Surgery done!

Hello, After many years of thinking about it I...

Hello, After many years of thinking about it I finaly got brave and dicided to do it. Went for my consulation with Dr Walter Dishell in Encino, CA. Seems like a very nice doctor with many years if experience with facial surgery. He is also ENT. Just trying to see if anybody had a surgery with him or heard of him?

Well, I've been reading a lot of reviews and...

Well, I've been reading a lot of reviews and seeing a lot of before & after pictures and just want to say how helpful everything is! I am having my surgery November 16 if everything goes well since its still so far away. I went to the Dr for a consult to change my nose only to find out I also have a deviated septum. We decided that he will make my nose straight, deproject it to be closer to my lip and make the tip narrover. All thru a closed procedure. I posting some before pictures. As you can see I am posing always to find a better angle so it doesnt show so much.

Hello everyone, I was wondering if anybody used...

Hello everyone,
I was wondering if anybody used or heard of FUNDMYDR.COM service for financing? Any thoughts?

Hello Everyone, So today I went for my 2nd...

Hello Everyone,
So today I went for my 2nd consultation. This time I came prepared with a bunch of questions thanks to this website!
My Dr gladly answered all of them. He once again confirmed that I do have a deviated septum. There is 2 things that made me feel good. 1st is that my surgery is on Friday, and when I asked his secretary on the phone about packing removal, she said that I would have to come back on Monday. But when I mentioned it to him today he told me that he would come to the office just for me on Saturday to remove the packing so I would not have to suffer thru the weekend. Another nice thing is when I asked him the policy on revision, he told me that if I needed one he will do it free of charge. The only thing that I would have to pay for is the surgery center & anesthesiologist. So I am happy about that but still pray that this will be my one and only nose surgery. We went over his other patients pictures and I explained to him what I dont want to have. I gave him a few pictures that I printed online (some of "YES" & some of "NO"), he put them in my folder. He also told me that he would give me some meds to calm me down before the surgery. And he expects that my surgery would take 1 to 1.5 hours, which is good!
My pre-op is November 5th and thats when I have to make my payment as well.
The countdown begins

One more thing: I am wondering do any of you...

One more thing:
I am wondering do any of you guys have a belly button piercing? If so, did you have to remove it? I completely forgot to ask when I saw that all jewelry must be removed, I only thought of earings & rings not even realizing that i have one.

Hi everyone, was wondering if someone can recomend...

Hi everyone, was wondering if someone can recomend a good foundation & concealer for bruising?

Hello all, So last week was my final pre-op. We...

Hello all,
So last week was my final pre-op. We went over all the pictures again, went over the procedure plan. Dr listened to my chest, took my temp & blood preassure. I didnt have to do blood work since I did it a few weeks ago during my physical.
I got RX for pain meds (NORCO), XANAX to relax the night before & morning of surgery, some nausea pills and antibiotics. The pharmacist looked at me funny when I brought all those presciptions in. HAHA. They reminded me not to wear anything that goes over my head, I cant eat or drink after midnight. Dr said that if everything goes as planed, he will remove packing on Saturday. And the cast on WED before Thanksgiving. Next week have to start taking my ARNICA & Bromelain and buy food. Otherwise all the supplies that I need I already bought. Now its just the waiting game till 8:00 am Friday 11/16.

Hi all, Sorry I am just now getting to this...

Hi all,
Sorry I am just now getting to this review since my surgery on Friday 11/16. Had to arrive to the surgery center at 9:00 am. As I walked thru the door I saw how full the waiting room was! They told me that the center was running at least 45 min behind and asked me to wait. As 1 hour pased I was still sitting there. Thank god the Drs office is right next door, so one of the nurses came in and ofered me to go back to their office and wait there in peace. That was nice of them. When there the nurse told me that they never had this happen before and that the Dr & the nurse were upsett with the center, since all of us had to wait. Finaly after 1.5 hours I was called back. I think my surgery started at 11:45. They had me fill out a few more papers, change into a gown and socks. I got to keep my underware on too. For those of you who has their belly ring, they taped it so no need to remove it. They started my IV and then rolled me into the OR. Once there I had to move to a different bed and thats the last I remember of it. Oh forgot to mention that I got to talk to the Dr one more time right before the surgery , I woke up at 3:15 pm, but had really hard time waking up. But to my surprise had no nausea at all. Just out of it, thats all. No pain either. My husband came in and helped me get dressed and we went home. I bruised pretty bad, didnt bleed that much and my face got really swallen on the second day. I looked like a hampster with a mouth fool of food with 2 big bruises on my cheeks. But still no pain! Saturday i went in to remove packing. Oh boy, did that hurt! But only for a few seconds. Next appointment was on Monday 11/19. The Dr cleaned out my nose and that hurt pretty bad. but the worse part was when he noticed that my cast was coming off. He pulled it a little bit with a hook and it came off, but while coming off it pulled my graft with it. So with my freshly broken nose i had to sit and suffer while the Dr had to mold my nose back in place with his fingers. that was the worst pain of my life! giving birth does not even compare. I cried while the nurse held my hand. he then put a new tape & cast on and told me to come back on Thanksgiving day to remove it. So on Thursday my cast was removed, i saw an avatar staring back at me in the mirror. He said that I was beyond swallen. Pretty bad, and he could not tell if my nose was ok from the cast coming off. As of today my nose has a cute shape but stil very swallen, especialy between my eyes. the tip is numb and the 2 purple bruises under my eyes are still there. From the front the nose looks a little crooked, but it could be an illusion from the swelling. My next appt is next Monday. During all this I only took pain meds a few times and not because I had pain, but to prevent pain when I went to see the Dr.

I forgot to mention one more thing. I've notoced...

I forgot to mention one more thing. I've notoced that a lot of people here are complaining about break outs, dry skin and dry throat.
Well it was not the case for me. When my cast came off, i didnt have any acne or blackheads on my nose, and my skin is very oily anyway, so that was a big surprise. Also my skin did not peel or got dry from the cast, so i had no problem appying makeup.
I used a humidifier just because i read about it here, but really did not need it and didnt use any of the throat spray or drops that I bought. So I guess if you take good care of your face before, you should not have any problems after.

Hi guys, just added 2 new pictures at 5 weeks...

Hi guys, just added 2 new pictures at 5 weeks post-op. Tip is still hard, left side is still swollen where he placed the graft.

Just adding 2 pictures at almost 7 weeks. On one...

just adding 2 pictures at almost 7 weeks. On one of them from the front you can see what I mean that my nose is still crooked.

6 months post-op

So I went for my six months check up. Everything is great, I love my nose, dont even remember I had a surgery since there is no numbing at all, nose feels like normal. One small problem I still have a bump on the bridge. A small bone sticking out. From the left profile hard to see, but from the right its visible. My Dr agrees with me and is not happy with it too. He suggested to do a minor surgery again. Basicaly just file the bone down, nothing else. So far I am thinking November again. he says this time around no packing and cast for maybe 2-3 days. Has any of you guys gone thru the same thing?
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wow he did a realllly good job. congrats
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You look so great! Your nose was not bad to begin with, but the subtle change to it has made you more beautiful!
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Wow! You look fantastic! ;) hope all is well and your healing is going good.
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Thanks Star! How are you doing?
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Your nose looks amazing! Any updates? I'm considering having a rhinoplasty. Was is scary? Who was your doctor by the way if you don't mind me asking?
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Hi, Thanks! It was not scary, just scary looking after LOL I really did not have to take any pain pills. Its still swaollen, but is going down day by day. My next appt is not till February and thats when he will decide if I need a cordizone shot. Dr's name is Walter Dishell
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It looks SO NATURAL! congrats! thats the best thing anyone can hope for :) could you also post a pic from the front? Thats my main concern always. This dr. is so close to where I intrigued now. Do you mind messaging me the cost for it? congrats again!
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oh nvm I see that you posted the cost at the top! :)
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$8000.00 total. He is Anthem provider, so if thats the insurance you have it will be less. He is not a provider of mine so I had to pay out of pocket the whole thing.
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What a beautiful nose you have, ilovecandy! So glad you posted the pics! It is just gorgeous!! Enjoy it fully!
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Oh, Thank you so much! Now its just a waiting game for the front!
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Sounds like the cast removal was a horrible experience. Fingers crossed for you that the 'crookedness' is just an illusion from the swelling! Keep us posted, I'm looking forward to seeing a pic of you with your cute shape nose! Good luck!
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Hi, the shape is getting better every day. At this point i am starting to believe more that its an illusion. Going to the Dr tomorrow, will see what he says
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Hello! You've been quiet since the surgery... everything okay?
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hi, Sorry been so busy! I just updated!
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Best of luck today! When you feel up to it, please let us know how you're doing.

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I honestly think your current nose looks good. Please don't think I'm trying to be unsupportive, but I think you look great. Best wishes for a fast recovery...
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Thanks! I am really not doing a lot of changes. Just making it straight and narrower. And of corse fixing my deviated septum.
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I wish you all the best for your big day that has finally arrived. Hope it all goes smoothly & you recover well. Keep us posted when you can.
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Thank you very much! I will :)
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Good luck getting through tomorrow... you'll probably be thinking about your surgery non-stop! And of course, good luck on Friday! Can you imagine, you'll be sitting at Thanksgiving in a week with a new nose??!! Wow, keep us posted...
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Thank you ! Will do! My Dr prescribed me some xanax, so might need some tomorrow LOL
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Hey girl, if you remembered to ask you probably don't need to hear what I said, but I also have a bellybutton piercing and asked the nurse beforehand if I'd need to take it out. She said probably not, but I took it out anyhow, the gauge is so big it's not like it will heal over in a day. You must be so so excited to get your surgery done! Hopefully you get your packing out soon - it's pretty uncomfortable. Doesn't hurt at all to take it out though! :) Good luck!
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Thanks! Yes I remembered to ask, and the Dr said its ok to keep it, just remind the nurse to tape it. I wouldnt be able to take it out & put it in myself thats why I didnt want to deal with it. I am excited & nervous....
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