1 year later ! Results , Explanted and Breast Lift- New Pictures - Encino, CA

I am 33 years old and ive have my 360 cc saline...

I am 33 years old and ive have my 360 cc saline implants for 7 1/2 years. I was a 34 B without implants and went up to a 34D after the implants. I was only 130 lbs at the time that I got them and now I am 165 36D. I also breastfed my baby about a year ago. So my breast have gone thru changes. I had a mommogram and 2 ultrasounds andt everything is normal. So I decided to go see a Plastic Surgeon and ask for his opinion. He said he could feel the implant where I have the pain and that I might have scar tissue. He is removing my implants and any scar tissue I may have. He suggested I get a lift or new implants but I would much rather wait. I want to see if my discomfort goes away by removing the implants. And as far as a lift I want to wait until I finish having kids. Im very worried of how my breast will look after. But making sure im healthy is the most important to me.

I ended up getting surgery yesterday, instead of...

I ended up getting surgery yesterday, instead of Thursday. I decided to get a lollipop breast lift. I just wanted to get over with this and avoid another surgery in the future. I'm all bandaged up I won't see what I look like until Tuesday. I feel sore in pain but tolerable. I will post pictures soon.

It's been 4 days since explant and breast lift. ...

It's been 4 days since explant and breast lift. My dressings were removed yesterday. Doctor says things look good. I see my breast dented but I was told it takes time for them to take their natural form. The bottom of my both breast needs to heel. The skin looks like it has a fold. It was to avoid cutting. We are hoping it sticks back to where it belongs. As far as pain I'm a bit sore. But feeling much better.

It's been 8 days since my surgery my left side...

It's been 8 days since my surgery my left side hurts more. I'm so worried about things not getting in place and now wondering if I made a good decision on the lift. How long does it take for breast to take their shape . I will post another picture without tapes on Monday.

It's been 11 day since explant and breast lift. I...

It's been 11 day since explant and breast lift. I will have my stitches removed on Thursday and will post new pics. I have mixed feelings about not having implants. I'm happy not to have a foreign object in me and I also miss the look of fullness. I'm hoping when I completely heel I will be happy to just be natural.

Today I seen my doctor and had my stitches removed...

Today I seen my doctor and had my stitches removed. But he put more tapes to avoid any openings. Things are changing slowly. But I miss the fullness. I'm so afraid of not being happy at the end and wanting implants again.

Today I seen my doctor and he removed all the...

Today I seen my doctor and he removed all the surgical tapes. He said things are looking a lot better. I'm happy with the changes and I know things will look great with time. I will post some pictures tomorrow.

Today its been 3 weeks since my explant and lift. ...

Today its been 3 weeks since my explant and lift. Things are changing everyday. My left breast doesnt look as great as my right. My doctor is hoping that with compression sports bras the bottom of my left breast will improve. If it doesnt within 3-4 months he will have to make an incision in the lower part to remove excess skin. I am also over weight so the fat on my sides are not making my breasts look that great. I will work on losing weight and see how that improves the appearance of my breasts. Overall Im happy to have them out I feel relieved, at times missing the fullness but hoping as things improve I will like them more.

Today I went in for my checkup at almost 4 weeks...

Today I went in for my checkup at almost 4 weeks after surgery. My doctor sais hes happy with the results and things will only get better. Besides missing the fullness on top , Im very happy with my results. I feel so much better physically and definately relieved that I dont have anything foreing in my body. I'm so glad I found Dr. Matthew Malamet hes such a great Plastic Surgeon and really shows he cares about his patients. I will post new pictures later.

Its been 4 weeks and things are getting better...

Its been 4 weeks and things are getting better slowly. I think ive just been too anxious for results. I posted new pictures of my progress.

HI its been 5 weeks since Explant and Lift. I...

HI its been 5 weeks since Explant and Lift. I will post new pictures. My scars are still red and the shape of my breasts are not changing. I had round shaped breast like pretty much everyone on this site. After my explant and lift my breast are not looking round to me. Im afraid that they might stay this shape i have and I dont like it. Sometimes I wonder if i made a mistake getting the lift, does it alter your breast shape?

Its been 6 weeks since my explant and lift. I...

Its been 6 weeks since my explant and lift. I must say that I'm happy with my results. Things are getting better everyday. I think my breasts are beggining to look more normal as time passes. I had a problem with my pictures they got deleted by the website not sure how. Im trying to put them back up. My befor pictures are gone I need to get them from my doctor.

It's been 2 months since my explant and lift. My...

It's been 2 months since my explant and lift. My husband seen my breasts for the first time and he said they look great. He says I exaggerate and they are great. I guess as women we are too hard on ourselves because I still look for all the imperfections. I'm happy I had them removed and I'm looking forward to buying a nice push up bra. My scars are softening up my right side is a bit harder but I'm massaging and also using Mederma for the scars.

Its been 10 weeks since my Explant and lift. ...

Its been 10 weeks since my Explant and lift. Overall Im happy with my results. My scars have softened up a lot. Im working on fading the scars they still look very red. I do miss the fullness on top, but Im happy.

Right side Scar

Left Side Scar

Its been 4 months since explant and lift. Scarstill looks Red .

With clothes

Looks better with Push up bra and clothes

4 Months since explant and lift

Its been 4 months since my surgery, healthwise I feel great. Still not too happy about my scars. They look red and on one side there cinching of the skin. I will see my doctor soon in regards to fixing that. I just want to get rid of my scars.

1 year later

Not satisfied with scars and skin cinching on the bottom.

1 year later

1 year later

Its been excatly one year today since my surgery. Sometimes I still miss my implants . Besides that I am happy with my results except for my scars. I want to do a revision I thing they are too noticeable and there is skin cinching on the bottom and you can tell that it makes the size of the breast uneven.

1 year post removal and lift

So its been 1 year and 2 months and I am finally going to have a scar revision for my lollipop lift. I am very excited because the scar is the only thing bothering. I do not regret removing the implants. I feel so much better knowing I don't have a foreign object inside of me. My revision is on April 25th.
Matthew Malamet

Dr. Malamet is a great plastic surgeon. He does great work, he's very patient and makes sure everything he does is the best he can do. I'm very happy with my results and things are looking better. I would definitely recommend him.

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Thank you for sharing your story about the explant and lift at same time. You look amazing. I am doing the same, we have the same stats too!
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I didn't think your scars look bad in the photos at all but since they still bother you I'm happy you are getting them touched up! Thanks for updating :)
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I think you look incredible!!! So much better than with implants scars and all!!!!!
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Thanks I am happy with no implants
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Love the photos! You look great even with the small cinching. Beautiful result :-)
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So glad you posted the pics!! Your scars are really good..they are the same as mine...and they WILL fade. I see what you mean about the cinching on the left? breast. It is really not noticeable but i am sure the doctor will be able to loosen it up. Just keep putting coconut oil on the scars or vitamin E oil. Really i do think your results are =great :)
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Thank you so much. I probably hate the cinching more than anything. For some reason your scars look better than mine.
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LOL...That is too funny because i think your scars look better than mine!!! ;) It really does take a while. You do look great!!
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I think your results are really great!! The scars will fade it can take up to two years... xx
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I think they look great...mine have healed all brown pigmenty..like that line u get down ur tummy when pregnant..might b my pregnancy hormones!!..i sometimes think scar revision but im not sure ive got another surgery in me.xx
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Congratulations you are expecting !!! Im sure its your hormones darkening your scars. My doctor offered a revision just with local anesthesia.
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You have a great shape! I hope you aren't still considering a smaller implant because you have a perfect size and that push up bra gives you a bit more when you 'need' it without having to deal with future implant maintenance.
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I don't think I will get implants again. Don't want to go through any more surgeries. I just need to work on fading my scars.
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Wow they really have turned out nice...my scars are starting to redden and they are also tender. xx
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So its normal for the scars to be reddish. My are still pink Im happy with my results just want to anxiously get rid of the scars.
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Looking Good
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Beautiful boobs! :-) You are healing nicely!
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You look Great!!! Really seeing how everything is smoothing out and looking super natural. Wonderful results. I'm sure you happy. :)
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Looking brilliant!!! Don't worry about the scars as you're still only 10 weeks and they'll continue to fade. Are you using anything on them? I've used Environ morning and night, then Bio Oil and now I'm using wheatgerm oil. Mine are still pink - more than they look in my photos as I had some fake tan on then. Give it time and use some oil when you can xxx
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great that your happy...i have a big hard mass in one of mine where it was so bruised ..its either that or scar tissue thats making one of my boobs looked pulled in..:(..do things change alot over time then?..it feels like if the hard rocks go the breast tissue might drop to give a more rounded shape...heres hoping anyway.xx
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Things have changed in a matter of 2 months. My doctor told me to massage to loosen it up. So Im working on it I would love it if that area where my scar is would soften up so then can drop more. How are your scars doing I was looking at your pictures.
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Im the same love, im 4 weeks post op today, some days i like them and think they look ok considering what she had to work with and other days i think they just look odd....ive still got one boob (the right one also) thats a big sucked in and square at the bottom, its like all my breast tissue is really hard and pinched in there where the other boob is all soft and squidgy!!!....i hope it changes...my scars are red but they look ok...they are neat...the boobs just dont drop correctly and symmetrical..that bit drives me mad...grrrrr!!!..xx
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Ah you're looking fabulous!!!!! So glad hubby likes them too! Sexy undies time! ;-) xxx
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Thank you!
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They look lovely and natural. Are you using anything on your scars? I've got through a bottle of Environ and a bottle of Bio oil. Your scars are settling down nicely x
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