After 8 Yrs of Talking About It, I Finally Had my BA Done! :) - Encino, CA

My husband and I have been talking about me having...

My husband and I have been talking about me having a BA for the past 8 yrs now, and I finally did it! Couldn't be happier! I had the surgery on Aug. 13th. Having 2 kids took it's toll on me. Now I have self confidence back:) I thought that I was a C, but when I went to my PA for my consult, I was informed that I was actually a B. I had 500 cc's of silicone placed behind the muscle on each side. Very happy with the size! Nice and full now:) I was concerned at first that my left side nipple appears to be pointing more down than my right, but my PA told me I still have swelling and a lot of changing left.

Also, if one was that way before, it would still be that way after. Had a lot of bruising afterwards. My PA informed me that staying in the heat was causing me to bruise more. So, I have been staying in the AC more and am looking much better now:) I am still sore. I figure that I will be sore for a bit longer though. I'm one who likes to do things myself, so it's a bit of an adjustment on not lifting heavy things just yet. I have my wonderful hubby to remind me though and help out :) I did a lot of research in looking for a good sports bra to wear. Wasn't real pleased with the champions, so I got on this forum and found someone who really liked the Moving Comfort Fiona. I bought one to try and love it! I'm sure I will have lots of questions for my PA when I return on the 30th for my 3rd post op.

Oops-meant PS, not PA......

Oops-meant PS, not PA......

Howdy country~ Congrats on the new ta ta's! You're gonna look great once the bruising subsides. You look very voluptuous- I'm sure your hubby enjoys them as much as you do...Lol Thanks for sharing your story:-)
Country Girl, you look great. I'm going to be getting by boobs on September 5th (only 12 days). I too am going with 500cc silicone behind the muscle and am really looking forward to feeling like a woman again. My PS informed me that he does not want me wearing a bra of any type for the 4 to 6 weeks. I also will not be using a strap or massage. Keep us posted on your recovery.
Thank you! Will do! Good luck with yours! I was extremely excited and then the night before was a bit nervous about the surgery. All went well though:). Sometimes it's frustrating for me to not do my normal stuff, but as a friend put it, it's my turn to be taken care of ;). It will be here before you know it! Let me know how it goes for you!

My bruising is almost gone now-yay! Just a couple...

My bruising is almost gone now-yay! Just a couple of spots left :) Still sore, some times more than others. One thing that I realized that I forgot to say is my height and weight. I am 40 years old. Weigh 113 and am 5'3". I had the Natrelle style 15 silicone implants, and it was 533 cc's, not 500 cc's (not quite sure why I had 500 in mind;) I'm anxious to start excersizing again so that I can work on toning my abs:) That will be one question for my PS when I go to my post op Thurs. I think that everything is going well, so hopefully I get the same from my Dr Thurs :) I have to say that I am concerned with the signs of CC, so I will be sure to ask him when I see him on what all to look for.
Thanks Boobali! I have checked it out and have even posted a question on it as well:). Lots of knowledge there!:). This site is awesome!!!
Country, the Q & A on this site is another great resource and they do address cc. Check it out.
Thanks Kooberry! Yes, my hubby is enjoying them, especially the! Thanks for sharing your story too! I clicked over and checked yours out. Still a lot I'm learning, but everyone is different too;)

My appt was changed to today for my 3rd post op. ...

My appt was changed to today for my 3rd post op. My Dr was really pleased with how well my breasts look, feel and are just coming along great!:). I took a list of questions with me, so I wouldn't forget anything ;). My Dr and his nurse both thought that I had been applying silicone to my incision because it looked so good:). Haven't been applying a thing! My hubby and I both thought that he did an awesome job with the incision! 16 days out and will only look better:). He was very patient in answering my questions and not hurrying me. I was feeling hard lumpy like feelings on the bottom of my breasts and he explained to me that I was feeling the implant due to lack of breast tissue on the underneath part. I was glad to hear that I have been massaging correctly:). Next appt is 4 weeks from now:). I will still need to wear the sports bra for the next 4 weeks, 24 hrs/day. That is fine with me because it gives me more support:). So glad I had this done and very thankful that I found my Dr!!
Hey there Upforchange! I haven't had any back problems:). As far as proportion, I have read where lots of girls did a rice sizer and wore it for awhile to see how they liked it. If you are concerned about proportion, that should help you in determining how you would feel yourself;). I go in next week for another PO and am really hoping I get released for working out. When you do decide on your PS, make sure he/she is board certified and also check before and after photos. There were several that I didn't even bother with simply because I didn't like the results. Also, check the reviews. Google them and there is also that has reviews. After seeing the rating of some of the PS on that site, I scratched them off my list. Good luck to ya! Do you have surgery scheduled?
thanks a bunch for replying! i am thinking of getting the silicone inserts and wearing them before surgery to see how i like the weight. i have my next consult tomorrow! im really excited about this guy. i googled him and received personal ref. if all goes well i will schedule my BA for Nov 19 or so.
Hi, how is everything. I'm thinking of going 500cc or so. I was wondering how your back adjusted to the weight. Our stats are similar, could you post a fully body shot to see how porportionate 500 cc's are on you. Hope all is well.

Over the weekend I noticed that there was a red...

Over the weekend I noticed that there was a red spot forming around the suture that came through. This morning I noticed puss coming out of the suture area. So glad I have a appt. tomorrow! Talked to the Dr today though and after describing things to him today, he said it sounded like an infection. So, to get a jump start, he called in some antibiotics for me. The receptionist called to confirm my appt for tomorrow, so I decided to discuss what was going on. She immediately let my Dr know, and not much longer, he called. That's one thing I love about him, truly compassionate about his patients!
Country girl, I saw that you shoot a bow. I shoot a Mathews Jewel set at 57#. How much weight do you pull and how long did it take after your surgery before you could shoot? I had my surgery 8/28/13 under the muscle. I'm curious how long it takes to get your strength back. Thanks! :)
Hey you look great. May I ask what bra size did you end up with after all the dropping and fluff? I have the same implants that you have and I am 7 weeks post op. Any new pics to post?
Country, what's the news from your Dr appointment? Inquiring minds want to know...Hope all is well.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Did a lot of research and he seemed to be really good and had lots of awesome reviews! He is always patient with me and really concerned with making sure that I don't leave with unanswered questions:)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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