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I'm a 39 , Mum of Two Kids with a Horrible Stretched Stomach , - England

I was always a big girl even as a teenager , after...

I was always a big girl even as a teenager , after having my first child I piled on more weight my highest weight was 245lbs, I lost the weight and got down to 150 lbs then got pregnant with my second child 15 years ago , I managed not to put to much weigh on and three weeks after I was in my size 12 clothes again . My ex husband hated that I lost the weight , after 17 years of abuse I left him , I have now been married to my second husband 6 years And I now know what happiness is , Since then Im fitness mad I now go to the gym 5 - 6 times a week ,I do cardio , weights , and 5 spinning classes a week , My weight is 112lbs now and I love it ,but I hate my stomach , it's saggy and wrinkly and even though I'm not big now my belly still hangs over my knickers , and skirts , I always said to my husband I would like to get my belly done on or around my 40 th birthday , I'm 40 October 10th and my surgery is now booked for the 31st October , I can't wait !!
Hi matea2, how did it go yesterday ?
It was great. I posted an update on my profile. Thanks for thinking if me ;)
Goodluck for tomorrow !! X x

4 weeks and counting down

went to my private hospital today to have my MRSA test and pay for my tummy tuck and liposuction! Now becoming a reality , so excited that this time in 4 weeks I will hopefully have a flat stomach! my compression garment has turned up in the post as well so I'm all set ready to go now!
Happy Birthday!! X
You are so thin already....you will look like a super star!!!!
Thank you ! Can't wait to get the stomach I've always wanted x x

2 weeks and still counting down the days

well 2 weeks left and I will be in hospital, times going slow now , keep thinking about the pain that I will be in after and want happens if it doesn't go right ! Wish it was tomorrow as I'm starting to panic more and more ! Everyone of u that I'm reading about gives me the strength and hope that it will be fine and that I will have the stomach I have always wanted in the end , might start rambling on here now and that's nerves, will keep u all up dated as my date draws nearer!
It's nice to see others that have the same surgery scheduled the same day as I do. Oh and happy late b-day. I was really nervous while going thru all the consultation and making my decision on which surgeon. That to me is one of the difficult parts. Then mentally preparing yourself for the actual surgery. It's hard not knowing how things will turn out and if going through with the surgery is worth it. I'm sure the outcome is great it's just the fact of the unknown. I'll be right there with you and will be fine. Keep posted and up to date:) happy days are ahead.
Thank you! The big 40 now lol !!! X x

My last week with my ugly wrinkled stomach

can't believe that this time next week I will be on the flat side , keep looking at my stomach and wishing that the skin and wrinkles were gone now ! Hopefully my last photos of my stomach like this !
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