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I will start off by saying that if you plan to...

I will start off by saying that if you plan to have this procedure done prepare to just rest for 3 or more weeks. The recovery time is 3 weeks but I was sore and very stiff for about 7 weeks. I didn't like the fact that I had to have the survey done at a hospital versus a surgical center or a surgeons operating facility but after I did my research I realized that it is slightly safer to have the surgery done in a hospital. The staff at Northwestern was very nice and helpful. I must say that I cannot imagine going home the same day of surgery, you really do need that over night stay at the hospital. I wish I could have stayed three nights instead of one. I normally have a high threshold for pain but this was extremely painful and uncomfortable. The first week of recovery is the worst. I felt like I had been hit by a bus. I couldn't move and every inch of my body felt sore and tight. Walking to the bathroom was the worst, and being that I had to stay hydrated there were several bathroom trips throughout the day. The drains are also a nuscense and using the bathroom is the worst because you have to stand. I had a lot of swelling so I really couldn't tell what my body would actually look like. I loved my body with the swelling and it started to look better and better each week. It was hard to watch my butt decrease in size week by week because of swelling but in the end I still had a very noticeable difference. I am very pleased with my result and it has been two months and my body is still changing for the better. Once you make it past the first week it really becomes more annoying rather then painful. I am extremely happy with my results. I listened to every thing Dr. Markmann told me to do and all of his instructions helped with the recovery. I do recommend this procedure but for all of the pain that will occur, I suggest choosing the best surgeon for the procedure because it would suck to go through all the pain and waiting just to have the fat cells not survive. I plan to return in a few months for two more procedures.

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Ok ladies. I was pleased with my results although I did want the butt to be slightly bigger the overall look complemented my shape and really looked natural. The doctor told me that timing is key and that most people don't see real or true results until 3 months to a year. I truly believe that patience is the key to this procedure. As the days go on I am loving my body more and more. I have received so many compliments and I love the natural look. I post pictures of my before, after and now in a few days. I really wanted to wait to post pictures so that I can give you guys true and honest pictures about the results and how the shape changes after the swelling resides. Overall I am very very pleased.
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I went to Dr. Markmann in Ellicott City for my procedure. He is more expensive then other cosmetic surgeons in Maryland but his results speak for itself. I am happy I paid the extra money for a skilled surgeon who cared about my health and the shape I desired. From day one I felt extremely comfortable and the atmosphere in his office is very welcoming. Dr. Markmann is extremely patient and answered all of my questions truthfully. He spent an hour with me during my consult and it did not feel rushed. Dr. Markmann and his staff was very honest with me about the recovery and what to expect. Dr. Markman listens to what you want down to every detail. I asked for a natural hour glass shape and he did just that. Im not sure if its because he has had enough practice but he really does care about the outcome and the happiness of the client. The consults and appointments afterwards felt very personal and not like I was just another patient or number. I am very pleased with my results and the welcoming nature of Dr. Markmann and his staff.

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I feel the same way. He transformed my body when he did my revision.
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Hope all is well with healing.....
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Any pics??????? Pics help the nxt young lady considering your PS!!!
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I was wondering about the stiffness and soreness after.  But darn..... 3 weeks??? I'd love to see some before and after pics of you...  
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Hi, I am 9 weeks post op and my skin around my stomach is still very tight and often burns when moving from a sitting to a standing position. The doctor said that the feeling should fade gradually. The soreness will last months, I think the worst part about the procedure was the numbness I experienced and then the tingling and burning sensations around my stomach. I will post pics shortly.
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Oh wow!! I'm hoping I can recovery quickly. I'd hate it if I was sore and stuff for so long. But if that's what it is then that's it. Can't do anything but ride through it. 
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Wow, $16K....PLEASE POST PICS......THAT'S AN AWFUL LOT!!!! Beverly Hills started at $13,000....I AM HAPPY THAT U R PLEASED.......GOOD 4 U!!!
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Yes, 16K is a lot of money. The Drs. fee was $12,354 and the hospital fee was $4,253. It would have been more but I had a 1,000 discount. I have always thought the fee was a bit pricey and I still feel I paid to much money but Dr. Markmann is one of the best in the Maryland area. Im sure there are doctors just as good who cost less in other states but I didn't really want to travel. I will most pics shortly.
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Yes hun, I hear you and definitely understand your position. You just have to listen to your heart and follow your own judgement when making monumental decisions such as this. I Didn't mind traveling anywhere in the USA for sx, and I'm by no means a stranger to traveling abroad. However, I AM unwilling to travel outside the U.S. for sx, based upon a myriad of reasons. So yes, sometimes you have to pay more for a peace of mind.
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Dr. J Curves quoted me $9,800, Dr Schulman $13,000, Dr. Duran is approximately $4000, another Dr. in Beverly Hills I believe was $13,000-$17,000. Just ridiculous....I am waiting on one more quote from via email......decisions...decisions.....
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I'll share from experience - Dr. Markmann is not just one of the best in the Maryland area for a BBL. He is one of the best. Period. He did my second BBL, after the first (by a well-known doctor in Florida) was a disaster. Never mind the BBL (or lack thereof), but I had to deal with the most awful lipo results - indentations, scars, exaggerated pockets of skin - I was a mess. Not only did Dr. Markmann fix all of that, but he actually gave me a fabulous BBL - what I paid for with the first surgeon, but never got! I wish I had not second-guessed myself initially ... Dr. Markmann was on my short list for the first time around, but I hesitated because of price. That decision cost me twice! When you experience first hand how good not only his results are AND the longevity of those results, you'll know ... you got what you paid for!
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Any pix?
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Hi, I will post pics shortly
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