Fraxel Repair to Improve Texture, Red Blotches, and Scars

I am a 24 y/o female and had fraxel re:pair done...

I am a 24 y/o female and had fraxel re:pair done on 2/23. I have previously had 4 fraxel restores done and was very unsatisfied with the results (a diff. physician performed the restores). I wanted to improve some texture irregularities, red blotches, and a few scars. I did a lot of research on it by reading all of the reviews on this site and a few others. Trying to be open minded because there has been a lot of negative reviews. I rated my overall satisfaction as "good", only because I am only on day 4 and it is way too early to tell.

I received the normal precare: valtrex, steriod cream, and keflex prior to procedure.

The actual procedure was pretty painless, I really only felt the nerve blockers and that was mildly uncomfortable. I received valium and demerol, along with numbing cream. I barely remember anything, except being wheel-chaired to my SUV. The physician and staff was extremely helpful and caring.

My healing has gone so far as:

Day 1: pinpoint bleeding, weeping, swelling
Day 2: weeping, swelling, red
Day 3: swelling and red
Day 4: red, swelling, mild flaking

I have been doing the normal aftercare with vinegar/water soaks and aquaphor with cutagenix. I will shortly be switching over to cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer in about a day.

Hopefully all goes well with the end result!

*Update* My skin is feeling better, but it still is not the same. I'm not as unhappy about what I did and this particulare laser procedure as I was. But, I still believe it was in no way worth the cost or the long term side effects-some of which I do still notice, like sensitivity to heat and sun exposure. My skin also still feels tighter, in an uncomfortable way, more than it ever did before this procedure.

Btw, does anyone know if there has been a successful lawsuit filed against this company for things like leaving out possible long term side effects and false advertising?
As far as I know there are efforts to file a classaction lawsuit.
nadiahoney, who are you speaking to in your last comment?
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