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I am 38 now and have wanted a BR since I was about...

I am 38 now and have wanted a BR since I was about 20 yrs old. They have always made me look chubby..

I am on day 12 post surgery and STILL SO EXCITED ABOUT IT. I was warned by so many people that it was the most painful surgery ever.. Not true.
I may have a higher tolerance for pain but I am no super hero!

Don't get me wrong, it's a little difficult to explain. Very uncomfortable maybe?

I had BR,BL, lipo on upper/lower abdomen, flanks, fat back bra roll. My surgery was approximately 4-5 hrs. I was under anesthesia for a while so I was a bit loopy..

I took the pain meds that were given to me every 4-6 hrs. I drank tons of water and pretty much stayed in an upright reclining position for 3 days straight (with only potty breaks). I slept a lot, your body will do it automatically. I stocked up on protein shakes/bars, yogurt, nuts,frozen fruit for my nutri- bullet.

I needed help getting out of my recliner but that's it. I wiped all by myself at the potty!
Let me tell you how excited I was about the meds keeping me constipated.. I don't know HOW THE HELL I would have managed wiping anything else!! If you move too fast or lift your arms in the wrong way.. It hurts something horrible. Or in my case, with the lipo.. I felt my body tearing apart. No bueno.

I know its still early to say but.. I KNOW I MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE. I can not wait to wear strapless or spaghetti straps. I could never buy anything like that before. Happy happy happy!!!!!!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

My Dr was so reassuring to me from day one.

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I also did breast reduction after decades of wanting to be smaller. Got it done 9/16 going from 32g to 32 full C - did Lipo for the muffin top area and told DR. if we had time to also get the outside of the thighs (which he did) Was a little scared about being under 5 hours but woke up and had no concept of time. The Reduction is painless and doing exactly as you did - take it easy while I can. Walking every few hours then back to sitting or sleeping - I have two dogs who usually sit on me when I am sitting on sofa or chairs so I am limited to sit only where they can't reach me (that breaks my heart). Lipo bruising is sore but minimal - what compression garment did you get as a spare for the LIPO? Any Lipo tips? Good luck on your progress. At what point were you able to get an idea of results.
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I am curious about the liposuction? I am meeting with a plastic surgeon in a week regarding breast reduction and wanted to ask about liposuction. How is that part of the recovery? How much did they take out for your breast reduction? And the lipo?
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I was 32G and did some LIPO of muffin top (surgery was 9/16). Went back Yesterday for them to check out the drains and see how I was doing and forgot to ask how much they took out. Going back tomorrow to get drains out and will ask that question. Surgery and recovery much better and easier than I ever imagined. Hard to believe that you are up and walking around same day as surgery. Walking around really helps keep you stretched and active.
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congratulations, fabulous result. i cannot think why you were told this is a very painful surgery because for most people it is not. i was off all pain meds at 28hrs and this is far from unusual. there is no muscle in the breast, so compared with most surgeries there is little pain, just some discomfort from swelling and bruising
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Thanks for the review. My BL surgery is coming up soon. Do I need to purchase a front close shirt or I will be able to get into a t-shirt pulled over head?
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Absolutely.. Buy your front close shirts now!! I couldn't get my arms over my head for the first week. The front zipper hoodies helped me tremendously.. A must!! Good luck Curlyqueen! You will LOVE the new you! I still can't get over me
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Thank you for the tip and encouraging! What postoperative bra did you use? I m not really trusting the ones that dr. provides. Thanks again!
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you should not let your elbows move away from your sides for the first few days so front opening tops and pj"s are essential
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I have had a tough time looking for post op bras, since you will often be changing in size (swelling).. I found myself buying the "genie bra", very comfy. I bought it in large, medium, last but not least.. SMALL :) I am now 6 weeks out and I still wear them. I also recieved lipo along with my BL,BR so I also wear the full body compression garments with open bra section. I have had lots of luck buying them from AMAZON. It is trial and error with the sizes. So good luck!! You will be so excited after its all over.
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I've just ordered a couple of Marena post surgical compression bras from Amazon in both Medium and Large - that way it's foolproof and all swelling will be covered! So excited!
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Welcome to the community.   Glad to hear you are doing so well with recovery.  This is a life changing event and you do feel like a new woman.   

I also found that with the BR it was not so painful.  More super sore and uncomfortable.  The lipo areas hurt more than anything.  Now that really smarts.
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Thanks Kimmers25! And YES I agree.. Lipo is very uncomfortable & painful at times. It hurts when I cough.. But interestingly enough, not when I sneeze. Hmm oh well, just wish I could fast-forward to 6 months from now!!
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I know, you will get there and this will all be a distant memory soon.
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