My First BBL Consult - Ellicott City, MD

I drove from North Carolina to Maryland (5 hours)...

I drove from North Carolina to Maryland (5 hours) for my first consultation for BBL with Dr. Markmann. I've looked for doctors in my area who perform this procedure, but haven't found any. After researching, I know I will need someone to assist/care for me and my two best friends live in Maryland and DC. My consultation was seamless!
Your procedure seems pricey? Why the high cost?
Pricey as compared to what?
I think Dr Markmann does a great job he's really the only one who does such great work around these areas so I'm assuming it's why he's so pricey. My 1st consult was this Dr Markmann bc in the area but id rather pay half the price with a doctor who has tons on reviews and good results on realself :)

Why So Pricey - I've Been Asked

I've been asked why is Dr. M so pricey, but I'm not sure what the comparison is. So I thought I would share the details of my quote and maybe this will help enlighten some on what's involved...7.5 hours general anesthesia, overnight hospital stay (hospital not surgical center - this is not done on an outpatient basis like alot of places), lipo three areas (flanks, dorsal roll, outer thighs)...any procedure done in a hospital, there are hospital fees.

Hope this helps!
The average cost for a Brazilian Butt Lift is about $7K for an all inclusive surgery: So whats the extra $10K for??? I live in Bmore, so it would be nice to go to someone close, but I'd rather spend a couple extra thousand dollars in travel expenses and get superb results than stay in Maryland and pay an extra $10K for average-at-best results.
The BBL (inserting the fat) itself is $8000, it's done in a hospital with the hospital's team doing the anesthesia, ...etc. and includes an overnight stay which comes to $4500 or more depending on the length of the procedure. The rest of the price depends on how many lipoed areas there are. Some people get pretty much their whole body lipoed. It also covers follow up appts and 3 garments. All my numbers are approximate...I don't have my sheet with me but that's pretty much the ballpark.
I didn't realize she posted her quote sheet above.
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

I met with Dr. Markmann last September and he answered all of my questions and gave me a great deal of very detailed information and his opinion on areas that I hadn't thought of. I was very comfortable talking with him and letting him know my concerns. He seems to truly care about his patients and not just the "mighty dollar". He and his staff are fabulous!

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