Semi Permanent Make Up/Micro Pigmentation - Eyebrows - England, UK

Had the procedure done today after considering for...

Had the procedure done today after considering for the past couple of months.

Found somebody local who comes to your house - she was very professional and didn't do anything without consent.

Picture is 50% darker than the overall look - colour chosen was golden brown. The tattoo will also shrink so they won't be this thick!

Treatment needs to be repeated after a few weeks once ink had peeled to fill in any gaps.

Holy moly be prepared for the pain!!! It felt like a normal tattoo but a lot more sensitive. My eyes were streaming. If you can deal with tattoos you will be fine.

She suggested putting a thin film of vaseline on all the time for the first week or until the tattoo had peeled.
Photos are prior ( left brows to grow so she could do shape ) and second photo is immediately after treatment


She came to your house??? Super professional! Not really.
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Thanks for your comment. If your work is much better why not do reviews? I can assure you my house is a clean, comfortable, safe environment and she wouldn't have done the procedure if she didn't think so. I have been to a tattooist and my house was much cleaner than his studio, so maybe think about things before commenting on a review/criticizing on a review. Thanks.
It's not about my's not about your's about taking permanent cosmetics door to door is highly unprofessional and no way to control the work of bodily fluids and needles....proper's so not professional...period.

Really Chuffed!

My tattoos are almost all peeled and the colour underneath is a subtle, natural, light brown. All I would say is if you have just had it done and your freaking out cos you look like you have two slugs on your face - do not panic! It does get better. Vaseline allllll the time, do not pick the scabs and be careful when washing your face/washing your hair. Grin and Bare it because it does get better!!!


Hey, I'm a qualified permanent makeup technician in the UK.. I'm glad you were happy with the brows she gave you. But house visits are a no go I'm afraid, it goes against all policies in regards to hygiene. This has nothing to do with your home and is not your fault you weren't to know. But all technicians are required to be fully licensed to work at any location they perform treatments within. A member of the local council visits the premise to check your treatment room and deem you suitable for the special treatments license required. These licenses aren't cheap, nor are room rentals/salon commissions. And only qualified practitioners can even apply. Which is why your lady probably does home visits. I would be very wary of having her back. But obviously it's totally up to you, at least you can make an informed decision now. Tattooers need the same license so if the tattoo shop you visited was actually dirty, they should be reported to the council. All shops I've visited have the highest standards of hygiene as they will lose their license if they don't fulfil this x
Sorry just read more of your story and have to add - permanent makeup is a lot LESS painful than getting a tattoo when done by a professional. And vaseline is the worst thing you can put on the area when it's healing - it doesn't let the skin breathe. Please be careful of going back to her I'd hate for you to ever get an infection! :O
Hodevah Make Up

Lovely lady and very professional.

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