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Never Again! - Elmhurst, IL

Hi all! Im happy to say that I'm 6 weeks post...

Hi all! Im happy to say that I'm 6 weeks post injections. I had 28 units of Botox in my forehead and glabella . I say I'm happy because every week that goes by is a week closer to healthy days. The past 6 weeks have been some of the most scary and challenging weeks of my life. It all started 5 days after the Botox injections. I started getting very emotional for no reason, then severe headache and a racing heart. Then that first night all this started my throat started to swell. I was awoken every two hours that night with uncontrollable panic. The next day I dropped the kids off at school and raced to the emergency room. I would like to comment that at the onset of all of my symptoms my dermatologist kept telling me that what I was feeling wasn't related to the Botox and that it was all in my head. I spent today's in the hospital because my ekg's were so abnormal and my doctor kept telling me that panic doesn't wake you in the middle of the night and last for ten hours. All of my other tests came out perfectly normal......and believe me they did a lot.

The next couple of weeks had been filled with dry mouth, migraines, fevers, sinus infections, bowell issues, nausea, anxiety. More antibiotics, steroids, and antihistamines than I've ever been on in my life. I'm a very healthy person, I ran a marathon in October, eat very clean and healthy, don't have anxiety outside of the occasional healthy responses. I'm a fairly young woman, 32 and am a stay at home mom to twin 3 year old boys. I honestly can't believe that I even did Botox, what a learning experience....love what god gave us! I have to say, I have noticed a slow progression of improvement. I did get a massage for circulation two days ago and have felt amazing since, almost normal again. Ive been detoxing since the week this all started, no caffeine, alcohol, and eating as many fruits and veggies as possible. Multi vitamins and a b complex for your nervous system. I have noticed that the more water I drink the better I feel. Also, someone on a forum had been drinking pure ginger tea and it helped so much with my sinuses and swollen throat. Good luck to all and thank you for all of your posts!

Dr. Kovaks

He seems like a great doctor but ethically he's very poor!

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Dear Sarahd...

I'm about 6 weeks post injections, and have been sharing with another gal on here by the name of "frozen." I don't know if there's a way for you to read all of our posts, but if so, I think they may help you feel a little better, just knowing you aren't the only one who is suffering.

I promise you that it will get better. Megan, the moderator here, gave me several links that were encouraging. It sounds like you should "de-tox" in as many ways as possible. Exercise, lots of water and green tea, hot showers (saunas are even better if you can get to one), and maybe even a liver cleanse. I am not a medical professional, but I am super sensitive to chemicals, and it certainly sounds to me like your body is reacting very badly to the POISON that is Botox. The doctor says your reaction is "normal?" I'd have to call B.S. on that.

Maybe try "Calms" for the anxiety. It's a natural chill pill that you can get at your natural food & vitamins store

I didn't have headaches or bad thoughts, but I did lose HANDFULS of hair ("stress shed") and felt very anxious for weeks. Didn't leave the house, and wore sunglasses when I did have to. *frozen* suggested buying a pair of rimmed glasses (even if you don't need them...just get clear ones) and that helps a lot as they hide your eyebrows and droopy eyelids. I did that, plus cut bangs to also help cover stuff. :(

Just please take heart in the fact that both *frozen* and I feel better at six weeks post injection. My forehead is still dead, but I can raise my eyebrows a wee bit now, and the hooding over my eyes isn't as bad. I don't know if that would have happened naturally or not by now, though. I should add that I have a Galvanic Spa by NuSkin and have been using it almost daily since about a week post-injection. Since I started doing those treatments, there has been a noticeable improvement, especially in the hooding of my eyelids (I used to have very open eyes and after the Botox, they were squinty, bloodshot and the upper lids were hanging over them.) Botox made me look 10 years older, and I'm already 63. I used to pass for 50, but not now.

If you're interested, you can check out the Galvanic Spa instrument at: https://www.nuskin.com/content/nuskin/en_US/products/nuskin/galvanic_spa.html

But you don't have to find or become a dealer to buy one from (it's a MLM company). You can usually find them on eBay. And the gels are very expensive through NuSkin, so I buy mine from a company in Canada: http://rankines.com/

Might be a good investment for you, as you're concerned about wrinkles anyway. I can testify that they really are amazing. You just need to find the time to do the treatments three times a week, and continue to do them because the results are cumulative. When they demonstrate them, they do one half of your face and afterward, the difference between the treated and untreated sides is amazing.

"frozen" bought the Suzanne Sommers "Facemaster" but she hasn't told me yet whether it's made a difference or not.

I know this is long...I really hope it helps...and I am very, very thankful for this AWESOME Real Self blog. I just wish I had come here first before making the impulsive decision to believe the doctor who ruined the top half of my face :( I asked a lot of questions, and told her I didn't like how Botox made people look (foreheads like boards), but she assured me she was only using a very small amount and that it would do NOTHING but "relax" the frown lines "a little." When I went back, looking like Spock from Star Trek, she was alarmed, and the only "fix" was for her to inject MORE to relax the muscles over the outside of my eyebrows. I hope she learned something about the way some people can react. Practitioners should be WARNING us of these potential side effects, but they don't, because they want our money :(.

God Bless You...It WILL be okay. Do a lot of reading about it (knowledge is power), and every time you feel anxious, remember to BREATHE. Deeply and slowly, and relax your neck and shoulders. That helps a lot.
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Thank you so much for understanding and the help of trying to make me feel better!
I feel stupid about this.

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I know how you feel! I did botox one week ago, forhead, between eyebrows and crowfeet! I'am 30 but have lots of wrinkles even when I don't smile and frown :-((
I feel bad about it and everybody thinks I'm much older. Not very nice. So I decided to use botox. It's been I week and I have constant headaces and feel bad! Can't sleep and have terribles thoughts. I very nervous about the way I feel and about the headaces. It feels like a truck hit my head and it doesn't go away! Someone else had, haves this feeling? The plastic surgen says it's normal, but it doens't feel normal. I will never do this again! It isn't worth all of this! Sorry about my english, it's not my language.
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Oh I do know how you feel! I did it a week ago and never again! My head feels heavy and doens't stop hurting! I also feel very nervous and hope it goes away very soon! I feel like crying to whole day long. I am 30 years old and have to many lines on my face even when I don't smile, frown :-((
But the way I feel know isn't worth the way I feel know!
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Sending hugs and comfort....I'm just a little over 3 weeks into bad botox in my forehead, and think the stuff should be BANNED for this use. I wrote my first post here yesterday. Even the *conservative amount* injected *just to soften the frown lines* has frozen my forehead like a board, both eye brows are sagging, as are my eyelids, and the outside ends of my eyebrows arch like Spock's. I now suddenly have two deep vertical lines on either side of my brow, and deep creases above the ends that were never there before. My previously large eyes look like a pig's and are red and irritated. Have high BP and the stress associated with what this did to my face is baaaad. I look 15 years older and ugly! WHY didn't my doctor warn me of these possible effects???
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wow Career so sorry to hear about your terrible reaction. Its great to hear that you are recovering. I can relate to the panic attacks - about 2 days after getting botox I started having major anxiety, headaches and sleep loss. It hasn't helped that I hate the way botox has made me look and that is really adding to my anxiety. I am 17 days out, and hope by 6 weeks I will feel much better as you do. Keep us updated.
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I'm so sorry to hear what a rough time you have been having. I'm glad you have found some holistic approaches that are helping you. What you said in the beginning of your review is exactly right, each week that goes by is that much closer to back to normal!

Please keep us updated on how you are doing.

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