Checkerboard Lines & Keloid-like Scar After Fractionated Co2 Laser Treatment - Encinitas, CA

I had a fractionated co2 laser treatment in...

I had a fractionated co2 laser treatment in mid-November 2011 on my cheeks, eye area & chin/jaw (everywhere on my face but my nose & forehead). I am 44 years old. I was hoping to get rid of some fine lines & sun damage and basically help my skin look younger. I bought this treatment as a Groupon & upgraded to extra "areas". I researched the facility & the procedure extensively before having it done. The office is owned by a doctor with a good reputation, but my procedure was done by an esthetician. I was assured she was well-trained and had done many of these procedures before.

Post-procedure, I left the doctor's office extremely swollen, with lots of blood oozing. I was very careful to wash with vinegar & water only for a week, covered my face several times a day with Dermaquest Post Skin Resurfacing Balm (which I bought at the MD office). I avoided the sun for several weeks and I always wear a quality sunscreen. Within a week or so the swelling had gone away and I had no more bloody/open spots, but I did have a checkerboard patterns on both sides of my face, redness and a line across the right side of my jaw. It was also very obvious where the treatment began & ended on my face.

I realize it takes time to completely heal so I tried to be patient. I kept using my sunscreen, and three weeks post-procedure went back to my normal evening routine of alternating Retin-A and MD Forte cream III (glycolic acid). However, 3 months later I still have the checkerboard pattern on both sides of my face & a line that looks almost keloid-like on my right jawline, along with redness & an obvious line of treatment area.

I went back to the MD's office this week & was told that the esthetician who performed my procedure is no longer with them, and that according to my records, she used the highest setting on me even though I told her I was prone to keloid scars. They have offered to "fix" me by doing Vbeam for for free. Is this my best option or does anyone have another suggestion? I am so frustrated....I gave this so much thought and consideration and now I look worse than before. The treatment didn't seem to do anything to help my fine lines either.


You are still in early stages of healing; however, I would get to the nearest teaching medical school that does lasers.....ASAP!! Another suggestion would be to go see Dr. Richard Fitzpatrick or Dr. Mitchell Goldman. They are both inventors of lasers. They are in San Diego at
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What an unfortunate story. :( I'm so sorry to hear this.

Thank you for sharing with us that an esthetician did the treatment for you. That is important information for anyone reading this to know. 

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