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I am a 24 years old & after losing just over...

I am a 24 years old & after losing just over 9stones in weight I have decided to have a tummytuck! I carry all the loose skin on my tummy and it disgusts me:( surgery is scheduled for 21s May, I am so excited, but terrified at the same time. I know this is what I want to do & I dont want my hideous tummy holding me back my whole life! Id love to speak with someone who has has this done for a bit of moral support:) my family & friends are great, except they don't really understand how I feel. Will post some before pics when I get a wave of confidence!
thanks girls :) xxx


Hi Sarah good luck with your tt. I had mine 4 and a half weeks ago in manchester. And I have no regrets at all. Just remember to rest, rest, rest after ur surgery and be patient. Fingers crossed and go on get those before photos up. We r all embarrased but then when you have your new tummy u will be very proud xxx
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Hi Sarah, Wow 13 miles 3x a week. Thats great. I wish I could run but my knee won't allow any activity that is not low impact. My husband runs alot outside and it would be great to do it together but thats not in the cards for us. I feel you when you said about the Dr. not thinking what you've achieved is not good enough. I had the same experience yrs ago and it sent me on the wrong track and really knocked my self confidence. I wish I would have taken the attitude that you have. You are like I'll show him. I bet you will lose a lot more than that measly 6 pounds. Keep up the good work and keep us posted on your weight loss for the middle of June. PS you made me laugh when you said you weighed your tummy skin :)
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Thank you so much for your support girls, it means a lot. I do a lot of running and have recently increased my distance to 13miles, 3x per week. I looked at the scales this morning & have lost 2lb! :D So im on my way there. I thought about muscle weighing more than fat as well? Also, Know this is gross, but I tried to weigh my tummy :/ (There is enough skin to do this) although not 100% accurate, it weighs around 5lbs! I have also thought about a different surgeon, but this one has been recommended to me & It took me a while to put my trust in him. I just wish he'd remember I am a human being! 9st weight loss & giving up my 20 a day habit & still not good enough! Anyway girls I intend to be back in his office by mid June, slimmer than ever! :D I will post some pics, but for the time being I feel a little self conscious- only because I'm not sure when the skin is coming off!
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