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Around 2007 I received my breast implants. I went...

Around 2007 I received my breast implants. I went from an A to a DD. I had asked for a C. Now I have been experiencing issues that I feel are related to the breast implants. However, my doctor will not even consider running any tests. said if I have a leak the silicone will just absorb and no illness will occur.
I have been experiencing a burning sensation in the breasts going up into my armpit, numbness and tingling in the arms, hands, feet.
vision problems, dizziness, shortness of breath, anxiety, severe headaches that rx meds for migraines do not work, extremely itchy scalp in secluded to certain areas, muscle weakness and stiffness, upper and lower back aches, frequent urination, and now my left thumb hurts and is stiff and my right thumb is now starting to have the same issue.
metal taste in my mouth, cognitive impairment, memory loss, going blank, and some depression.

I have done some research and finding many blogs from women with the same issues and some more severe and even death of a loved one. Then after having implants removed they started feeling better. So why hasn't the medical community started to take notice in this. and how do I convince my doctor that these symptoms are from my implants or to at least consider enough to run tests?? where can find information convincing enough to show her?? I cannot afford the explant and need my insurance.
Cannot remember

Did not listen to the patients desires and implanted larger. Did not address concerns of risks to me.

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Lillibeth, im so happy for you. =) our bodies can heal itself, at least to some point. I am still currently waiting for my referral. All I know for sure is that there was not a disclosure with my surgeon. I asked repeatedly about the risks and side effects. I was just reassured how safe they are now and no side effects. If there was a disclosure in written form, then they had me sign it after they had me on goofy juice right before my procedure.
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Hope you are getting somewhere. I am totally amazed at how perky my breasts are after a couple of weeks. Wait for a lift. You will me amazed
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I have not been able to return in here, been so ill. Did see my doctor on Tuesday morning. I am amazed at the octrisizing I received. (forgive my spelling, my clarity is not good right now). She usually greets me with a hug and eager to listen and help. This visit was totally different. Once I got through her colleague to see her, I expected her understanding. On the plus side, However, I did get my referrel and I was her third one this year for explant. I was willing to put bills aside if I had to. Happy my insurance will cover it. (if they help get the toxins in, they should help get them out) by next week at the latest I should have the surgeons name and number to schedule an appointment. I do NOT want anymore implants, I just want to be implant free, happy and flat, natural and most of all.... healthy! This is no picnic and not worth it. I do not understand why FDA is not banning or making it mandatory for the surgeon to make the patient aware of the dangerous symptoms at the very least? In 2007 I was told it was completely safe, no worries! HA HA!! I am just hoping to have no permanent neuro damage. I didn't realize my symptoms started years ago and about 4 years ago I had symptoms of MS and I once had 20/10 vision. I had a mammogram in March or May, and I am guessing that sped the symptoms up and increased the intensity. I researched and MRI's are only 89-90% accurate. Mammograms and ultrasounds do not always pick up the leakage or rupture either. Most times it is not noticed or known until the surgeon goes in. I am loosing my faith in the medical system. In alone is 73 pages of scientific evidence. my doctor told me that FDA is claiming our symptoms are mental and not really happening. hmmm, thousands of women!! And those women all having the same symptoms and have stated how much better they feel and how their symptoms improved and living now a happier healthier life after explant... so now my question is this, "what is the FDA and medical communities excuse for their mental problems?" I really feel for all the women who have been lied to, having to go through this. Thank you all so much for your feedbacks and support!! Means A LOT!!
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Glad you made some progress! Thanks for sharing your story and raising awareness :)
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Actually the FDA does require a written disclosure of silicone implants. The problem is most women decide what they want before getting the FULL disclosure. It's basically shoved on the clipboard with all the other consents. Most PS don't hire real nurses. RNs so there is no patient advocacy. Truthfully, the majority of PS are negligent in giving this full disclosure unless you are willing to read it with the other paperwork.
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Lillybeth, I just read your post. I'm so sorry. It's the same with liposuction. They lie, and the FDA doesn't seem to be protecting the public at all. No matter how bad, painful, obvious, and debilitating the disfigurement or illness, the doctors want to say it's in one's mind. I've read countless posts about these issues, yet patients still line up to get these harmful procedures done. Often when a woman goes in for a needed breast reduction, the PS will say, "oh, while you're under anesthesia anyway, we'll do this little harmless add on that will balance out your body from the breast reduction." It's hogwash.
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I am finding that out, with any cosmetic surgery, that women are being met with complete ridicule when things go wrong. So sad. My doctor has made an outright mess for me. I am filing a formal detailed complaint to the board once this is all over. And then standing and being a voice for women and pushing this public to help bring awareness, and helping to educate women on these cosmetic matters and to teach them skills to love and accept themselves as they are "warts and all"... thats really where the beauty is. My goal is to at least do some good out of this 'evil' and hopefully get a wrong corrected, at least where women are being mistreated.
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Definitely go see a different doctor, doesn't have to be a PS. With all your symptoms, any sensible Dr. should recommend explanting. Good luck!
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Lizzybeth, Most plastic surgeons make their living performing breast augmentation and for that reason; they are not advocates in helping women with health problems directly related to the implants. And, they say there is no medical proof that are related to both silicone and saline implants and they try to talk you out of explanting or scare you by saying how terrible you will look if you don't replace them. I went to my family doctor and documented all of my medical issues. He said I should not have a mammogram be causing they were most likely leaking and if ruptured; the silicone could migrate exacerbating my symptoms. After standard tests were completed to rule out other health issues, he scheduled an MRI. They showed both implants ruptured. Now, insurance will cover the explant since I have documented evidence from a third party who has no vested interest in performing the surgery. Don't give up, your health is at issue. I am scheduled for en bloc capsulectomy October 3rd. I interviewed three plastic surgeons until I found one who would perform the procedure I want for my continued health. All but one tried to talk me into replacement implants or lifts. I think it is best after explant to wait until our body heals before getting a lift. The results may be better than you think. Go to your personal physician to lay the groundwork for your medical condition supporting explant covered by insurance. Good Luck and don't give up. River Rock
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Thank you for sharing here on RealSelf! I agree with Lillibeth that you might want to go to a different surgeon (or are you referring to your regular doctor when you say they won't run tests?). There are some financing options out there, too.

I hope you'll use this space to keep us updated on your situation!

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Typically extra tests related to cosmetic surgery are not covered by insurance. Typically a silicone leak is found by a mammogram, but you said nothing about your age. If you know you want them out, then go to a different PS.
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