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Finally booked my Rhinoplastry 10yrs of wanting...

Finally booked my Rhinoplastry 10yrs of wanting it! I have a hump on the bridge of my nose and i also think it looks long ive hated my nose every since i can remember and it didnt help when i was 16 and a boy said my nose makes me look like a rat!

i always try to hide my side profile and it holds me back a lot i always feel ugly even thou people say theres nothing wrong with it. As you only live once ive decided to take the plunge and have the hump taken away and my nose just shortened a tad (Do not want it to turn upwards)

I have decided to cancel my appointment with...

I have decided to cancel my appointment with Elyzea as they only hace one surgeon Dr Van Canneyt and i cannot find any feed back about his work apart from a couple of bad stories.

I have booked a consultation with Dr B Oelbrandt also based in brussels and i have hered non stop good feedback about him!!! he comes to london every 3 weks to do the consultation and after op care think that says a ot about him! So hopefully once i have my consultation on 5th Feb then i can try to grt thr procedure booked for the end off march!

So excited now especially after reading how brillaint this surgeon is and how caring he is!

10/02/2012 I had my consultation with Dr...

I had my consultation with Dr Oelbrandt on sunday, he was brilliant he made me feel very comtable and answered all of my questions, we seemed to be on the same level for what i wanted done to my nose. so i am all booked for 29th of March at 8am ive booked my euro star and hotel, im so excited!!!

5 weeks today!!!! :)

5 weeks today!!!! :)

Can anyone tell me the best thing to get to help...

Can anyone tell me the best thing to get to help stop nausea after surgery?

I went and brought some arnica cooling gel today,...

I went and brought some arnica cooling gel today, Could someone tell me when i should start using arnica i brough the cooling gel, do i use it after surgery or before? :/

2 week and four days till surgery!!!!

Leaving for antwerp tomorrow ready for surgery at...

Leaving for antwerp tomorrow ready for surgery at 8am Thurday morning, i have mixed emotions!!! Im scared of actually being put to sleep for the surgery and what ill feel like after ;/ and also theres always that feeling of what if it looks horrible after!!! But on the other hand im very excited to have it done and it to turn out lovely and be the best thing ive ever done!!!

Just got home after my surgery yesterday morning. ...

Just got home after my surgery yesterday morning. Surgery went well all the staff at the singleberg clinic were lovely and put me at ease.

I woke up and after a couple of hours sleep felt fine and got the train back to the hotel, My face started to swell quite quickly exspecially my top lip and i didnt have hardley any sleep due to breathing out of my mouth and it become quite sore.

My packing come out this morning so i felt much better but my face is quite swollen still (as you will see from the pics) ill update in a couple of days.



Day 3 Slept great last night and the night before...

Day 3 Slept great last night and the night before and the swelling has gone down loads, i feel really well in myself i went for a long walk yesterday and im eating normal.

My cast comes off thursday so cant wait to see what my nose looks like, really hope it looks good

Day 8 and i have woke up and my swellen has gone...

Day 8 and i have woke up and my swellen has gone down even more!! my nose is looking better every day!! im so so happy i feel like a diffrent women already :) ill post pics next week so you can see the change

Day 11 and my nose is still a bit numb at the tip...

Day 11 and my nose is still a bit numb at the tip and tender at the top but other then that all is good :) Im so happy with my nose i think it looks very natural and i still look like me so its better then i thought it could be...SO HAPPY :)

Day 15 - Hi all, i dont know weather im being...

Day 15 - Hi all, i dont know weather im being paroniod but i can see a small lump appearing on my bridge where it has been shaved, Has anyone else experienced this? Im so worried as my nose was nice and straight and im scared it will have a lump again :(

Day 19 - First day back at work today most people...

Day 19 - First day back at work today most people that knew i was having done said they couldnt really see the diffrence which was a bit dissapointing as i hope it still doesnt look big!!!

Day - 25 The bump on the bridge is slowly going...

Day - 25 The bump on the bridge is slowly going down must of been callous, im still very happy with my new nose feel so much more confident!! the tip ofmy nose is numb and sensitive, i will post photos next week so you can see the results 1 month post op :)

Its been 2 months since my surgery, the tip of my...

Its been 2 months since my surgery, the tip of my nose is still a little bit nump and has a weird sensation in it if i touch it, I love my side profile now but think the tip at the front still looks a bit big dont think it will go down anymore as i think all the swelling has gone now.

I am now nearly 4 month post op, feels like i had...

I am now nearly 4 month post op, feels like i had surgery ages ago!! my nose is back to normal really there is a very small sensation when i rub the tip but thats about it really, im very happy with my nose and the way it has turnt out and wish i had done it sooner, i feel so much more confident in my self. I have posted some recent pics its good to copare them to the previous pics!!

Thought i would give an update as i am coming up...

Thought i would give an update as i am coming up to my 7 months after my surgery. Well i still love the outcome of my nose it looks really natural and most people havent noticed which is a really good thing as it must look natural which i wanted as i still wanted to look like me! its only when i show close friends the before pictures that they notice how diffrent it is, i havent really got much more to say as im busy enjoying my life feeling more confident with my nose, its the best thing i ever did!! I still really recommend Dr Oelbrandt as he did exactly what i wanted and is always there to answer any questions i have. I have uploaded some recent pics!

2 year up date!

Hi all.thought I would give an update. It's been 2 yrs since my surgery I can not belive how quick.it has been. I am so.happy with my.nose still and I.am.so glad I did.it. Just thought I.would.post some up.to date photos.:)

photos update April.2014

2yrs photos

Dr Oelbrandt

The singleberg was very clean and stylish i had my own room which was lovely, Dr Oelbrandt answered all of my questions and him and his staff made me feel very welcome, he answers all off my questions by email or text and i couldnt praise him enough!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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How did you pay your surgeon? I'm going to have my surgery in two weeks
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Hi! How are you? Are you still happy wiht a result? I have booked an opointment with dr. Oelbrand, so yours comments will help me very much!!
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Hi sorry only just seen this.message. I'm good thanks.you? I've just uploaded some.up.to.date photos 2yrs on! I'm still.so.happy and Dr.oelbrand his staff and clinic was very friendly clean and professional really recommend him! Hope.to.see.an.update when.u have had urs! Best thing I.ever did x
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Hi, your nose looking really nice! Was it open or closed rhinoplasty? Thank you
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It was closed.x
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Dr. Oelbrandt is so so lovely! He's doing my Rhinoplasty January 3rd :)
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He is and he recommends what os suited to.your face so.he really cares about the outcome. Good.luck.keep.us updated x
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May I ask, is this $2,800, or pounds (i.e. approx £1,800)? Thanks for letting me know. My nose is very similar to yours and I must say that your new nose really suits your face shape! It looks fantastic!
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Hi.bit late but yes it was £1800. X
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thank you for providing all that info - much appreciated. You must be delighted with the result! Based on what I have seen here, I am contacting the Singelberg clinic
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Hi, it looks amazing! Can you send me his email|? x
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You look very elegant and I love your new hairstyle!
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Hey there, I think you're absolutely beautiful( before and even more so after!)Your nose came out great- it came out natural and has a nice contour. Even before you had anything done, your nose had nice definition along with tip support( much better than what I had pre op; mine was drooping and shaped like an upside down banana >.>). Based on your results, I wish I could schedule a consultation with your plastic surgeon because I'm considering revision(or atleast correcting my septum) but he's located in Belgium- much too far away:( Thank you for posting your experience, Chad
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Wow girlie! Looking amazing! It is so cool to see your progression/healing. Great results xo
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I definitely think it could still be swollen but you have a great result either way! Thanks for sharing!
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Thanks star, I just think from the front the sides of my tip looks a bit big, how's yours healing? X
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Wow you are looking just wonderful! I can see subtle changes from 1 month pics to the 2 month pics...very nice. I don't think your tip looks big at all! I can totally relate to the strange numbness in the tip...to me that means there's still swelling and healing going on...I will look forward to your 3 month pics and see any more changes :))
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Hay Star, i didnt notice the change from day 11 to now until i saw the pics! thats gone quick for your one month already next week!! Im still not keen on the front view i feel the tip looks a bit big so hoping it goes down more! xx
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Looking great! I like to review before and current pictures to see the healing and progression of changes. Thank you so much for posting...I will be at one month this coming Thursday :) Are you feeling more comfortable with your front view? I am still a bit on the fence with mine...xoxo
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hey hun! looking good! you mean post op though right? pre op means before surgery!
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Omg the swelling is gone!!! I am sure after a month it should be still swollen but I bet you are already very very happy!!!! Nice!!!! :)
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You look gorgeous! What a great nose.

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Hi Symon, Sorry to hear that they are not getting back to you very quickly!! Yes im so glad i went with my gut instint and went with Dr Oelbrandt he did exactly what he said and im so pleased with my nose now as it also looks natural. Yes travelling was fine just had to get two trins to the euro star and they all came on time so was brilliant. Let me know how you get on :)
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Cool I think I'm over annalising it!! And my family say they can't see the bump lets see what happens over the next few months :) x
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Looks good already. People may not see much of a difference because it is a subtle change. Mine was too and nobody has commented on it! Maybe they are just keeping quiet?
I didn't realise you were going to Antwerp at first. Was travelling ok? I think you've been blessed with having that surgeon sounds like everything turned out perfectly. As for Elyzea as I said I enquired about revision surgery. But Sue took 5 weeks to reply to me that I need to go to London for Dr Van Canneyt to review my case. I'm in the North East so that's good news, not...

I'm beginning to change my initial attitude about Elyzea now. Obviously revision and service is not high on their list of priorities.
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