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My Brazilian Butt Lift experience with MY surgeon...

My Brazilian Butt Lift experience with MY surgeon and his entire staff was nothing short of 100% PLEASANT, FUN, and at the end.... EXTREMELY REWARDING. I had a lot of problem areas and got several areas worked on.... but, from the first consultation, to the financing, to the staff updates, all the way up to the actual surgery, Dr. Markmann and his staff went out of their way to make, what can be a very stressful situation an enjoyable one.

PROS: (in chronological order)
*They get you in for your first consultation as soon as possible

*At your first consultation the staff was very friendly and attentive during my wait

*You meet with the actual plastic surgeon the first time as opposed to just a consultant on the staff

*During your consultation, he listens to exactly what you want to achieve.

*He doesn't try to "Upsell" you and attempt to talk you into getting any other procedures that you don't feel that you need.

*He's very knowledgable.

*He's a STRAIGHT SHOOTER. He gives the patient realistic expectations (which he actually exceeds by the time he's finished operating on you)

*Financing was a breeze. They were very patient and flexible. The staff made every effort to make sure the procedure fit into my budget without compromising my final product.

*He operates out of a hospital as opposed to a sketchy plastic surgeon's office. Think about it, a hospital wouldn't allow a doctor to continue to operate if he wasn't a grade A surgeon.

*The team at the hospital was also very friendly.

*They made me feel like my operation day was MY DAY.

*Anesthesia and the actual surgery for my procedures went something like: wait... I was just laughing with you guys, now 2 seconds later I'm waking up to "CONGRATULATIONS (Insert Name Here) your surgery went amazing and you look stunning!" [the amazing part is I had seven-eight hours worth of procedures and it seemingly went by in a blink of an eye]

*He literally personally calls me on the regular to check on my progress and has made a post-operation appointment with me once a week every week since the procedure to make sure everything is recovering smoothly.

*Because there's no big egotistical billboard with his face on it in the DC area saying "PICK ME! IM THE BEST SURGEON IN THE AREA" There's a chance that you may not choose him, which would be a LOSS for you. ...thats the only con I can think of.

I can go on for days about how my doctor is the best and should be the ONLY choice. I had so many doctors I considered and consulted with and as soon as I met with him, I knew this was the right choice. He is truly gifted and Maryland's best kept secret.

I'm currently in my third week of recovery. I literally already have my dream physique. Tiny waist, a sensual arch in my back, a butt that is better thank Kim Kardashian's, and the hips of Jessica Rabbit. Haha. And This is with the recovery swelling. I actually met with him today and he said that my waist will do nothing but get tinier as the swelling goes down over the next few months. WHAT? You mean to tell me it gets better after this?! "WINNING"

As I progress in my post-operative stages, I will keep you guys posted!


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I forgot to let you guys no that I'm open to...

I forgot to let you guys no that I'm open to answering any and all questions that my review didn't cover.


Great results! You look amazing!!!! So glad you had a good experience and hope you continue healing well. Can't wait to get mine!
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Oh did you travel far? If so how did you travel by plane or car?
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I had one consult with Dr.M and I am going for my second November 18.It's a big investment.I am so nervous to do it but I think I will regret if I don't do it!I have been researching for two years.What did you have to start with? I have a butt.It's not flat but definately not a bubble and in desperate need of a shelf.You look phenominal!!!!!!!!!Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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My butt and hips are now more shapely than it was...

My butt and hips are now more shapely than it was when I took those last pics. I still have post lipo swelling in my torso, waist, and inner thighs.... but its starting to go down. Its true, if the procedure is done right, your butt and hips will continue to get curvier AFTER the procedure!!! YAY!!!

The guys are flocking by the way!

*I updated the cost to include the hospital care, anesthesia and overnight fees*


All I can say is WOWWWWW!

Obviously you won't be single for that long after this, but I had a legitimate question for you about men's responses.

After how long of dating someone would you disclose your procedure? Your awesome booty is definitly going to be an initial attraction for men, so when they tell you it was one of the things they loved about you at first, do you feel guilty at all?

If I ever came into the money I would love to get this, but I would feel a little dishonest having this amazing backside and a guy thinking the shape's all natural. Thanks for your thoughts!
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Thank you for the compliment.
As far as disclosure time frames, I can't accurately answer that because it's only been a month and a day since my procedure.

But as far as feeling guilty is concerned, why would I? My rear end wouldn't be a matter of INITIAL attraction because guys see me from the front first, and believe or not, I'm PRETTY. MY face and my perfect smile is what has and always will be the quality that baits the guys. This procedure is something I did for MYSELF. If you are considering getting ANY procedure done for any reason other than that, you need to re-evaluate before you lie down on the operation table.

I've always known what my personal flaws were, but dressed in a way where the rest of the world couldn't notice them. Even when I discussed the procedure with those near and dear to me, they thought I was crazy because to them my body was "perfect" .... I knew what to wear to compliment my body prior to my procedure.

So no, I have zero feelings of dishonesty and its not a matter of them "thinking its all natural" because IT IS. Do your research on this procedure and you will find that there are ZERO foreign objects implanted/injected into my beloved body, hence it being "ALL NATURAL"....

Hope this answered your question Sugarpop ;-)
You look good girl!
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Just had another post-op appt today. As of...

Just had another post-op appt today. As of 11/13/11 it has been officially a month since my procedure. I've been sitting for a little over a week now (under the doctors orders) so he needed to see how everything is since my change in activity.

Dr. M was EXTREMELY happy to see everything healing and shaping to his expectations. He kept saying how great my new shape looked (as if he didn't create it himself. Such a humble guy. Lol)

I'm still wearing my compression garment at all times, except when I'm showering, and I've gone without it twice around early week 4 when i went out to a local club or bar for around 3-4 hours.

Got anymore questions? Hit me up!!!
Keep u guys posted!!


I have hips for days. I am going to post some pics so everyone can see what I'm working with. I am 5 feet 5 inches and weigh 152 pounds. I was gaining the weight for the surgery. Hey ,Vixen how is your backside holding up?? I mean as far as shrinkage.
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Congrats @ girly7! I'm sure you cant go wrong with Dr. M... He's a true artist!
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Had my second consult.I'm booked for march second.Still so nervous!hoping to get the projection I want!Just wish I knew 100% everything is going to turn out the way I want it too.Hey vixen what kind of projection did you have before?When I was in with doc M.he said I would have great results and but did not know if he could get me as big as the pics I showed him.Such as Angel lola,cocoa etc......He said he could get 5000cc's of fat and after purified it would leave me 1200cc's for each cheek.I was just wondering what he said in your consult about your expectations during your consult?
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Hey RS fam. Im 7 weeks in. I feel great. And I...

Hey RS fam. Im 7 weeks in. I feel great. And I have just as much fat retained as I did in week 1. Im here for tips, tricks, and answers to any questions. Keep u guys posted. Official surgeon released before and after shots coming soon!


Vixen, you're looking better and better by the day! girl you look amazing! Double congrats!!!
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You look amazing grly! I'm having a BA/BL with lipo but I'm considering getting a fat transfer to the butt after seeing your pics! How long till you were able to sit down on your butt?
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Damn girl!!!
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So as of the 13th. It has officially been 2...

So as of the 13th. It has officially been 2 months!!! I went out to a celebrity filled event to celebrate and to my surprise, I was actually one of the main attractions.
The DJ and MCs kept giving me mic shootouts the entire night, complimenting my physique and how I was "Wearing that dress" (most common phrase I've heard since the surgery)
I even was photographed with a a few celebs (names remain private) and made it on TWO blog/tabloid sites (name remains private) with them the next day!!
Im not bragging but it feels SO GOOD to be such a head turner. You can't put a price on exuding 100% confidence. Thats worth all the money in the world to me.

BTW, because of how well done my procedure was... my booty continues to get rounder and perkier by the week. I feel really bad for those who say they've lost fat in their rear end during recovery... It seems like the opposite with me. Im feeling little to no pain at this point, incision sites are almost completely faded, and my rear is SUPER soft. This was a success. Go #TeamMarkmann! OK guys! Talk to you soon!!


r u able to exercise after??? im not my goal weight but i cant lose it all becuz i want it to go to my butt... alsooo can u please tell me what ur measurements are.. i want my waist - butt ration EXACTLY like yours..
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K. Thanks ladies!!! Keep in touch. Imma finish doing my research!!
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Thanks ms.boss I really appreciate the prayers I wont be going until june but im all set I will be staying at club med and like tru said I have had the priviledge of talking to some one wondeful ladies who have already been and have gotten wonderful results get me posted on your decision
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I think you just made up my mind about switching my Doc seriously, and i can't even see your pics!!! Winning lollll (in your Voice)
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Where are your pics?
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im thinking about going with dr markmann......is there a reason why i cant see your photos ?
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GUESS WHO BIZACKKK!! Sorry guys, I've been MIA...


Sorry guys, I've been MIA for quite some time. Enjoying life and loving my BODY BY MARKMANN.
Now by popular demand, I'm reposting my pictures and adding new ones.

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Why the price is worth it: NO MATTER WHAT I DO,...

Why the price is worth it:

NO MATTER WHAT I DO, I will ALWAYS have a flat stomach.
You get what you pay for, Dr. Markmann removes every fat cell available from places that you never want weight gain and anchors them in places where you dont mind it. I've binged out on ice cream, milk, cookies, etc for months and the only result is (gas. lol) and bigger boobs, hips, and a phat booty... IT IS PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME TO GET ANY PUDGE IN MY STOMACH/ WAIST AREA at this point. Winning. #CheersToAPermanentHourGlassBody (no Skinny Girl Cocktails necessary. lol)

Some people just concentrate on big butts... while the rest of their physique is.... still ...sloppy. How can you put a price on being able to eat what you want and look good ALL OVER?!


Hello. Glad to hear you're happy with an Maryland surgeon and your bbl/liposculpture results. Pics please?
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Hello - Are you still pleased with the results?
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do you have pics?! please! im thinking about markmann
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Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

HE'S THE BEST AND YOU SHOULD STOP RESEARCHING AND JUST BOOK HIM TODAY!! The only reasons he doesn't get 5 stars all the way down is because he's a VERY BUSY and great doctor. He's in high demand, meaning sometimes you will have a little bit of a wait depending on what day and time your appointment is.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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