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I had my BBL surgery almost 3 month ago (the end...

I had my BBL surgery almost 3 month ago (the end of february 2011) and I'm lovin it now)) I got my whole stomach, upper and lower back, inner and outer tights + arms done. It costed me around 17K. A lot I know=) From the beginning I didn't consider BBL, just lipo I thought would be enough for me. Because it is an extra money plus condition not being able to sit for 4 weeks was kinda bothering me. And also I already had JLo type of body. So.. But then after visiting couple doctors including Dr M in MD area (I live in Baltimore) I found out that BBL with all areas that I wanted to get lipo on would be just 5K more expensive then liposuction alone with no butt enhancement (compare with some other states in Maryland plastic surgery is pretty expensive). I decided to go with BBL and Dr M (he seemed like the only one professional "butt enhancer" in my area - I didn't want to travel to different state tho).

So I was pretty lucky to get my surgery day in 3 weeks after my 1st consultation. I was nervous because I've never had surgery before... and terrified because of general anesthesia (but Dr M told me that he'd never experienced patient's death because of allergy on anesthesia :) ).

The surgery went well, and I was't that sick after anesthesia as I thought I would be. I liked the stuff in NW Hospital, I experienced good treatment after procedure (I stood for one day in a room). Want to say a few words about the pain level. It was not THAT bad because of antibiotics but every move gave me a lot of pain. Especially in my butt. It was sore and felt like they put rocks instead of fat inside of it. I felt weak I couldn't even move my body:( Well I think all this symptoms are common for those who experienced BBL.

The first week was the worst week ever. I had soreness all over my body, I was waking up 3 times during the night and had to walk because it wasn't possible to lay down on a stomach for a long period of time - the skin was burning. So I used iced packs on my butt and belly. And drainage capacity was making me crazy... The second week was ok but I still couldn't lay down on my stomach for a long period cause of the heat, on the third week I experienced itchiness. The whole body was itching and I scratched myself like crazy. Idk was it the part of healing or because of the garment. 4th week went pretty cool and after this one I started sitting down. At the beginning it was uncomfortable and sometimes painfully. I started laying down on my back after 6 weeks post op. I still had some soreness in my tights and back area and my stomach was kinda numb. But everything looked great! Butt looked round and hard. And btw I was getting my free check ups every week.

Now I'm 8 weeks post op. Nothing is sore. Completely healthy looking and feeling person :) Liposucted areas look fine and nobody can tell that I had something done. Butt is round, I can't say that BBL made it bigger - as Dr M said, BBL is more for those who looking for round shape of buttocks and it helps fulfill the hips. I'm satisfied with my new body: a tiny waist and a full bottom. I can't wait when I ll be able to go to gym to make my result even more perfect. I just wish I could make this surgery done way before - so I wouldn't struggling from all diets.

Now I'm waiting for my 3 month post op appointment and I guess I can ask Dr M for a before and after pictures. Dr M had done an amazing job! Thanks.

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Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Dr M is very professional. I am absolutely satisfied with my result.

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you look great and thanks for providing pictures-how are you doing now?
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Did you have any drains put in after the surgery ? If so for how long
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Hello. Wow you look amazing. Dr. M did a fantastic job! I am also looking to get this done but waiting until I can save enough money. I noticed that you said you still have "dark red marks from drainage tubes in [your] crotch" this where the drainage tubes were? And if so did it hurt?
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Did any of your fat absorb? Do you have any updated pics with pants on??
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Hi I have a consult and was wondering the doc tell you how many ccs he can put in?
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Yes I see the little red dots on your pictures..those are not bad at all....The drainage is inserted on the same hole as the liposuction area?
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nope, lipo hole is in a middle, i barely can see it
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Girl you look amazing !!!!! Nice butt and a small waist !!!!!! I'm having my BBL in a month....

I have one are the liposuction incisions...the little incisions...are they red or dark or like a little would you describe them? Because I dont want them to show too much and scar...would you please let me know?

Thank you !
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hey, thank you
the only incisions you can notice are on my butt (u can see on pic), they are red but heeling pretty well. I have scar from lipo on my back (bra-roll area), it is already white and looks like somebody pinch me with a nails, i think it will be less noticeable in a little while. Also I still have dark red marks from drainage tubes in my crotch, they bother me most of all. If they not gonna pale I will use laser treatment
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b4 pics help so we know how much to fill our booty up with =) you look great , cant wait for mine
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do u have a b4 pic?
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yes, they are on Dr M official website
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I am seriously considering this procedure and I love this site because I get insite from people who have been through it. I wanted to ask, not to get too personal, but did you go through a finance company to pay for the procedure or you paid for it outright. I am looking into financial options because I really want the procedure done.
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No i didn't. But Dr M office accept financing through some finance companies
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You look great!!! I do have a question...did the doctor give u garments that covered ur butt or was ur butt "out"?
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Thank You))
All 3 garment did cover my butt. But they had a hole so I could do my "needs" without taking it off.
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Your results look great! I am schedule to have the same done with Dr. month. I am really excited. It seems I made the right choice to have him do the procedure. So how may ccs did he use for each cheek? Are you able to workout yet?
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He removed almost 5liters of fat from the whole body and put around 900ccs per cheek.
I feel myself great and ready to work out but Dr M advised to wait and start only after 3 month post op.
Good luck with ur surgery!!
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Wow 900ccs?! I am hoping he can get enough fat from me so that I can have a true apple bottom. LOL right now I have a plum bottom as my co-worker says. LOL So what were your measurements before and after, if you don't mind me asking. I'm currently 5'6" 154lbs and my measurements are
Waist- 32

My ideal measurement would be
Waist- 26
So do you have any suggestions to help recover faster? Like taking special vitamins or using something to help heal the scars faster?
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Well I already had a nice butt before surgery - right now it's just more round and hard. When I was 2 weeks post op my measurements were 37-27-41. I don't know about changes now I didn't measure myself. I guess my waist got smaller. And my heigh is 5'6'', weight before surgery was 140Ibs.
I'm sure Dr M will do his best to make ur dream come true)) He suck every possible drop of fat and put it in. So I guess the final result depends from how body responds on extra fat from "outside". But I think you won't be disappoint, anyway you will see changes. Maybe you won't get a Kim K look, cause for that case I think better go with implants, but ur butt and hips will be rounder for sure.
IDK any tips for better recover, sorry. I just rested a lot during first 2 weeks, didn't sit for 4 weeks and yeah, don't forget to buy "trash picker" - It will help you to pick up dropped things from the floor or just simply to pull up ur pants cause it will be very difficult to stoop down. And I did nothing to heel my scars. As you can see I still have some red spots on my butt. They should go white in a while. I hope so)))
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You look Amazing!!
Did Dr. M use drains for you?
Did you have 2 compression garments or just one?
I am having this procedure late June.
Congratulations on your successful procedure!!
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Yeah he did. I think it is necessary to have drains.
And I got 3 garments - 1st I woke up in and other 2 they gave me I think after my first consultation.
Good luck)) It's gonna be hard to wear garment in summer time but I think It will worth it=)
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Thank goodness I live in Washington state! Summers aren't that hot here.
I know you will enjoy your summer with your new shape. Thanks for the advice about the garments!
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Congratulations! You look great!
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Thank you=)
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