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After IPL and ALA my Skin is Radiant!

When I first had the procedure, I was not quite...

When I first had the procedure, I was not quite sure what to expect for recovery over the next few days. The doctor I went to did a phenominal job. First the ALA cream was applied and allowed to incubate for 1 hour. After that, a numbing cream was rubbed on my face which sat for 1/2 hour. The doctor then started the procedure. While the procedure was being done, the doctor applied utlrasound lotion to my skin before he applied any IPL light. I never felt heat or any pain. I would say the procedure was PAINLESS! I left the office slathered in sunscreen wearing a wide brim hat and stayed out of the sun completly for two days. My skin was quite red.

Over the next week my skin turned very red and resembled a dry creek bed. I will be honest and say I was very worried that I might look like a dry creek bed the rest of my life. I thought I had been burned by the IPL light.It appears I had a severe reaction to the ALA used in the procedure, but the doctor's office reassured me that all would turn out well. I had a tremendous amount of sun dammage and pre-cancers on my face.

My skin peeled excessively for about 18 days. When the peeling was done my new skin was reveled and I could not be happier. I constantly get comments on how clear my skin looks. All the pre-cancers are gone and so are the brown spots from sun damage. This is just from one treatment!

I am planning to have the sun dammage on my chest treated next. i wear sunscreen everyday now and wear a hat when I am outside in the sun for any amount of time. I want to keep my new skin looking beautiful.

Time has gone by; it's now been 3 months since I have had IPL; V-Beam and Blu-light.

I can honestly say I see no difference in my skin. Everything that was "red" prior is still red; every "age-spot" is still there.

All I lost was money! I was really hoping to SEE some difference after all that! But nope.
I had the IPL with ALA. I wonder if the ALA is what made the difference with my skin? I am not sure who did your procedure, but I went to a dermatologist/plastic surgeon. He is well-respected in my area. It is also my understanding that some people need more than one treatment. I got excellent results with the one treatment. Perhaps you might need another treatment? I am sorry your experience did not turn out like mine.

Thanks for the great tips and suggestions Baxter. The community really appreciates it. How are you doing these days with your treatment?



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The doctor I went is a dermatologist/plastic surgeon. He is a perfectionist and I feel at ease in his office. I have had numerous MOHS surgeries done by him and his work is superb. I have recommended him to many friends and family members and they are all thrilled with his work. His office staff and nurses are top notch also.

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