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Botox to Reduce Square Jaw - England, DE

Its been a few days since I had my first botox...

Its been a few days since I had my first botox injections.

The procedure was very simple. The doctor or nurse will get you to clench your teeth so they can mark out your masseter muscles with a pencil. Then I got 4 injections on each side. There was little pain, just a prick when the needle touches your skin and thats it. I was able to go about my business immediately afterwards.

Its been a few days and there has been no change to my jaw as yet, but I was told it would be several weeks. In the meantime, I am taking pictures every week to catalogue progress. I am due for a follow-up session in 2 weeks where, depending on what the doctor thinks, I may or may not get further injections (this would be free of charge)

Will update this review as often as I can and post pics too

Its always a little hard waiting to see what the results will be, isn't it?!!

I'm so glad you are taking pictures. I don't think enough people post their pre & post Botox pictures and it is so helpful to see them. I can't wait to see yours!! I'll be looking forward to your updates. :)


So this is 16 days after my botox injections. As...

So this is 16 days after my botox injections. As you can see, not much change! I have been told however it is several weeks before I would see a change. I have a top-up appointment in 5 days time where I expect I will get more botox. The clinic have a policy of giving free top-ups if there has been in improvement. So will post more pics in a couple of weeks time - here's hoping I have more to tell you regarding an actual change as, right now, there is unfortunately no discernable difference between my before and after pic :-(

I have spoken to 4 diss doctors who all told me that you should never use Botox in that area....it doesn't work for that area you should use fillers

Awesome, keep us updated on your progress! Im interested in getting this as well for my TMJ and my strong jawline. How many units did you get?
ooh, should have added that shouldn't i?? :-) i had 16 units on each side first time, second time i had 8 units on each side - will post update pics soon

OK so its nows been 35 days since my very 1st...

OK so its nows been 35 days since my very 1st botox jabs to reduce my jawline.. I originally had 32 units, 16 on each side. And then 14 days ago I had 'top up' injections with 16 untis, 8 on each side. As you can see on my latest pic, there has been some reduction on both sides. Not a huge amount though. I've been told that optimum results are in 8 weeks, so will update you in 3 weeks time

46 days since 1st botox injections........

So this will be my last update regarding my botox injections to reduce my square jaw, and I've added my final picture.
There's a definate softening of the jaw which you can see in my pictures (1st picture on the left is one of me before injections, middle picture is just over a month later and after a second round of injections, picture on right is from today)
Was it worth it? For me, I would have to say........not really!! There is softening but no noticeable reduction in the angular nature of my jaw. If this was something that cost £100 I would consider, but for £350, the results are not worth it.
My advice would be; if you acvtually have bruxism, where you grind your teeth, then this procedure may have more dramatic results (bruxism cuases enlargening of the chewing muscles in cheeks which could create a sqaure jaw). But for anyone who just simply wants to reduce their jaw, botox would have minimal effect as I guess the 'squareness' is just your genes and the underlying shape of your bones that make up your jaw. I guess I have to just understand that my sqaure jaw comes from my genes and, save having major surgery on my face, which I am NOT willing ever to do, then I have to get used to it.
Hope this blogs helps someone in making decisions :-)
I so appreciate your updating us and your end view on things is very positive as well, even tho it was not worth it for you. I think I have a square jaw as a part of my genes as well, But I also have TMJ and I grind my jaw so my jaw muscle is also enlarged due to that, so its a double whammy so I think this will help me. thank you again!
Go for it! If you have TMJ then I'm sure you will see much better results than me. Bruxism is grinding of teeth, but TMJ is worse as its acute pain from grinding your teeth......so you must REALLY grind your teeth, poor you! X I think I've realised that botox relaxes wherever it is applied. So if you have a pronounced wrinkle, it'll flatten it out. In the same way, an overactive chewing muscle can be relaxed. It ultimately didn't work for me as my masseter (chewing) muscles are not overactive, my underlying jaw is just square shaped. Please do let me know if you go ahead and keep me posted with updates.......and good luck! XXX
Oh yes, I definitely grind my teeth, all day and night. lol. I get locked jaw from it from time to time, very painful. So, I know i would definitely benefit from this. I cant wait. The only thing that is stopping me now is that I just found out i am pregnant a few days ago. lol. But when I do get it done, I will definitely post my review!! Btw, you look great, I actually love your results. I want my results to be the same way, since i do still appreciate my jaw type... I just don't want it to be as strong as it is now where my muscles are and stick out as much as they do. Thanks for replying!
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