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I Finally Decided to Get a Bbl - Ellicott City, MD

Hey ladies, I have been wanting a bbl for years. ...

Hey ladies,
I have been wanting a bbl for years. So I decided to put my dream in reality. I am 29 years old. I have no kids and yes I want kids one day. I had a consultation with Dr. Markmann in Ellicott, md and my experience was the best. Dr. Markmann was very attentive and he explained the procedure to me step by step. He was not rushy and he answered all if my questions. I left out the office really pleased. He said he has been doing this procedure for over 12 years. I really want it. Now I have to finance this procedure thru either CareCredit or United Medical Credit. Have any of you ladies use these companies. Please let me know. I'm ready for my new booty:-) thanks ladies.

The Big Day March 13, 2014 for my Bbl

Happy New Years my Beautiful people. I have not been on here for awhile so I decided to update you all with my journey. I have a date for my bbl and its March 13th. I just have to pay my 10%. but i talked to Amy yesterday and she said that date is available. We had a snow storm last night so I'm thinking the office is closed because I emailed Amy and she didn't respond. So I will def be making the payment Monday. I'm super nervous but excited at the same time. I'm just really trying to prepare myself mentally because I know recovery is going to be more difficult. But I'm ready and exciting. I'm ready for a more bubble butt!!!

What do I need for post surgery for the bbl... And I will add my before pictures soon.

March 31 is the day my life will change!!!!!!!

Hey ladies!!! I have not been on here for awhile but I just want to update you. So my surgery date is March 31 and my pre op is March 9th with Dr. Markmann. I'm super excited but nervous at the same time. I just need to schedule my lab work and get cleared. All this is happening so fast but I can't wait. Well I will update y'all soon. Muah

March 31st need to hurry up and come

Hi ladies so I'm just so anxious to get the bbl done in March! I barely go out and don't really want to be seen until I get the procedure done. March need to hurry up and come. I'm so ready for my new body. I really don't know how to prepare myself. Any suggestions will be great

Pre op

My pre op date is March 6th!!!

Time is flying so fast. I really don't have an update as of yet. I'm just patiently waiting to get this over and done. I will update you guys once I have my pre op. I will give you all all the details. March 31 need to hurry up lol
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

He is the best. Very professional.

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Hi honey! I know you are on the other side. I’m praying for you, it’s tough in the beginning but you’re not alone.
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You are already beautiful! I am so very happy for you!!! You are absolutely in THE BEST hands. If he can’t do it, nobody can. PM anytime, I am happy to answer questions or just listen :)
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Yes I have so many questions. How many cc did u get in ur butt??
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Well I didn’t have much fat to begin with and the 1st doctor only got 275 per side and it looked horrible . Most of the doctors I spoke with said I didn’t have enough fat for a revision. Dr. Markmann wan’t sure if he could get enough either, but he said he’d do his best. God bless him because he lipoed every nook and cranny looking for it and managed to get 300 per side. I have no lumpiness, indentations etc from aggressive lipo and he did wonders with that 300cc!! He will get every bit of fat and he can actually do alot with just a little.
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Good Luck! Thinking about Markmann too.
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Best of luck to you! You're gonna look great!
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Thank you.
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Welcome and congratulations!
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Thank you. I'm so nervous but excited at the same time.
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Hi lady! I see you live in the same area as me. I can't afford the doctors this far up north and looked into the doctors in FL for better prices and beautiful results. Not knocking dr.markmann. He does good work as well. I do have CareCredit as well already but my boyfriend put his name on the application. His credit was better than mine so it helped a lot.
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So who did you decide to go too? I really like Dr. Markmann work but he is pricey.
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I just contacted a dr.johnathan fisher 30 mins ago and will be hearing back from him today. He is a lot lower and does great work too. He is in FL. I do know that I will be going to FL.
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Awww ok Good luck hunny!!
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