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I was always very content with my body but after 2...

I was always very content with my body but after 2 beautiful children and much sole searching, in 2004 I decided to have a breast aug. I had 330cc silicone implants inserted, taking me from a empty, saggy 34a to a round solid 34c. I then had them repositioned again in 2005, using the same implants.

All I proceeded to do was trade one set of issues for another, I have a sunken breast bone and the gap became very apparent after the sugery. I actually felt like a bit of a freak. Last year, after having various issues, regarding joints and pain etc. I looked into getting them out. I returned to Transform, where the surgeon explained that I would hate the results blah blah blah. I bottled it! Why on earth would I want to pay good money to be miserable? Then in January the call came; confirmation they were pips.

After seeing my gp on three occassions and being told I couldn't have a scan, being told I couldn't pay for a scan unless I was referred, Transform cancelling my appointment and doing my own research,(both on here and the pip facebook page). I decided enough was enough and started to make my own arrangements. I got in touch with an nhs breast reconstrucitve surgeon who offered to do the operation for me. I had asked for a lift at the same time the implants were removed but he said that it wasn't a good idea due to the limited breast tissue and also the stretched skin. His advice was sound and I can understand now why he was reluctant to do the proceedure.

I had the surgery on Friday 24th February and I can not tell you how relieved I am. I finally feel like this journey I've been on for the last 8 years is finally over and I am back to just being me. I absolutely love my soft skin, instead of it being stretched over my implants. I also have a new found love of my clevage and the fact I'm not sharing my body with something else. After 2 children, 2 bas and an explant I feel that my body has been through the mill and it needs some tlc. The operation took 2 hours and the surgeon removed both capsules, the implants came out in tact and, believe it or not; no leak. I have been so very lucky indeed.

I got back to the ward at around 7:30pm on Friday night, very sore and very uncomfortable. The drains were placed directly under my arm pit so it was difficult to move. I won't lie, I felt dreadful Saturday when I was discharged, however, I managed to control the pain with paracetamol and burophen, after a shower and plenty of sleep I started to begin to feel more like myself. It's Wedneday today and I am getting back to my normal rountinue, albeit, slowly.

My breast are very empty and as you can see the left one is noticable smaller than the right.They have started to "fluff" already, although the left isn't as good. But looking at my photos prior to my original ba, my left was always smaller. Also the way they are taped I think is making them look a bit unusual too. I guess only time will tell. I have two 4 inch scars under each breast and holes under my arms where the drains were placed. I have tried some 34a bras(with padding) but it's difficult to get a true read as I can't bear the wire on my scar at the minute. Also they will change over the next few weeks. I now need to give myself time to get to like the new me.

My husband said they're great so that's ok with me. The surgeon managed to save more tissue than I expected and for that i'm grateful. I'm just so passed it all now, so what if one is bigger than the other, so what if they're saggy, so what if I have to wear padded bras. I was in a hospital bed, directly oposite was a lady who'd undergone recontructive surgery. HELLO! I've had the luxury of being with a very supportive husband for many years, I've aged, (38) and experienced loss and bad health and what I've been through, really isn't the end of the world. Your health family and friends is what's important. Time to concentrate on being beautiful from the inside! My family lost me for a while when I found out the news, and having to explain to my girls was heartbreaking, but if nothing else comes of this my two girls (12 & 8), will learn to love what they have and be confident with what they have. In just want to send massive hugs to all those, very beautiful, brave ladies who have explanted or who are considering. It proves we are determined and strong willed. Well done x x x

Oh yea I agree to what u wrote on the way we are taped, they made me feel the same. But does yur stitches itch? The itchiness is driving me mad!
Hi lisalou,

First of all well done for coming over the other side. Yur decision was good. I explanted one day before u n agree to what u wrote. My right breast is smaller than the left n I can feel that they were fluffing up although very slowly...but im defo bigger than pre implants. I was a a/b then, then I got a dd inserted n now a b/c. Im happy with my decision.

Thank you for sharing your story here on RealSelf!! One thing I love about the ladies in this community is how comfortable you all are in your own skin now. It's breathtaking!

I'm glad you made it through this and that you're PIPs didn't leak. I hope you'll keep us posted as you continue to heal. You deserve a spa day when this is all said and done. :)


Thursday 1st March Feeling pretty much back to my...

Thursday 1st March
Feeling pretty much back to my normal self. Minus the toxic waste he he
Stitches itchy and tape pulling a little though easily managable. Get it off tomorrow!
Tried my 34a, padded bras on which I bought before my op, and they're too small he he Too bruised to even contemplate wearing them. First day of wearing a sports bra today, a little uncomfortable but seeing the bruising that is coming through now; I can see why!
(trying to put photos on;()
Hi Lisalou. As golden said, everyone is different so it'd be hard to say what will happen. I ended up with a lot more tissue than before I had them put in, so I was ecstatic. I think the reason for my downsize is going back to the gym and doing cardio 3 times a week. I always lose or gain weight in my boobs first so I wasn't surprised. They're still bigger than they used to be, so I'm chuffed.
Hi lisalou,

That's what I have been told by both my ps n nurse. I guess it may depend on individuals as well, as everyone's different. Again if fluid retention can cause issues later on then I'd prefer it to be absorbed now n I go a size down than to ask for more problems later to remove that fluid.

God! The implants are gone but now the fluid has come???!! When will we be free from foreign things inside our breasts then just normal tissues etc that's ,meant to be in there. If anything just has to be in there then y fluids or implants? Y not more natural breast tissues?
a bit tender after having a sports bra on today, think I will go back to au natural tomorrow. Backtonomal-does everyones boobs shrink when fluid is absorbed back into the body? Oh I hope not;( I quite like them the way they are. Don't want them to become smaller x

Oh my word that was an essay ha ha

oh my word that was an essay ha ha
Hi. I did practically nothing until my 6 week appointment. I live with my mum so she did any housework for that time, and my colleague took care of any deliveries we had, so I had a brilliant support system. All I really did was drive. I also tend to buy clothes that never need ironing as it's my biggest pet peeve and the most boring chore on the planet! =P

Golden, I don't sleep on my tummy anymore as it causes neck problems for me, but I think it was about 3 weeks ago, and I was laying on my bed. I rolled onto my front to read something, and I held myself up on my elbows as I have done since I had the implants in, then it dawned on me that I could lay completely flat! I giggled quite a lot as it had been so long since I could do that.

I had to have a CT scan a few months before my explant, and needed to ask the man for a pillow so I was able to lay down somewhat comfortably while they were scanning. Now I can do things like that without worrying. I'm scheduled to have ear surgery next week, and while I'm recovering, I plan on having my first ever full body massage, now that I can finally lay on my front!

Well I was u a super recovery after yur ear surgery.
It feel strange to wish u for a surgery that doesn't involve boobs but ear on this all the best, yul be fine and keep us posted on yur ear surgery!!!

6th March Sleeping much better now and not much...

6th March
Sleeping much better now and not much fluid build up, which is positive. What is in there now is likely to be absorbed back into my body.
Slept on my belly and side. GREAT!
I'll post some more photos Friday as that will be two weeks post op. They change so much daily.
My right breast is still bigger than my left , but I'll just have to live with that. Better than those beach balls;)
Where can I get your confidence :(
Hey Lisalou, how are the boobies feeling and how are the cords Honey?
Hi lisalou, how are you feeling, I hope your cord thingys are settling down now. must feel very odd. xxx
Mr Coady

Just so you are aware my surgery was £3300 GBP. Couldn't put the price in the box above. It didn't recognise it x

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