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Right here I go ! I was 25 yrs old, had breast fed...

Right here I go ! I was 25 yrs old, had breast fed three babies two of which were twins, I was 32A cup befor this, so after feeding them and some weight loss was left with very little, I struggled to get a bra that fit ! Anyway after some thourght and a chat with someone who'd already had implants, I decided to start and save and was soon booked in to have my silicone implants 300cc. This took me up to a 32D which looked fine with my size and build. I have to say ive been pleased with them, but now realise how little I thourght about what the future could bring and how quick the time would go by, Not thinking about the future cost of more replacements, and more operations, I guess when you want somethink so bad you dont see beyond that...Well 12 yrs later and there's been the PIP scare, Which got me thinking and worrying about what I have put inside me, But as a lucky one found out that mine are the Mcghan implants, so a sigh of relief. But that sigh of relief didnt last long. I had noticed that my left breast hadn't been feeling as soft, and was a good size bigger than the right,I left it for a few wks as thourght it might be hormones, it was around that time of the month. but three wks later and after some research I realised It had to be Capsular Contrature. Panick mode sets in ! So last wk got a oppointment with surgeon to find out for sure, and yes I was right. The surgeon had a look and instantly started saying how he could put some new ones in etc. But by this time I had decided I didnt want replacements and I just want them out asap, I dont want the worry, I carn't cope with all the hassel and the what if's, My head is in a different place now, Im 37 yrs old, Ive been married for 18yrs,and if he doesnt love me for being me by now, then it's tough LOL ! So I'm booked in for the 4th March to have them out. And have to say counting down the days...There is also a medical issue to my story, one that I had no idea about untill this last wk or so.. I have been having tests with very little outcome regarding aching joints, feeling shattered all the time and just general stuff that I was putting down to my age, The last time I saw my Rheumatologist he was coming to the conclusion of me having Lupus, A Autoimmune Disorder. Tests came back negative like all the rest.. Every test that Ive had in the past 5 yrs because of my symptoms have came back with no definate result... Now this is scary stuff as I have now seen on many of these sites how many other woman have also been suffering with the same sypmtoms as me. It would seem there is a definate connection with Breast Implants. and if its not,then its a big coinsidence.! Well thats about it for now, I will get some photos on at some point, befor and afters. And I am nervous about how saggy I will be..but there are some fab padded bras now and theres always those chicken fillets LOL ! To be honest all the women on here that have put photos on all look a lot better after having them out, so i'm keeping my fingers crossed so will I. Cost for removal of implants £2800.

ooooooooooo go for it! you'll be fine and so happy when its all over and done with - and back to your natural self again. x
Will be thinking of u today, don't worry, keep faith, u r doing the right thing. Just keep the positive vibe till u enter the op theatre. Keep smiling. And do keep us updated pls. All true best?
Arent we all amazining!......

Hi all, yesterday was my explant, at last ! went...

Hi all, yesterday was my explant, at last ! went into theatre 12.20pm woke in recovery 1.15pm so didnt take long, no pain at all ,what a relief...can move arms etc,just a bit sleepy , got taken back to my room, had water to drink and just rested, after short while and tea and biscuits felt fine no probs, orderd my lunch which was lovely, ate that, and was told to drink as much as possible , they like you to go and have a wee !! I dont have bandages on or a bra, infact been told not to wear a bra for now, I have two plasters underneath, which cover the little strips where the scar is,oh and no drains.

My boobs are very empty ,but they were befor implants from breast feeding so not shocked, I think they will hang better when the plasters are off as they are kind of making them stick up funny LOL have to say so pleased I have no pain, they have sent me home with antibiotics and pain relief tabs if I need them but havent as yet,

As for the Capsular Contracture in my left breast it would seem when they opened me up there was no evidence, surgeon said he couldnt understand why I was having the problems even though he said himself at my first appoinment yes Capsular Contracture as it was hard and begining to move up.. so I did feel a little cheated, as that was the main reason at that moment in time I wanted them removed.

So I had to remind myself of all the health issues ive been having, and hopefully now after explant will start to resolve , and hopefully in a few monthe time I will be back to being full of life and not falling alseep at the drop of a hat.!! photos will follow soon !!
Hi gypsy, how r u getting along babes?
so happy for you that it went well - if its any help mine are looking better by the day, so dont judge yours yet. They have been through rather a lot so give them a bit of love and be patient with them.

enjoy the rest and keep telling yourself - you have so made the right decision!

sending a big virtual hug xx
Thanks naturalagain, Glad you are feeling a lot better now, I should hopefully get some photos on later today, Im still feeling good, will be glad to get the plasters off as they seem to be more of a pain than anything else.but all good otherwise, Big smiles all round ! x

Right just got round to putting some photos on, a...

Right just got round to putting some photos on, a before explant and a 2 days after explant, I will be having the plasters taken off tommorrow, sunday 11th march. Its really strange how happy I am with my "au natural boobies" . guess Ive grown up a lot in 12 yrs and I'm now comfy in my own skin. dont regret having them removed one bit :0)

Havent had any pain, or discomfort, I did try some bras on yesterday and with stretching my arms up I did slightly feel tender, but nothing major, back to doing house duties that doesnt involve over doing it .And I am returning to work on monday after having a wk off. So will see how I go there.
Hey there. Well done on taking the plunge. I feel the same way as you because I have v little tissue and also feel as if my breasts are empty but as you say, padded bras to the rescue and they really do make a huge different. I am now a 36A. My left boob is filling up with fluid so it looks like I have the implant back in again but my doc is going to put a drain back in tomorrow which will bring some relief. Take care of yourself. xcxx
You look so good! I am about your size so it makes me feel so much better about my surgery on April 3rd. I will be posting my story and pictures soon. Post another picture soon - I know that you will just keep improving. I agree with you about feeling so much for confident - for me it's been 15yrs. I can't wait to take them out and be me again and never think about or worry about them.
Gypsy90 , they do look so cute without the implants! Did you have them over or under the muscle? Have they started to "fluff" (as you all say) yet seeing as it has been a week already?

Well its 11 days since my explant, Ive just taken...

Well its 11 days since my explant, Ive just taken the strips off my scars, they look a bit longer than the original ones, but theres still time for them to settle. Not had any pain, just a little bit tender from time to time, very happy with the result ! I have an appointment to see the surgeon again at the end of April, I'm guessing he just wants to see the final result of his handy work, and the nurse will be taking photos.I'm pretty much back to normall regarding activities, house work etc, been back at work this wk, Monday I felt a bit sore but its got better as the weeks gone on, bearing in mind that I am a cleaner in an industrial environment, so lots of sweeping and mopping of floors etc, I have taken my time and been fine. Oh and none of the men at work have noticed as yet !!

I have noticed that my left nipple seems to be more sensitive dont know if that will fade with time, not much else to say really, still not sure what size I am, got a feeling a B cup , but will measure as soon as I can find a tape measure, hope they dont shrink because I have a nice handfull at the moment and they are bigger than before implants :0) Heres my latest photos, have done some of all angles !!
You look great. Hope your recovery continues to be smooth. Take care. Don't overdo it at work and if the guys ask if anything is different tell them they need glasses!!! :-)
I have had implants for the past 30 yrs and they just become a part of me. But now I have swellings in my armpit (painfull) and in my neck. Saw a surgeon yesterday and was told both my implants are leaking which has been causing me all my health problems which my GP has been putting down to age until the swellings started. Waiting for a date to have my implants out and cant wait! Thank you for sharing your experience it has really put my mind at rest and I honestly think your boobs look better without implants.
You boobs are fabulous!! Good for you girl x x

Well its 2 weeks since my explant , still feeling...

Well its 2 weeks since my explant , still feeling good, scars healing well, havent started putting any bio oil on them yet as I dont want to upset them , might start in another week or so, just to be sure, still going without a bra, will also leave that for as long as poss, again dont want to upset scars. I dont think they are fluffing up anymore, so I they are as big as they're going to be. just keeping fingers crossed that there will be NO shrinkage !

On a different note I have been having some odd pains or should I say tugging feeling on my right scar (at the end,) its not red or sore to touch but if I sit in a certain position, its as though Im pulling on it, on the inside not the outside of scar.. If you understand my drift ? I am wondering if its the stitching on the inside and praps the knot that has'nt disolved properly yet. fingers crossed its some thing or nothing and will go away !
Hi Gypsy, I was just wondering if your implants were removed ‘en bloc’. I have been doing some research and this method is recommended. Thanks Rach
Hi Gypsy, I am glad you are recovering well. I think you and all the other women on this website look much better without the implants, I hope I look as good after my explant due to have it on 12/04/12. I just thank all of you lovely women for this website.
You look a lot better without them. I am really disliking the implant look, now. I mean, the natural breasts just look so much more 'relaxed' and natural.

Hi everyone. its 18 days after explant......

Hi everyone. its 18 days after explant... everything looking good, no shrinkage as yet LOL. but I think they have stopped fluffing too. scars are looking fine and I did use some Bio Oil on them after my shower last night, with no irritation, :0)

But I am still getting odd pains from my right scar, its difficult to describe to be fair, its as though its inside not the outside of my skin and the pain comes if I sit or lay down in a certain position and shoots either round to my back or in my ribcage just under my breast. there is no redness or swelling, is anyone else experiencing this a couple of wks after explant ? it just seems odd that its started now 2 wk later wonder if they have sewn me up a bit tight inside and when sit a bit awkward it pulls ? thats what it feels like to me. if it gets any worse I will have to ring them.... EEEKK !
Hi guys,

I have only just had a chance to get to my computer. Had explant and capsulectomy on 12 April 2012. I had an overnight stay in hospital which I am pleased I
did. I was required to have drains which came out today, a bit painful being removed but worth it. Dr advised I am healing nicely and I am to see him again in a week. I am sorry but i do not have any photos to share but my shape and size are alot like gypsy. To be honest I have been more concerned with the process of having the implants removed than I was in getting the implants to begin with. Like many women after having four children my boobs were no wear to be seen and I thought breast implants were my answer and they were for a little while. Don’t get me wrong I looked a lot better in a bikini and a tight shirt but nothing a bit of padding or a push-up bra can’t do. I feel so upset that I even got breast implants and that I have done this to myself. I was so selfish and waisted a lot of hard earned money which I could have put to my children. I can only believe that the older we get the wiser we become. To any women considering having there breast implants removed if this is what you want then do it.
Reply very Happy for you. Oh and congrats on a new life with no worries on implants and your right that as we get alittle older we get wiser....I have been so very happy to have them out and enjoy my new body with no reget ....Keep us posted on your healing //// lots of love and healing to you...Ellen
well done ! free at last from the footballs !! glad ur healing nicely, I too feel cross with myself about all the money its cost to have the implants in, and to have them removed, in total around £6000.00 and at the moment with the economy as it is Its money is tight, Im now having to scrimp and scrape, to put it back... arghhhh ! only thing I can say is hopefully we wont ever have anymore problems and we can now sit back without the worry of further ops.

On a brighter note you may be surprised to find that when your boobs have settled down you will be a a lot larger and fuller than after having ur children Im still not big but better than what I was after breast feeding :0)

anyway a big congratulations and keep smiling ! x

Hi all , well today 30th april was my last visit...

Hi all , well today 30th april was my last visit to Transform to be signed off so to speak. its been 8 wks since explant. Everything is looking well, scars are just a thin line now and no aches or twitches what so ever. size wise I would say a 32 B , so a fair bit larger than before I had my implants. Im still very happy with my au natural boobs, and the surgeon was pleased with the outcome too, Not much more to say really , so if you are reading this and thinking omg what should I do. then I would say go for it !

So thats me and my story,
Hi Gypsy90

Congrats on your successful explant and recovery. I too have had some auto immune problems. I know it's still early days but has there been any improvement to your joints etc? My op is 30th July but I would be interested to hear more about your progress. You look fab, I hope my outcome is as successful. X
hey laineylou, good luck with ur opp, it will soon be over and done with ! Im not sure if my autoimmune probs have got any better just yet, my husband says I have more energy, and he's noticed i'm more energetic and motivated around the house !
I have an appointment with my Rheumatologist next month , i will prob have bloods done etc so will see if there is any noticable change in the results ! I really hope so, I will have to tell him too, As I didnt know my implants could have been a trigger for my problems the last time I saw him. It would be great if there was a huge change and we could deffinatly pin it on them !! It was funny I saw an old film made in the early 90's which was about woman and implants, and was about the problems caused etc, and autoimmune issues, so there has to be somethink in it . in fact if I remember right it was a true story, so if it was happening back then, why are they not making woman aware of the possible side effcts before they get them done now ? anyway rant over lol ...
keep smiling not long to go, the feeling of relief you will have will be a huge weight off ur mind xx
Hi Adjan,

I had my implants removed and a capsulectomy just over 3 weeks ago. I was so scared of everything from what I would look like to the operation itself. As I understand some PS perform a capsulectomy and some don’t. My surgeon does perform the capsulectomy. I was also required to have drains which are an extra measure that some PS use. Whether to have a capsulectomy is a decision you need to consult with your PS about. I personally am so happy with my decision to have the implants removed. I wish you all the luck.


HI all. well its been 4 month since my explant,...

HI all. well its been 4 month since my explant, everything is still fine no problems, scaring fading and looking good. I have just had my appointment at hospital with my Rheumatologist, I explained about my implants and how after researching found that lots of women seemed to be having the same medical issues as me , and Autoimmune disorders was a common complaint with us all.. Im afraid I didnt get the response I had hoped for, First of all she asked if the NHS had done them I said no, I had paid for both opps. She looked at me like I was a silly woman for having them. and basically said the internet can be very misleading and she would have to research this information herself, I felt like it was a waste of time even mentioning my findings.
Rhemumatologist said I could stop taking my medication for at least 3 month and see if all my pain and swelling in joints came back. but other than that i'm afraid I came out feeling totally let down and foolish . I did have bloods done to test my ANA and for Lupus... so I keep my fingers crossed for a huge change that will make my Rheumatologist listen next time !!
If not then I will just have to come to terms with having A Autoimmune disorder .

All the very best to you explant ladies
Gypsy xx
I let my doc talk me into reimplanting & even tho so far they're OK, they're still there & I am much more aware of these than the first ones. I'm 68 & hope eventually to be implant free, no matter how bad it looks. Haven't had a mamo yet but will be soon. I have yet to find a comfortable bra with support & it's been 1 yr.
Grannie sorry a good bra is hard to find. I hope you will stage into explant soon for u :) Take care we are here for you.
Grannie....Dont feel alone on age. I am 58 !!! As far as a bra after explant, wait till you are sure what you want. I had even bought inserts at Victor Secert and really dont need to wear them. Just that I was not sure how I was going to feel about being flat. Glad to hear you are doing fine. Love & hugs, Ellen

I had a very good stay at Transform, staff excellent, clean, friendly, I would of liked a little more time with surgeon for a more in depth chat ,but they do seem to be in and out in a flash, onto next patient, I felt that not many people have their implants taken out without replacements and all the info given to me was reg augmentation, not explant, so feel they could improve on that. but all in all very pleased and no complaints.

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