One Month after sugery....

Hello All! I am planning on scheduling a...

Hello All!

I am planning on scheduling a Breast Aug with Dr. Laverson in Encinitas, CA. Has anyone else gone to him? He made me REALLY comfortable at my 1st appt, but I'm still confused about over or under the muscle and very nervous to go into surgery. I am 31, 5'3", 100 lbs, 34 A with one child.

I went through with the surgery on April 8, 2013....

I went through with the surgery on April 8, 2013. Here's my info:

304 CC's Natrelle, Above the muscle, Inframammary fold incision.

I'm on Day 5 of Recovery. I'm still really sore and the breasts are quite hard and high. Has anyone else had itchy incisions at this point? Mine itch and it takes everything in me not to scratch them (which obviously I CAN'T), but I want to scratch around the area and I know it's best to just leave it alone! Going crazy!!

POST-OP DAY 6: I am feeling my best today so far -...

POST-OP DAY 6: I am feeling my best today so far - yay! :) Here are a few reasons why...

1. I finally broke my, um, constipation streak this morning :) I feel SO much better the bloat tummy is pretty much gone, and I don't have the "full" feeling I've had since surgery.

2. I woke up this morning without that heave, sore "morning boob" feeling for the first time today. I sat up (slowly, but) all on my own.

3. I took 2 Tylenol instead of Percocet for the first time. The Percocet definitely works for pain relief, but I feel "floaty" and tired for about 3 hours after taking it. With a 2 year old running around, that doesn't really work for me. I need to be alert and ready for action, so it feels nice not to be all drugged up.

4. I feel that my boobies, if only slightly, are starting to lower a bit. Today I put on a "normal" bra for the first time and you can see that the cleavage isn't sitting up by my collarbone anymore. It's encouraging.

I have another check-up with Dr. Laverson in 3 days, so we'll see what he says from there. I seem to feel a few "bubbles" when I push on my breasts, almost like air bubbles?? Again, I have silicone above the muscle. Does anyone else know what what I'm talking about? You can't SEE anything when you look at my breast, but I can feel them.

Also, I'm on Day 2 of the Augmentin anti-biotic for the redness near my scar. Doctor wants to rule out infection. The incisions don't really hurt, just REALLY itch. Anyone else experience this?


Hi guys! I've been noticing that my right breast...

Hi guys! I've been noticing that my right breast has been much more sore than my left the last couple days. Today when I had the bra off, I saw that I have some light bruising on the side of the right breast. I haven't seen that up until now! It's a very light green and my husband could hardly see it until I got in the light, but it's definitely there and wasn't before. Is this ok?? Is it normal? Thank you!!!

Well, I am 13 days post-op now. I've been off pain...

Well, I am 13 days post-op now. I've been off pain meds for a while, but I still don't feel "normal". In my right breast, it's almost as if I can FEEL the implant against my skin (I did go over the muscle). Can anyone tell me...will I ever feel normal and like these are my boobs and just part of my body? Or will it always feel foreign?? It kinda freaks me out. I know it's soon, but I want to feel these are part of me. Does that make sense??
Also....please check out my new pics. Does it seem like they're getting smaller? I hope so! I WANT THEM TO!! I really just want to be a B. I'm a smaller frame, as you can see. Thanks!

Sorry......the site won't let me add photos...

Sorry......the site won't let me add photos tonight!!!! GRR!!

Well, today is 3 weeks Post-Op. I still don't...

Well, today is 3 weeks Post-Op. I still don't feel "normal". I'm very aware of the implants and I almost feel as if I can feel them moving around when I bend over, etc. I don't like that :(
Also...the skin around my nipples is very tingly and almost "burns" when it rubs against the bra (still wearing the surgery bra, per my Dr's orders) and clothes. Has anyone else experienced this??

I thought I'd feel better EMOTIONALLY at this point. I'm still thinking that this wasn't worth is and that they're just too big for me :(

Well, it's ONE MONTH post-op and I'm feeling...

Well, it's ONE MONTH post-op and I'm feeling really good and really "normal". My incisions are looking good, no more tape or bandages on them. I'm still wearing my surgical bra at the suggestion of my PS. He said it just keeps them more secure and tight while they're "settling". But I'm ready to go bra shopping now!! :)
The "tingles" and feelings that the "implant was moving" are pretty much gone now. I sleep on my side AND my stomach and it's great. I'm getting used to the size and think it looks natural for my body. I still feel that my boobs look "rounder" than I'd like, but this may be due to the fact that I went OVER the muscle. My PS still insists that they will settle and look more like "real boobs" in time.
I posted new pics as of today! Would you say they are still pretty round?? I'm so used to looking at them, it's hard to know an outside opinion. Thanks!
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Did you get natrelle silicone or saline? They look great!
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DominicanaDes - Thank you! I got Natrelle Silicone 304 CC's OVER the muscle.
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I think that you look really good! Glad to hear that you are sleeping on you side and stomach already! I can only hope that I will be able to, SOON! I'm only 9 days post op and not really getting much sleep due to the tingles and a nerve thing in my left arm (which my ps said is fairly normal and will take time to heal, god I hope) and not being able to sleep on my stomach! I too wonder a little if I did the right thing and hope that they will soon feel like they are really part of me. Good luck with the continued healing process :-)
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Paisley73 - I wondered if I did the right thing up until a few days ago, honestly. I felt so strange and not like myself. I hated the tingly sensation and that the implants were moving everytime I bent over to pick something up. The first week I was home, I cried and questioned what I had done to myself!! :( I can honestly say now that it was worth it. I feel pretty much back to normal and that was all I needed! Now I can resume cleaning, running errands, walking and being busy like I was before and it makes me feel good! My PS says I can work out now, though I have not done that yet.
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I was like that too when I first got my implants; you can feel the implant moving around inside you and it just doesn't feel natural; that feeling does subside and after awhile they began to feel natural; like they are apart of you; just give it a couple more weeks; that feeling should go away; I had tingling too; its called zingers. I sill have those here and there in my nipples; they feel kinds weird but they will go away with time as well; just be patient; your breast are going to go through so many changes!
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Thank you for the kind words, Viloet! I certainly hope so. I can't wait to feel normal again and start feeling as good as I look ;) How far out from surgery are you?
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I'm 6 weeks post op
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Omg!! I know exactly what you mean about the hypersensitive skin around the nipples...mine is exactly the same. I thought I was the only one! It's like any little touch, wether it be my fingers, a bra, a shirt, a towel, etc...I get a burning sensation. I don't know if its because of the stretch skin, or just soreness or nerves regenerating. All I know is it is extremely annoying. Sometimes it's worse than others. I'm just hoping it doesn't last too long! Ya know!? You look amazing btw!!
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Thanks Texas!! :) I wish I FELT as good as I look. I agree, my PS did a great job. I just don't think I was anticipating how abnormal and unlike "me" I would feel :-/ I hope it gets better. I got my surgery April 8th. How about you??
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I had mine on April 17th. I know what you will get better. It just takes time, but if you're anything like me, I expect immediate results.. haha!! Not very realistic, but still, I cannot wait for healing to be OVER!! In the meantime, I definitely enjoy finally feeling like a woman for a change, even with my super sensitivity and all!! Lol :) I'm sending hugs your way...I know exactly what you're going through. =)
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Thank you so much! I appreciate it a lot. A lot of my friends thought I was crazy for taking such a dramatic measure to have some shape, so it's nice to hear some encouraging words!!! I think people who were born with naturally big boobs just don't understand why I did it :) Their negativity is getting me down, so it's nice to read something nice. Good luck on your healing as well. On the up side, at least we didn't LOSE nipple sensation like lots of women do! The sensitivity just needs to tone down a bit! :)
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They'll quiet down with time. Every now and then mine are still hypersensitive to the point that even a robe brushing across is unpleasant (and I'm 3 months out on Wednesday), but they're no longer "off-limits" to my hubby (which they totally were for a while!!). You look great - hope you get to feeling as good as you look soon!!
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That's the good thing about this get to confide in other women who can empathize with you. Women you can talk to. Vent to. Or listen to. And I agree with you 100% that unless you have lived a life like we have you will never understand why we chose to do this for ourselves. It's one of those "walk a mile in my shoes" things. Hang in there!! And remember you did this for you an no one else.
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Thank you, hm331! Yes, they are STILL off limits to my hubby....much to his dismay, haha ;) Even though I now "look" like a little sex pot, I definitely do NOT feel like one. I feel very abnormal for I can't wait to feel comfy in my *new* skin!! :)
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I love them!! You look amazing!!
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Thank you, Serena75! I appreciate that :)
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You look great! I'm just over a month out and also went with over's. Do they feel like mine? Yes for the most part, I can't imagine not having them now. I do however still have a lot of numbness in both boobs which I'm getting a little frustrated with. My doctor did tell me that it can take up to a year for nerves to completely wake up. Hope mine won't be that slow. I still get some minor discomfort by the end of my work day as my job is physical. They tend to feel a bit heavier. It takes times for things to settle down and your body to completely adjust to the changes but I'm confident that it will happen for us and then we'll hardly even remember that they weren't always there. :)
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Thanks Sillysassy1432. I hardly ever get to talk to people who went over, everyone went under the that's a totally different animal! What was your pre-size and what CC did you go with? I guess I just wish they would drop more. They still just look so "round" to me and I'm hoping that will go away with time. I'm glad to hear that they are starting to feel like "yours" now. But do you know the feeling I'm talking about or did you never really have that? Thank you! PS: I was an A before and did 300 CC's Silicone overs.
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I was also an A cup though I have to tell you I barely fit that. I went with 435 HP Natrelle Silicone overs. I had a brief moment of sadness a few days after surgery when I felt that my breasts were too big, that I made a mistake and the fact that they are numb and I can't get a normal feel for them didn't help. I think quite a few women go through a mild depression as it is a big change in our lives. Not only finally having boobs, your body adjusting to them and of course the healing process. I wasn't sad for long lol got over that quickly and really love having my boobs. I guess none of us really know what to expect in terms of healing time or what we should be feeling at different stages as we are all unique. I imagined it to be different, the having a chest part. I thought they would be in the way more when I'm active, going for walks etc. that I would really know they're there and might even be a bit of a hindrance compared to before. I have to tell you that I'm so happy that they aren't. They're there but I don't even notice the difference when I'm busy doing things. As a matter of fact sometimes I have to check to make sure I actually have them lol. Now I'm just waiting for sensation to return and of course for them to finish settling and softening.
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Looking good! I'd say that if what you're noticing is already kinda green, it's well on its way to healing. Usually the lovely shades of green and yellow that occur with bruising are due to the byproducts created as the bruise is broken down and reabsorbed. I wouldn't worry too much about it at this point..
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Thank you, hm331! That makes me feel better; you are right. I made the mistake of reading a lot of BAD stories online about bruising and the pictures looked nothing like me (they were more like black, blue & purple) and it just got me worried. Luckily I see my PS in 2 days for a check-up. He can check it out for himself.
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Wow! They look perfect!!
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Congrats! Your pics look great! I am post op day 3, so bloated and swollen that I actually cried over my gross puffy stomach when I got dressed this morning. I am more upset over the bloat than anything else! I'm looking forward to my day 6, hopefully ill tell good like you!
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Oh thanks, BocaCK! I'm still feeling sore, but yes, the bloating has gone away. Notice that I have no pics between Day 1 and Day 6, haha! ;) I looked like I was 3 months pregnant. Finally on Day 6 is when I had a bowel movement and that helped IMMENSELY! Now I've been a little more regular and the bloating seems to be gone. PS: I ate pineapple to help me go :) Good luck!
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I am post op 10 days and still feel bloated :(
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