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Hi. I've had my implants for 20 years. I had the...

I've had my implants for 20 years.
I had the first ones done 20 years ago when I was 19 and I had a small increase of a cup to b, with 110cc. This was in 1992. Then in 2001, due to capsular contraction of the left breast I had them done again and decided to increase to a c cup. I got capsular contraction again on the left breast around 2009. There is a large possibility that they are PIP. Asthe original op was nhs, they are removing these but will not replace them. I had a baby 2 years ago and breastfed, and you will see my nipples point downward now. I am terrified of how I will look. My husband is not very supportive as he assumes I'll just get them done again and he has no idea what they might end up looking like. I know I need them out as I am in pain with the left hand side, and just want them out. I have gone up to a 34dd since having my daughter. So upset about it all, and need support please. :-(


I feel really sorry for you. Just get them out, you'll be surprised how god they will look. I'm also from uk, had mine out last week, so happy with the results.
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It looks like you're already getting some lovely support here in this space. I'm so glad you reached out! I agree with what wishiwerereal said. There's no rush once your implants are removed. See how your breasts look and how you feel and then you can decide if you want replacement or if being natural suits you better. :) Please keep us posted.

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Hi.. I am 6 days post explant after also having severe capsular contracture / rupture/ fluid build up in my right breast and also rupture in left which was discovered in surgery. Anyway. . My story is similar to yours as in breast size and feeding my daughter for 9 months with implants. 7 months ago my right breast went very hard and huge compared to the left one. Fortunately after several appointments NHS agreed to remove them (only) as I had had 2 day surgeries in last 10 years to remove benign lumps. It took me a good a few months and lots of researching to decide to go ahead with explant only and heal before I decided what to do next. I'm 44 and met my partner when I was 26.. he has never seen me with my little real boobs. I was upset and concerned like you that he wouldn't find me attractive without a new set of implants. But with time and talking he understood my reasons for not wanting to deal with more problems (potentially) in the future and also not wanting more unnecessary scarring from an uplift. Okay so here I am on day 6 still bandaged up so 'we' haven't been able to have a proper look.. I am definitely small but peering down compression bandage I have still a cleavage and peeking upwards I look like I have a little curve. Hubby seemed pretty pleased and there was me always thought he was a big boob man. He had joked by the way when we knew I had to have them removed 'can you get some even bigger ones'.. not very funny I thought. My advice to you would just be get them out as soon as possible and just recover. . If you hate how you look after 6 months consider uplift or fat transfer. If I have any dints I might go along that route. I hated the way my hard boob looked and the other drooped probably with the weight of the implant (and age). You know it will probably look better than it did is what I'm trying to say. Big hugs to you because I know how stressful and worrying it is. I will let you know how mine look next week when I go back to hospital.. yikes! bloody pleased they are out though. And I look slimmer without them ;) x
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Recovery time and toddlers? ?

Hi everyone and thank you so much for your kind words of support, it really means alot.
How difficult will it be to look after a 22 month old after surgery? I am already getting the cot converted into a bed so I don't have to lift her out of the cot. I will have drains in, and wondering how others have faired with dealing with a young child? Will I be able to push a pushchair and do a quick lift into a high chair? ? ?Any info would be great, thanks again xx

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Not long to go now

Well I'm only 4 days away from explant. I'm dreading the results but due to capsular contraction i have no choice anyway. I've addedssome better pre op pictures and as you can see my left is sitting in a weird position. This is the one i expect to be caved in after the op. I am steeling myself for the worst so that I hopefully won't get too shocked.
I have decided to go down the route of a fat transfer (got a bit on my bottom and thighs I'm sure they could use) and a lift if I looked mashed up. There is a possibility I might have a second child after all this, and with me coming up to 40 Iwwould be wanting to get pregnant this year sometime. So I could wait to see if another pregnancy changes them. If fat transfer wasn't possible i could go for saline. But I will NEVER have silicone bags in my chest ever again! !!
I will post photos after it's done. Unless they really are too horrifying. The thought of my beautiful little girl (who is 2) stops me wallowing in my own self pity. I want to hug her without feeling two daft cricket balls between us! !


Not long now until your operation. I hope everything goes well. I am sure it will. Good luck, take care of yourself and remember all the girls here will be supporting and cheering you on xx
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Thank you so much, i am feeling extremely nervous now and really dreading it. But also can't wait to get them removed.
I hope it's gone ok xx

Finally free and still have boobies!

Well I'm finally free of my implants and so happy and relieved. My only regret is that i didn't do it sooner.
I hadn't ruptured and they weren't PIP!! But the surgeon said they were on their last legs. So i guess they weren't far away from rupturing. I'm still in hospital and should be out today, i may have to go home with one drain in. I feel extremely sore, weirdly yesterday i can only describe the pain as if i had an underwired bra on that had ridden up over my breasts and was pressing on them!
Now for the results. I took the photos about 2 hours post op and they look better than the photos already! i still have a reasonable amount of breast tissue, I am saggy but happy to give it time. If I end up being unhappy with the sagging i am going to have a lift but I won't ever have implants again! !!
I haven't seen the surgeon yet so I will tell you what he said about next steps and aftercare once i have seen him.
It feels amazing to have soft normal breasts again. I urge anyone considering it to go for it! !!

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More photos from 1hour post op

Sorry forgot to add these!


Woe! You look amazing! And no lift?! You didn't need it! Hooray! Time will make them look better and better! Go you! (Can you tell I'm excited for you?)
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Woe=wow ;)
Thank you so much. They are a bit dented underneath, i hope this improves. But other than that they look relatively normal. I was expecting wrinkles because the skin was quite tight and they had been in so long. It feels weird when I put my hand over them and feel how small they are now, but I like them. I feel normal and natural!

One day post explant

Hi everyone,
As you can see i still have a way to go with regard to my left breast, the dent has already disappeared from the right breast and it looks totally normal. But my left is not looking great, probably due to the problems with the hard capsule that was in there. Has anyone else had this problem and did it improve?
Still extremely sore but it is only day one. I am alternating between a compression bra at night and a softer one during the day. Not sure if this is a good idea but the compression bra is too tight for the whole time. I may have to call my surgeon to see what he says.
I'm still happy as I have a good amount of breast tissue, just hoping my left sorts itself out! I also have an inverted nipple. Hope it gets better soon.


You look great! Am sure as time goes on they will look better and better! I am three days post op from having mine removed after 20 years and couldn't be happier. I did have a lift as I am almost 60, but so far am very pleased. Best luck!
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Mr David Lam

A brilliant surgeon, working for nhs and private sector (has own website). Honest about possible results, but reassuring too. Very approachable and personable. He even explained everything in a whisper to me just prior to the op because there were people on the other side of the curtain to preserve my privacy. My operation was nhs.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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