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I am scheduled for wide awake local anesthetic...

I am scheduled for wide awake local anesthetic chin lipo tomorrow and I am nervous and having second thoughts reading horror stories about sagging skin and lumpy bumps. I am having it done by a board certified plastic surgeon whom I trust and whom I have seen his work on onther patients and it has all been good. But, what I have now isn't ideal but it's not terrible...I would hate to have it turn into something worse though...

I had my chin lipo 11/27/2013

What an experience, I was surprised how you don't really feel anything except a few initial pokes while they inject the lidocaine. Even then you can hardly feel those, everything numbs up so quick. The incision you don't feel at all, it isn't until the cannula is inserted that you feel anything. It's like the pressure of something forcing its way into a small space but it doesn't hurt at all. Apparently the fat has to be jabbed away from the skin so it can be sucked out lol. The good thing is you know it's happening but you can't feel any pain and the doctor and his assistant keep you very informed of what is happening the whole time. You lay on a neck roll to keep you in the right position so you can relax. At some point the push to break through fat is so forceful I wondered what if it stabs right into my trachea Ha Ha. In all seriousness though the doctor always pinches below where he is going so his fingers stop the cannula from ever drifting into the wrong area. The suction machine was quiet, nothing as scary as I had imagined, honestly it was over before I knew it. Wide awake, no pain meds, no Xanax, nothing but lidocaine and that was really all I needed, this was a very manageable procedure. They put a strip of tape over the small incision line and a pad and then wrapped me with a head ace bandage chin strap contraption.

This part is annoying, you want to look at your results, it's kind of itchy and when the numbing medicine wears off there is a dull ache but nothing that can't be managed. This is not my cutest Thanksgiving, we spent it with just my husband, my brother and my son as I was in no way going out with this chin strap on! It didn't interfere from me eating the tasty food in moderation and two Motrin easily takes care of the dull ache when it returns, day 1 post op down. So far so good, I only readjusted the strap once and took a quick peek, swollen yes a little with a few small pin point bruises but certainly better than before already.

The importance of the compression garment was stressed, I am only 31 and not trying to have loose skin so I am wearing it faithfully and will post pre and post pics after the 3rd day. I am told to wear the strap almost 24/7 for the first five days and then after work and at night for the next ten days.

Slow and steady wins the race?

So I wore my chin strap 24/7 for 5 days. Then I had to go back to work so I was transitioning to only wearing it at night. The first day back to work was ok but swelling started and kicked in by the end of the day. In the car on my way home I put my chin strap back on and kept it on overnight. However, as soon as I took it off in the morning swelling kicked back in. Worse than ever and yes I am taking motrin. My Plastic Surgeon said motrin every six hours and chin strap as much as possible. is depressing to go from the before pic to slightly improved and to now looking even worse! But, I am told in time this swelling will resolve and my new improved chin line will magically appear. I really hope so....I am at day 9 so I guess it is still early...

Finally improving the healing is very slow and go but I think it is finally starting to look better? I am told the swelling is normal at this point and to keep wearing the chin strap at night for now. The horrible chin strap! lol

1 month after Chin Lipo finally starting to see results I am pleased with but still feel I have a little ways to go. A tiny bit of lumpiness if I really try to look hard to see some. Still some mild swelling but much better than before so I would say things are on the right track and healing. I don't regret it at all, the only thing I regret is that I did not have a more realistic idea of how long the healing process would be which is my own fault...I was told, I just thought because I am me I would recover faster lol.
Anshu Gupta

A really great physician with a kind demeanor and caring personality. He has a great bedside manner and a touch of humor to make you feel comfortable, it became very obvious early on that I was in confident and capable hands. I would highly recommend him.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I just got my own chin/neck lipo done with Dr. Gupta and am so happy with the results so far! I am only on day 4 of recovery, but it looks a lot better already. I started taking Arnica Montana pills a month before the surgery and have had almost no bruising and very little swelling, but definitely loose skin under my chin but feel the muscles too, so I think it's just sore and swollen. Will post pics and thanks for yours!
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Just make sure you wear your chin strap faithfully no matter how annoying it may be if he told u too. It is absolutely essential in my opinion after my experience
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Oh, I am! I took it off a few times to change the bandages and for a shower, but am wearing it always. I bought my own because his office was in the process of moving and they didn't have one for me after the surgery. :( But they said they'd send one to my house. I had the surgery on Monday and it's Saturday night and it's still not here. Glad I had the one I bought fed ex'd overnight. The Doc and staff were great, but a little worried they didn't have a compression thing for my chin and it still hasn't been delivered.
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Such a reasonable price! I do see a difference, I hope it'll keep progressing though, good luck!
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I'm so glad you posted this, I'm going to meet and check out your doctor. Used to live in North County in Oceanside and so looking forward to getting it done!
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Hi Candyking, my name is Viviane and I wanted to say thanks for a great story! I found it to be extremely helpful and confirmed my decision to move forward. I'd very much like to go to your same doctor as the cost is the best I've seen this far. Would you be willing to provide his info as I may contact and schedule a consultation please. I would be most appreciative for your help. Thank you in advance, Viviane
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Thanks for the great visuals and story. Appreciated you taking the time to post it. Congrats on a successful procedure. Curious..why did you opt to stay awake during the procedure?
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I have never had surgery before so I had no desire to be put to sleep as that poses more risks than the procedure alone. In other words I am a scaredy cat to be put to sleep. Call me a mild control freak but I just like to know what is going on. And I would certainly choose to stay awake were I to do it again because there was no pain really though the jerking feeling was odd plus it keeps the procedure far more cost effective. Local numbing is much cheaper than being put under. Glad my review could help :)
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Sorry for the late reply.. I am just a chicken when it comes to surgery since I had never had any before and I guess a bit of a control in I need to know what's going on at all
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I had lip to neck as well as a few other Mommy makeover things... The only visible thing is my neck, which I contemplated about for a long time and finally decided at the last minute in the changing room to do it. My surgery was January 10th, so I am now 2 weeks, 2 days post op... My Dr. only told me to wear the head bandage for one week, I questioned it, but they said not to wear it beyond a week... There is some lumpiness around my chinline which I'm worried about... At my 2nd follow-up the Dr. injected a little steroid on each side of my chin, saying that it would speed the healing process.... I'm just so hoping that I don't look worse than before... Does anyone know if the lumpiness eventually smooths out?
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Did it smooth out now?
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had the same done,, it's been 3 1/2 weeks and I've seen little improvement but, it takes MONTHS for swelling to go down and re shape. I wear me garment as much as possible and still have tenderness and numbness and my doc was AMAZING. I have notice tightening and on my 3 week check ( couldn't do post op 2 week ) my doctor said I was 30%. Just hang in there, where it as much as possible for the first 12-14 weeks your body takes time to heal ,ppl make lipo sound easy BEFORE you go ,it's a a healing process !!! we'll have our sexy back soon :)
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OK ladies seems to finally be improving
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How does it look now? I had neck/chin lipo on Dec. 3rd. I am still waiting for results, I do see a little bit results for sure but I have lumps under my jaw and you can see it and feel it, I am trying to massage it all out. I still feel stiff too. I am curious how you are doing being it's been a month for you. Let us know :) TIA
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keep us updated… interested in the procedure and your results!
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Me too!
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Just go for it. Anything skin wise can be fixed. You will always wonder if you don't get it done.
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