Breast Implants Still Great 8 Years Later

I had always been less than happy with my small,...

I had always been less than happy with my small, uneven breasts. I did consultations with nine area surgeons after extensive research in the spring of 2002. Many of them told me that there was really only one way to do a breast augmentation and that was very large.

This doctor took the time to understand my goals and I never felt rushed when talking with him. He is very patient and willing to explain the medical and aesthetic aspects of any procedure. This doctor was upfront about what to expect and return visits were easy and helpful.

I am now coming up to 8 years and have never regretted having the work done. I went from a 34A or B (depending on my weight at the time) to a 34C or D. It fits my proportions better and my nipple size looks much better with this size breast. This doctor performed a slight lift on one breast to even them out and the scarring is so minimal. As breast implants have risks over time, I have returned for check-ups and they have always been easy to schedule and I never have to wait long. The doctor is willing to answer any question and does so thoughtfully.

If it has only been 2 weeks, it may still be swelling. Swelling does not always occur symmetrically. I would recommend that you give it a full 2-3 months to see your final size and shape before you make any final determinations about size of asymmetry
It is two weeks since my breast augmentation surgery and I am concerned that my left breast is too big. I had the procedure because my right breast was always smaller than the left. I questioned the doctor multiple times if the cc's were proportational and she consistently stated yes. I hade 250 cc in my right and 200cc in the left. And the left looks much bigger and I am upset because even the left nipple is facing off to the left of the breast whereas the right nipple is perfectly centered. Do you think I am still more swollen on the left or did the doctor incorrectly judge the amount needed in the left. I think I could have gone with 175 cc or even 150 cc. Thanks
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

As I mentioned in my review, I did extensive research on the procedure and all its options, then consulted 8 other doctors before selecting my Dr. He is patient and thorough and a very, very good surgeon.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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