CC Surgery Scheduled in June- 400cc Silicone Unders - Encino, CA

Let me start by saying that all the women in my...

Let me start by saying that all the women in my family are well endowed. So as me and my sister grew up, I watched her develop into a DD while I stayed at a near non-existent 34A. I've been researching BA seriously since I was 20 years old, but I've definitely thought about it since puberty. Finally, as my 25th birthday approaches I feel beyond ready to finally get some boobs!

I've been planning my surgery since September 2012. And its scheduled for April 22nd. That's only 4 days away! I had my pre-op yesterday and was totally bummed to find out that y PS will only go as big as 400cc hp because my chest diameter will only allow 11/12 cms. And after tons of research I've started to worry that I will end up a C or small D. My goal with the silicone implants is to get to a full D. So I mentioned that to my PS and he will try sizers on to see if I can get to 425-450ccs.

Tomorrow is the big day! I'm super nervous and...

Tomorrow is the big day! I'm super nervous and excited at the same time. For the past week I've been having bad dreams about the surgery, with each dream ending in me being completely unsatisfied with the size. I hope I get the result I want. Don't want to have that boobie greed afterward lol.
My stats: height 5'3, weight125

*promise to add more photos throughout my recovery

I had my BA yesterday. My PS said he would go as...

I had my BA yesterday. My PS said he would go as big as he could and so when I got out of surgery I found out that I got 400cc. Before the surgery he told me that most likely he wouldn't be able to go past that size, so I'm a little diappointed but overall I'm glad he went with that size. Because to be honest, I could not imagin how painful it would be with bigger implants. Right now my muscles are extremely tight, especially at night and in the morning. It's only been today that I've been able to move enough to get to the computer.

I had my post op today and my boyfriend went with me and got a sneak peek of the new boobs and he said they look really good. I know I wanted really big boobs, but now that I have these I think they suit my body well. They dont look super fake, and they're light enough to not feel too top heavy. I know they will get smaller once the swellling goes down but thats ok.

Im getting some bad side effects. I think im allergic to the antibotics. Will write more... feeling extremely nauseous. Gotta lay down...

So it turns out that I had an allergic reaction to...

So it turns out that I had an allergic reaction to some antibiotics I was taking before my surgery. Yesterday it got really bad, and I woke up from a nap with huge red welts developing on my arms and legs. It wasn't till around 9pm that my boyfriend was able to convince me to go to the ER. I went and got a shot of Benadryl and was prescribed prednisone (a life saver!!) to help combat the allergic reaction. So today is my second day post op. Im having less pain and today I will start weaning off the vicodin. I was taking it every 4-5 hours after my surgery, but the discomfort is significantly less today. My chest is still tight and my right implant feels about 1-2cm higher than the left but thats okay because I know they both still need to drop. I dont have a compression band on and I still haven't recieved orders to start any kind of massages yet. Btw that anti-nausuea medicine works pretty well but I've only needed it once to take before the prednisone. Which was only due to my allergy. Really wish I could take a shower, but my boyfriend has been great giving me sponge bath. Friday I will attempt to shower on my own. We'll see how that goes... Still have no idea what size I am or will be.





Today is my 3rd day post up. I'm now able to use...

Today is my 3rd day post up. I'm now able to use my arms more without a lot of pain. I was able to make the bed for the first time since my surgery. I'm still trying to take it easy. So far I'm staying off the pain meds, but I'm still taking my antibiotics as usual. The tightness is slowly getting better. I woke up today feeling much better than the past two days. My appetite is returning back to normal and I'm not feeling much discomfort, although my back is beginning to ache a bit. Still not used to the extra weight I guess lol. I'm trying not to hunch over but it's a little difficult not to. I do notice that the upper pole does seem just a tiny bit softer. Im sure there are more changes to come. Sorry for the lack of photos... Still trying to figure out how to upload them.

Today is my 4th day post op. I'm feeling better...

Today is my 4th day post op. I'm feeling better everyday it seems. I'm able to do a lot more than I could at the beginning of the week. Luckily Im not experiencing much discomfort, so I'm only taking the antibiotics at this time. No more pain meds for me. In pictures I think I look like a full C, but they definitely seem bigger in person. The swelling is continuing to go down and I guess everyday I get closer to seeing what my actual size will end up being. Still hoping to measure at a D cup, but I'm sure I will be between a C/D depending on the brand of bra I'll use. Still not 100% comfortable with going back to work (requires some heavy lifting), so I'm going to give myself a few more days of rest. And in case anyone was interested in knowing... I completely do not regret my decision to get a BA. I finally feel like I have the feminine body I've always wanted (aside from a few extra pounds I could stand to lose lol). But ultimately, this is the best gift I've ever given myself!

I am now 16 days post op. Let me start by saying...

I am now 16 days post op. Let me start by saying that I feel great!! A few days ago I got my stitches taken out and I was amazed to see that the scars are nearly non-existent! I was shocked when my doctor took off the bandages. You can hardly see any scars and there is absolutely no bruising or discoloration. My doctor was happy to see my progress and said that my cleavage is looking really good. He also gave me directions on how to start massaging the implants. I've come to notice that my right breast is still a little higher than my left. So Iwill start the massages tonight and hopefully the right will drop a little more soon. They feel softer everyday. I love waking up and taking a quick feel to see how they are coming along. I don't think I have much dropping left to do. Now just waiting for the fluff lol. I hope that they get a little bigger once they fluff... Hey that boob greed got me too!! But overall I love them. They are easy to cover up, but look big without clothes on. So I'm happy once I get home and I can let them breathe lol. I'm looking to buy my first real bra, maybe I'll try VS. Anybody have any suggestions?? Well to wrap it up... I have no pain, very minimal scarring but just a little tenderness inach boob. I can sleep on my side but that morning boob is still a killer! Also I'm very sensitive to the cold (wink wink) wasn't like that before. And yes the bf loves them too... I'm a happy girl! :D

Went to get measured at Victoria Secret today. I...

Went to get measured at Victoria Secret today. I know there sizes run small but I thought wth I'll just go anyway since I don't have a measuring tape at home. So the lady there measured me at a 32DD. Does that even exist? Lol. Then I went to another department store to explore both C and D cups. I couldn't even get the 34C on because it was just way too small. I tried on a 34D and I still felt like I was spilling out. I'm not sure but I feel like after beig flat chested for so many years, I still look at mysef as being small chested. The other day I tried on some tanks at Kohls and was super surprised to see how big they looked. And I wasn't wearing any bra... Well anyway I feel a bit frustrated about this sizing stuff and hope I can get my real size once they do some fluffing.

49 Days Post OP (Drop and Fluff)

Hey ladies, I'm happy to say that I have been progressing well. For a while my right breast was higher than my left, but over time it has dropped nicely and is no longer noticeably higher. As far as the fluffing, YES they have gotten very soft and my boyfriend always seems amazed at how REAL they feel. Silicone was a good choice for me because I really wanted to have that natural feel. And I'm happy to say that I have D&F!! The last time I was measured at a 32DD, and those bras are practically impossible to find in store. So I decided to experiment with sizes and am happy to say that I comfortably fit a 34D. Yes, I do believe that once they D&F, they got a little bit bigger. I think that as my muscle started to loosen up, the implant was able to fill out more. I've tried 34C bras and they do not fit. I must say I was relieved because I really wanted my D cup! In a 34C my boobs pop out a ridiculous amount... So I'd say that I can go with a C for a more boobalicious look, but I cant wear it for too long because my boobs get super squished and indented from the small cups. As far as exercise, I'm slowly trying to get back to my routine but for now I'm only doing cardio and lower body exercises. And I must admit that my back does hurt often because of the extra weight of my new additions. Now I'm more concerned about support. I was freaked out to notice that the sports bra I was wearing actually left marks on my shoulders... So I knew I had to find something more supportive. These bras I got from target were only $13 and they give me good coverage as well as feel comfortable around the bottom of my implants. Going from sports bra to underwire makes a big difference visually but I still prefer the sports bra when it comes to comfort. The scars are healing well and are more concealed since my breasts have dropped. So let me just say that so far I'm loving them!! They have boosted my confidence a lot. After nearly 25 years of being a 34A... It's almost unreal to be buying 34D bras!

New PICS!!

Underwire Bras

Hey everyone! Thought I'd give a quick review on the bras that I've been using. My last post I mentioned some bras I got from Target. That was actually the first day that I used it and I wore it to work. Omg, that under-wire was killing me after a few hours. It was digging into my ribs and for days after I felt soreness under my breasts. I think I wore the strap too tight. Now I wear it at the middle or last notch, and it helps so much! The good thing about them is that it gives me good cleavage, and it has just a light amount of padding. It's hard getting used to this back pain, which is why I still like to go bra-less when I can, especially at night. Haven't yet explored many other bra brands yet. Any recommendations would be much appreciated :) Will add more pics soon! Happy healing!!

About 5 months PO

Hey all, I'm doing really well. The swelling has gone down quite a lot and they are looking and feeling much more natural. I do wish that I had gone with 500cc's as opposed to the 400 because I sometimes feel envious of larger chested women (yes even post op!). But I suppose that's natural. They still look good though. I finally feel like I have the feminine body I was always meant to have... Love 'em!!

Capsular Contracture

Today I found out I have cc. Revision surgery is eminent and will be done by end of June.
I'm devastated.

Facing the Reality of Corrective Surgery

Everything was fine after my surgery last year. Recovery went well. They looked good and the healing process went smoothly to say the least. My breasts were asymmetrical before surgery so for a long time I took no note of the slow changes happening to my right breast. And I must admit I quit massaging them probably before I should have. In other words, I was so excited to have my new look that I started to overlook their feel. So it made sense that my boyfriend was the one who caught on to something that seemed abnormal... I have actually lost over ten pounds since my surgery so I thought that the firmness was just due to fat loss. Then I made the realization that my right breast was no longer feeling like the left. Slowly it looks more and more contracted. Honestly, I cried for hours. I cried discussing the new unexpected cost of my capsulectomy surgery with the patient coordinator. I choked up in front of my boyfriend when I saw in the waiting room and he asked me "what happened?". All I said was "I need another surgery." I bawled my eyes out in the car. This could be a never ending cycle of surgery. Thousands of dollars each time... I've made a plan to save up. Just wish it wasn't for this.

A Trip Down A-Cup Lane

So my surgery is 59 days away... and yes I do have a countdown timer on my phone lol. I feel surprisingly light-hearted compared to how I was feeling when I first found out that I had developed capsular contracture in my right breast. I think looking back at pictures of me before the surgery has really solidified in my mind why I initially chose to have a BA in the first place. I was so unhappy with the way I looked. I ALWAYS felt like a little girl. I can see how some women can pull of looking sexy with a small chest... I was just not one of them. I remember always comparing myself to other women and well, never measuring up... Ha (pun intended). In all seriousness, it's not good when you're constantly feeling like less of a woman. That's not to say that any of the guys I had dated cared. They didn't. But they knew I DID. And sometimes that caused a lot tension in relationships. I got jealous a lot and felt so insecure. Now that I have them, I think "wow... this is what I was missing out on." And what was that you may ask? It was feeling "normal." Like I'm whole. I know that may sound vain in a way, but really it's a huge burden to go around feeling deficient. Having my BA has given me the chance to experience what confidence feels like. And it feels good!

I don't think I'm better than anyone else, and of course I still have my days where I think "I love that size on her! Wish I would have gone as big as that!" But the truth is that I'm glad that I made it out okay after my surgery and I'm glad I got to get out of my insecure rut. When you get the opportunity to stop hating your small chest, it gives you the opportunity to start focusing on what you do love about yourself and the other things you want to improve (and I don't mean just surgicially lol). The girl in those pictures never thought she'd see the day when she'd actually properly fill out a bra. But I worked hard and saved up and did something for myself that made me happier to be me. You girls know what I'm talking about...

In the end, the people that loved me before surgery, still loved me after surgery. And no one that knew what I looked like before told me "Oh boy, glad you finally got those boobs." In fact, a few people even gave me that sad look and asked me why I wanted to change myself when I was already beautiful. And now I know... The whole world can call you "beautiful," but if you don't believe it, you'll never see it.

Hope you enjoyed my randomness... There's more to come. :)
Dr.Payyam-Jarah Nejad

BHP. He is very professional and respectful. I don't think he will perform any surgery that contradicts his years of experience, and/or may be detrimental to the well being of his patients. I say this in regards to the fact that he was firm on the sizing knowing that going with a bigger implant might possibly harm my muscle and skin tissue. He even called me at home a few hours after my surgery to see how I was doing. And I chose him based on his great reviews. He does really great work and I'm really happy I picked him. Also, even after seeing 80 patients the day of my post op, he still showed great professionalism and care and treated me wonderfully even thouh I'm sure he was extremely exhausted from being so busy. But now I know why his office is so busy ... He is an awesome and very talented doctor!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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Did you get the gels or just silicone
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Hey I had a revision surgery 5 wks ago for my left breast. My incision opened after 12 wks and they deflated my implant in the office and I had to wait 6 months for the incision and pocket to heal. I had my first surgery almost the same day as you. It was April 18th 2013. I was also devasted that I had to go through surgery again. I also had to walk around with one implant for 6 months so I had a fake pad on one side. It was unfortunate but now after my revision my left breast looks great. I know it will be hard but don't feel alone. Good luck and I know you will get through it!
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Wow that must have been so tough for you. I'm glad you can understand where I'm coming from especially since we had our first surgery just days apart! I'm glad to hear that you're happy with them after the revision surgery. Your comment really cheered me up! I definitely don't feel like I'm going through this alone. Thank you... and btw how did you choose the size for the second surgery?
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I still had one implant already in because I only one opened. So I only got one replaced. I got 450 saline put back in.
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I'm sorry about the cc! Was the difference really noticeable or subtle? I hope everything turns out good in the end! Sending you prayers!
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It got to a point where yes it felt noticeable. They look fine right now in clothes and bras but when that comes off you can see the difference... And thank you!
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How did you find out about your cc I think I'm having the same issue
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One day my bf touched the top of my breastfeeding and said that it feels tight. I responded by saying "well they're fake!". Needless to say it got me thinking and I started to notice he was right. My right breast was firmer than my left. And it had actually started to move up higher then my left. With the change in feeling and seeing the asymmetry now obvious, I freaked and met my doctor and he confirmed it had cc developing for 2 months thus far. If you feel a noticeable change. Check it out. It's better to know for sure.
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I am so sorry :(:( it will be okay but that is one of the worst fears.hang in there. We are all here for you
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Thank you so much for the kind words, it really does mean a lot to me. At least now I don't feel so alone in this.
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you will do amazing, I wish I could give you a hug, I would have cried for hours as well but you will be ok and heal perfect. Be strong you will get through this
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I think we all should stop being greedy lol compared to what we had or have to start with we look awesome!! I want 400 as well and I heard there are more complications with implants over 350 cc. But 400 should be ok:)))
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You look great!
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When were u given the ok for underwire?
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You look great, love the cleavage that you got! Hearing your story helps me to think my surgery on Thursday and the healing process will pass easily. I'm getting the same size you have and w/ the Peri-areolar incision. I hope my results come out as fabulous as your's has. Out stats are diplomat too! Congrats on your easy healing and great results.
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Thanks... You're so sweet! My healing process has luckily been pretty smooth. I think the first few weeks were the hardest, but getting past all that now, I would say that the surgery was completely worth it. I wish you the best with your healing... I know you'll get fabulous results too! Best wishes!
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I love them for 400cc they give me hope! I know you have silicone I have saline but im hoping I can have a D bra in my collection no matter if its from VS, they seem to have pretty things (never been) I love how they look pushed together, I cant wait until I can do that, so hard still im 1week post. I hope to see updates!
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Oh you'll definitely get your D cup with the size you chose, plus saline implants tend to look/be bigger than silicone. I know, I was dying to wear a regular bra to get to see the real result. And now I'm totally loving the cleavage! I'm sure you will get amazing results too... you picked a good size! :)
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You look great!
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Thank you!
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They look great! Congrats on the new rack:) I am feeling more positive after reading your story... I am super curious how heavy they feel once they are in. They seemed heavy when I was trying on sizers and mine weren't that big. Ah I hate when you have an allergic reaction to meds, such a pain! Hope you continue to heal well and continue loving them!:)
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Thank you... :) Going from flat chested to big chested is a pretty big change. The weight isn't too distracting or difficult to manage, but it takes some getting used to. Sometimes I catch myself holding my boobs when I get up lol
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LOL now I totally get why you hold them when you get up sometimes!! I hate the feeling of leaning forward and feeling them move, ugh. does that last forever?? You sound like you are really coming around! =) Hope I get there sometime sooner then later
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More pictures! They look good.
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Maybe you could ask him for some anti-nausea meds. Take care of yourself & you'll be back to normal in no time. Best wishes!
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