. How are you feeling? Are all the holes closed so to speak ? I have 18 days off I hope thats enough.. What size to from- to?
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I'm feeling pretty good. Just got back from a hike in the mountains with the family. It was so nice not to be sweating something bad under the breasts. I have two spots on the right breast that are still healing. They are really small and doing good. I think your 18 days is a good amount of time. Between week 2 and 3 is when I have started feeling much more normal. I was originally a DDD but after reading this site, more like an F cup, and was reduced to a B cup!! About 2lbs removed from each breast with combination of the tissue dissection of the breast reduction and liposuction of the bra fat on the sides (that was the worst of the pain, but worth it for a much more attractive outcome). I still have swelling on the left more than the right and hope they even out in size. If not I can touch up if needed down the line. I can't wait to be cleared for exercise. I have always wanted to run and admire you for doing so even with a big chest. You are going to be soooo happy after you are done :)
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Congrats on yo slowing up on then cigrates. Keep up the good work? Im sure it'll all be worth it in the end.
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