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I was always very content with my body but after 2...

I was always very content with my body but after 2 beautiful children and much sole searching, in 2004 I decided to have a breast aug. I had 330cc silicone implants inserted, taking me from a empty, saggy 34a to a round solid 34c. I then had them repositioned again in 2005, using the same implants.

All I proceeded to do was trade one set of issues for another, I have a sunken breast bone and the gap became very apparent after the sugery. I actually felt like a bit of a freak. Last year, after having various issues, regarding joints and pain etc. I looked into getting them out. I returned to Transform, where the surgeon explained that I would hate the results blah blah blah. I bottled it! Why on earth would I want to pay good money to be miserable? Then in January the call came; confirmation they were pips.

After seeing my gp on three occassions and being told I couldn't have a scan, being told I couldn't pay for a scan unless I was referred, Transform cancelling my appointment and doing my own research,(both on here and the pip facebook page). I decided enough was enough and started to make my own arrangements. I got in touch with an nhs breast reconstrucitve surgeon who offered to do the operation for me. I had asked for a lift at the same time the implants were removed but he said that it wasn't a good idea due to the limited breast tissue and also the stretched skin. His advice was sound and I can understand now why he was reluctant to do the proceedure.

I had the surgery on Friday 24th February and I can not tell you how relieved I am. I finally feel like this journey I've been on for the last 8 years is finally over and I am back to just being me. I absolutely love my soft skin, instead of it being stretched over my implants. I also have a new found love of my clevage and the fact I'm not sharing my body with something else. After 2 children, 2 bas and an explant I feel that my body has been through the mill and it needs some tlc. The operation took 2 hours and the surgeon removed both capsules, the implants came out in tact and, believe it or not; no leak. I have been so very lucky indeed.

I got back to the ward at around 7:30pm on Friday night, very sore and very uncomfortable. The drains were placed directly under my arm pit so it was difficult to move. I won't lie, I felt dreadful Saturday when I was discharged, however, I managed to control the pain with paracetamol and burophen, after a shower and plenty of sleep I started to begin to feel more like myself. It's Wedneday today and I am getting back to my normal rountinue, albeit, slowly.

My breast are very empty and as you can see the left one is noticable smaller than the right.They have started to "fluff" already, although the left isn't as good. But looking at my photos prior to my original ba, my left was always smaller. Also the way they are taped I think is making them look a bit unusual too. I guess only time will tell. I have two 4 inch scars under each breast and holes under my arms where the drains were placed. I have tried some 34a bras(with padding) but it's difficult to get a true read as I can't bear the wire on my scar at the minute. Also they will change over the next few weeks. I now need to give myself time to get to like the new me.

My husband said they're great so that's ok with me. The surgeon managed to save more tissue than I expected and for that i'm grateful. I'm just so passed it all now, so what if one is bigger than the other, so what if they're saggy, so what if I have to wear padded bras. I was in a hospital bed, directly oposite was a lady who'd undergone recontructive surgery. HELLO! I've had the luxury of being with a very supportive husband for many years, I've aged, (38) and experienced loss and bad health and what I've been through, really isn't the end of the world. Your health family and friends is what's important. Time to concentrate on being beautiful from the inside! My family lost me for a while when I found out the news, and having to explain to my girls was heartbreaking, but if nothing else comes of this my two girls (12 & 8), will learn to love what they have and be confident with what they have. In just want to send massive hugs to all those, very beautiful, brave ladies who have explanted or who are considering. It proves we are determined and strong willed. Well done x x x

Thursday 1st March Feeling pretty much back to my...

Thursday 1st March
Feeling pretty much back to my normal self. Minus the toxic waste he he
Stitches itchy and tape pulling a little though easily managable. Get it off tomorrow!
Tried my 34a, padded bras on which I bought before my op, and they're too small he he Too bruised to even contemplate wearing them. First day of wearing a sports bra today, a little uncomfortable but seeing the bruising that is coming through now; I can see why!
(trying to put photos on;()

Oh my word that was an essay ha ha

oh my word that was an essay ha ha

6th March Sleeping much better now and not much...

6th March
Sleeping much better now and not much fluid build up, which is positive. What is in there now is likely to be absorbed back into my body.
Slept on my belly and side. GREAT!
I'll post some more photos Friday as that will be two weeks post op. They change so much daily.
My right breast is still bigger than my left , but I'll just have to live with that. Better than those beach balls;)
Mr Coady

Just so you are aware my surgery was £3300 GBP. Couldn't put the price in the box above. It didn't recognise it x

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Where can I get your confidence :(
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Hey Lisalou, how are the boobies feeling and how are the cords Honey?
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Hi lisalou, how are you feeling, I hope your cord thingys are settling down now. must feel very odd. xxx
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hey girls x x
The fluid is ok, but I've got these things called mondor's cords. They look like tendons running from the scar, right down my tummy. And the pull tight when I lift my arms, not going to lie to you, was very worried, but since found out that they do go away eventually and I won't need further surgery. Which is a relief. So onward and upward!! I must have had every complication from both ba and explant ha ha so unlucky! never mind x Can't dwell on that, they came out in tact ,and no leak so can't ask for more than that
You guys have helped so much keeping my spirits up, keeping me positive. The type of friends you really need in your life x x x
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hi lisa,

ive just left u a msg on my profile, u r correct about those cords, Mondor's Cord is not really a complication, as it goes away on it's own and doesn't cause any permanent damage or problems. Most surgeons will recommend warm compresses and/or ibuprofen for discomfort.

Stay positive as uve always been : )
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Hi, im having my p i ps removed tomorrow and im very nervous.
Ive been following your blog with the other ladies and have been interested in how you have all coped.
Im worried about my recovery time , i run my own hairdressing business and im back to work, next Wednesday (1 week post op) .
After having the pips in i was back to work within a week and all was well. Do you think this is too soon??? I also think you all look fantastic post op , i just hope i look as good.
Any advice would be fantastic xx
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Hi Emmat
of course you are nervous, I remember how I felt 6 weeks ago - but I really didnt have to worry at all. the op was over and done with in 20 mins and I went home the same day. As for recovery, as you will see if you have a look at other girls profiles on here, everyone is different. I can only speak for myself and say that I had very little pain at all thankfully and went back to work a week later with no problems. I see that you are a hairdresser and this may make a difference. If you are only able to take a week off work then I would really recommend taking it very easy during that week, give your body as much rest and time to recover as possible.
Good luck for today, hope all goes well and you have little recovery pain. Keep us posted on how you get on x
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Hi again .... Well my op was cancelled today because the a form regarding me suing the hosital in future wasn't signed 7 days previous to the op !!! I cannot believe it !!!!
I've been agonising over 2 months wait to get this done and the surgeon refused to do it as he thinks says I need a 7 day cooling off period to make sure I'm sure ... He blamed the coordinator who booked the surgery after my consult and she just said sorry !!!!
I'm upset , fuming etc ...
I now have to wait a until nxt week or middle of may to get this done ! But as I'm sure you understand , taking time out is hard when being a mother of a small child and working ( I'd booked week off and my son had gone to friends for 4 days) .
Oh well I have to wait now !
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hi lisalou,

how have you been? hope u r bouncing back and fighting your fluids out of your breast for ever? keep us updated pls.
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hi Lisalou,
I love reading all your messages to everyone - they are so supportive and caring, Im sure you have helped a lot of us through our troubling times. so a big thank you (-:
gosh didnt our implants look so unnatural - you must be over the moon with how you look now. hows all the swelling going? has it settled down yet?
keep looking after yourself xxx
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I've posted below hunnyx
The comment was lovely, but we've all done the same. I really don't think I'd have had the strength to go through all this alone. And yes I've had set backs, but no regrets x x
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Hey AndraiMe,
The thing is, you need to get them out. It's the worst feeling in the world worrying over the end results. I knew when the scandal broke, they had to come out, and out for good. To be honest I never really liked the feel of the implants anyway.
I was so scared and could barely talk to anyone about it.
When I'm so scared about things It feels more reassuring to have a bit of a saftey net. You could get them out and let your body adjust. If you really don't like it then there is always the option of getting more put in. Thats your safety net.
I do believe you'll be surprised at how you body copes, and how good they look,I don't think you'll want them back in.
Also you've been with your fella a long time. He'll just want you healthy and back to your normal self. Mentally you'll be all over the place at the minute, knowing you have pips. My husband's is just so glad my spark is back. I was a zombie for weeks beforehand.
Small, soft boobs can still be sexy, so long as you believe in yourself.
You've got to ask yourself honestly, if you get them done again, what would you do if something else happened. Sometime soon, down the line, realistically, they'll need to be replaced or come out eventually.
I'm so glad my pips have gone, I was lucky, no rupture or leak. Others haven't been so lucky. I've had my nine lives.
Now it's just a case of getting used to the "new me" like I had to when I had them done.
It's still early days for lots of us on here but there's no regrets.
There are some women who have had them replaced and are now seriously wishing they hadn't! No one can make the descioin for you, lots of soul searching and strength will see you through.
Stay strong babe, and give your man credit! He'll love you regardless x x
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Hi AndriaMe. I too felt the same, I was almost flat when I had my DD's put in and when I had them out I was terrified. I didn't need to worry, I had no sagging and they looked lovely. The relief of just getting them out helped me a lot, so it's a good idea to focus on that rather than what looks aesthetically pleasing. Especially if you have PIPS. And the freedom you get as far as clothing is also worth it. I wish you all the best, and keep us posted. x
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Hi everyone

I am so scared. I have to have my implants removed (PIP) I am seriously thinking about not having them replaced, I went from a 34a to a D and I have had them in since 2001. I am just so worried about how they will look afterwards, saggy skin, floppy etc and the shear thought brings tears to my eyes (only regret in life having these things!) Did anyone else feel the same before having your's out and how have you coped ? I may sound like i'm over reacting but I am generally all in a tiz about it.
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Hi andriame,

At first it's natural to worry about how yul look, but the idea of how yul feel over powers the first worry.

Also breast do fluff quite well with time if yur skin is good n u look after them.

I was pretty sagged with implants n thought my nipples wud touch the floor after my explant, but im not disappointed. U can see my pics on my profile.

Get those pip bombs out asap and keep faith n be natural, u won't regret but feel the freedom instead.
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Thanks golden1234, it's good to hear how others felt pre taking them out. I'm soooo nervous but they have to come out, just don;t think I can face another set after all of this to be honest. Slightly worried as my guy has only ever known me with them too and well, just me I expect .
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I agree andriame,

Even I had decided not to do anything else with my boobs n not make them go thru any more trauma.

Don't worry about yur guy, if he loves u he will love u even more with yur natural softie and playful tissues.

Most women here have been writing how supportive their partners. Partner who said no to explant are now actually more happier to see the explant results!
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Hi. I did practically nothing until my 6 week appointment. I live with my mum so she did any housework for that time, and my colleague took care of any deliveries we had, so I had a brilliant support system. All I really did was drive. I also tend to buy clothes that never need ironing as it's my biggest pet peeve and the most boring chore on the planet! =P

Golden, I don't sleep on my tummy anymore as it causes neck problems for me, but I think it was about 3 weeks ago, and I was laying on my bed. I rolled onto my front to read something, and I held myself up on my elbows as I have done since I had the implants in, then it dawned on me that I could lay completely flat! I giggled quite a lot as it had been so long since I could do that.

I had to have a CT scan a few months before my explant, and needed to ask the man for a pillow so I was able to lay down somewhat comfortably while they were scanning. Now I can do things like that without worrying. I'm scheduled to have ear surgery next week, and while I'm recovering, I plan on having my first ever full body massage, now that I can finally lay on my front!
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Well I was u a super recovery after yur ear surgery.
It feel strange to wish u for a surgery that doesn't involve boobs but ear on this all the best, yul be fine and keep us posted on yur ear surgery!!!
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Lisa, im on the 13th alcoholic day today, i did iron 2 shirts yesterday taking my time.

Dint hoover n will not till 6 weeks cos hoover is huge.

I tried yesterday bcos i thought if i was allowed to drive a car then i cud try ironing, but took it easy with those 2 shirts, however, id like to ask backtonormal something too.

Hi Backtonormal, when did u first sleep on yur belly? im gagging for that to happen!
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hey babe, thanks for the (((cybervibes))) right back at you sweetie.
Tell you what I have noticed today, in my clothes I can tell my left boob is smaller than my right.
Do you think it'll settle down? My left was always smaller, and the right is retaining more fluid.
When did you start ironing and stuff. I've done a bit, not too much, and my iron isn't that heavy. Haven't done much hoovering. Just dead conscious that I'll cause more issues. It's been 11 days( feel like I'm an alcoholic with that last statement) he he
Can't wait to get back at the gym;(
Hey thanks for seeing me through this, you're a star X
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Hi Lisalou. You're welcome, happy we can be of comfort to you! I'm glad you're feeling better and that the PS was better this time. I agree that your lymph nodes are probably on full alert. Your body has had a shock, and like you say, the nodes are freaking out because of the fluid. I'd just keep an eye on that and mention it to the PS if it doesn't ease up over time. I hope you continue to feel better. Here's some (((cybervibes))). :0)
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Hi lisalou,

Thanks for yur kind words. That's so sweet of u.

We are all here for eachother. Im glad for yur recovery n happy to learn that yur doc was nice to u. Don't worry if he doesn't answer yur questions as im pretty sure all of us here are half docs thru our experiences n can prescribe n diagnose ourselves.

Keep healing n updating.
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I know I don't now you two ladies, but I love you x
My hubby is away at the minute and just having you two watching my back and filling me with positive thought and good information is fab!
Anyway, I had to go back to see my ps on Sunday morning and he has drained the breasts.
When I saw him Friday I was worried that I'd maybe done too much and caused the fluid to become worse, so Friday, Saturday I barely lifted a finger and by Saturday night the fluid had increased. So going back to what you said Golden, I agree. I'm more mobile today and more positive.
On a brighter note, the ps was very nice yesterday and answered all my questions but still never gave me direct answers. I've always believed that if something is sore, aching whatever, it's better to still be moving. Hence why I'd continued with light duties. Obviously in the first few days I was very sore, so couldn't do much, but come the Monday I felt great. If the fluid doesn't get anymore than it is now then it's likely it'll just absorb. Which is great.

Still concerned over my lymph nodes. Do you think it's just my body reacting to all the rubbish swirling around my chest at the mo?
Also I don't know if you've ever experienced this, but when I am premenstrual, the lynph nodes under my arm, right inparticular, swell and feel lumpy!
Speak you you both soon x
And just for reassurance to all those other ladies, despite this set back. I have no regrets!
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