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34 with Droopy Eyelids Had Endotine Brow Lift - England, DE

Hi it's been 9 days today iv had a endotine brow...

Hi it's been 9 days today iv had a endotine brow lift as I only wanted some skin taken away the surgeon said I need a lift as my brows had dropped. Iv cried all day today my eyes are small and don't look the same I thourte a brow lift would have opened my eyes now I'm depressed and feel so down!!! My eyes are small and pushed down will they sat like this
Although I didn't see your before picture, I think your forehead looks great. Your eyes look a little puffy but I'm sure that's because you are only a little more than a week beyond surgery. From what I've read on this board, the swelling takes a lot longer than 9 days to go down. I think you look great! I only hope to do as well after 9 days. Please keep us updated. And thanks for sharing.
I meant to mention - I think you look incredible as far as overall swelling and bruising, just 9 days post-op. Look over some of the other patients' photos on this site and it may help you feel better. Ha! You may try eating pineapple or taking Arnica supplements to help speed up the fading of your (light) bruising. I have had breast augmentation surgery and dermal fillers done and I can tell you from experience, our mental state plays a huge role in recovery and probably the overall outcome. Just relax, eat well, step back from the miror for a while, follow your doc's post-surgery instructions, and I think you will be surprised at how well it turns out. Waiting is the hardest part. I would certainly think that once the swelling goes down, your eyes will look much more prominent and you will be alot more pleased with your results. Hope this helps.
Thank you so much you have made me feel alittle better and your so right our mental state plays a big roll iv not eating for days and cried so much I can honestly say iv Neva felt so down in my life I just hope I'm over thinking and that my eyes will return back to normal soon I have been eating pineapple but not taken arnica! Is that for swelling Hunni x

Day 11

My eyes are still the same I think I can see a very slight change! But it could be in my mind I'm still feeling down and sad I'm going to see my surgeons on Monday as I rang them yesterday and could talk for crying they are gunna both see me I hope to god they say it's normal why did I do this x

Today 11 days

Hope my eyes open up more I can't stay like this :(


My eyelids where so heavy my surgeon said my brows had dropped
I'm sorry you're feeling so down. You are still in early days and are probably significantly swollen. I think you're lovely. Please try not to fret at this point. Everything needs time to settle down before you can judge. :) Hang in there!
Thank you so much angiemcc I hope it is the swelling I pray xx
Thank you cindyf for your lovely message it really helps xxx

So tired

God it's been along day I haven't left the house in 11 days I feel so tired and low surgery is not for me I carnt do this to my self I carnt wait to see the doctor on Monday hope he says everything's gunna be ok I didn't think an eyebrow lift would change my eyes like this !!!
Honestly I think you look beautiful and very natural.
I'm looking at pic on the right. Is that your latest picture? I might be confused.
No that's not my latest picture Hunni xxx

2 weeks today

still lots of swelling in the outer corners of my eyes been out tonight for afew drinks still feel a mess :(
I just wanted to chime in & let you know that I agree with stayhopeful--I think you are looking great! :-)
Awww thank you jettygirl :) really means a lot babes xxxxx
Thanks for sharing your pictures and story. I think that You look gorgeous.

19 days

Good morning!!! I had a cAll off my surgeon yesterday asking how I was and he w ants to see me next Monday 12 may!!!! I told him that the swelling is still visible and I was feeling a lot better than last week as I was so down I was heartbroken wouldn't like to say on here how I was really feeling!!!!!! Down was not the word! I no one thing surgery is NOT for me it's made me feel depressed sad crazy!!! Iv lost a stone with stress I'm not sure but I'm mentally made for it my eyes are opening up but still so much swelling on the corners and not fully right open,,, yet .. My friend called me yesterday and said she's had botox I felt sick I will Neva have any thing done to my face again even tho I use to like alittle botox now and again!!! My face will not be touched again unless it's a nice face cream !!!
How are you doing now? Are you feeling a lot better about the surgery? Are you happy?

15 weeks in

Hi every one sorry iv not written for awhile !!! Well it's been a few months since I did a review I can say I'm happy with my eye brows my eyes are back to normal thank god! And yes it was way to soon to get upset I really am happy I went through with it now :)) all that worrying was for nothing iv had no infection nothing!!! My bumps have gone so I'm happy I would do it again xxxx
I'm doing really well thank you Hunni I love my eyes :))) xxxx
Doc Gerold

My doctor says it's normal :(

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