Numbness After Removal of Fibroadenoma

Pros - Lumps removedCons - numbness, scarring,...

Pros - Lumps removed

Cons - numbness, scarring, lumpiness (small craters where lumps were).

Why I did it - My doctor advised me to have them removed incase of fibroadenoma becoming larger, causing permenant damage to breast tissue. They had already increased in size within a couple of years and the lumps were already visibal without the need to feel.

I am 21, and have recently had 4 fibroadenoma removed just over 3 weeks ago - 2 from each breast ( both around the top part, going towards the shoulder.) But the area where the lumps were in the right breast is still numb, I can hardly feel anything- and its been 3 weeks, I'm scared that this is permenant? / How long will it take for the sensation to come back?


You are still very early after surgery. Most of the time the sensation will come back. It may take about 3 months
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