Chin Implant / Chin Lipo - 7wks Post Op

Hello, I've had both a chin augmentation &...

Hello, I've had both a chin augmentation & neck lipo procedure performed about 7 weeks ago. And i just felt the need to write this for all those that are worried about nerve damage to help put their mind at ease.

By my 3rd week I had trouble speaking, numbness, soreness & was absolutely unable to show my bottom teeth. I even had some strange pockets of movement in my chin when I would speak & had very limited movement with my smiles. I looked silly, felt silly but was positive that this was all temporary. In my 6th week even though my smile is still somewhat cricket it looks alot better & I can actually now lower my bottom lip.

I am sure that I will make a full recovery. And as each day passes the numbness, soreness & the ability to have full normal mouth functions returns more & more each day. Just wanted to tell those that are worried to hang in there. Be patient, I wouldn't get too worried unless there is little or no improvement by the 3rd month. Hope this helps.

Ah, thanks for your post. This is good to hear, since I cannot show my bottom teeth and my smile is not the same ol' smile. Its been 4 weeks since my chin augmentation and I have been a very upset with my decision so far. You've given me hope that my nerves will heal and I'll get my smile back.
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