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Duran Doll in the making.... BA & BBL- Elizabeth, NJ

Ok so I've been stalking this site for the past 5...

Ok so I've been stalking this site for the past 5 months.... Ive seen so many transformations and I'm totally obsessed. I'm a thin girl (151pounds , 5'4 in height ) with not much of a shape....I want the hour glass shape ill be satisfied with thicker hips and a nice round booty =).... Ive had previous lipo suction about 1 yr ago and than a bbl about 5 months ago ( not happy at all, there is no difference on my booty ).... I also got my breast done which I am considering on getting redone also with yily....So looking up and seeing post of Yily I would love to become one of her dolls. My only concern is I'm seeing more and more bad reviews on her. How she has gotten sloppy due to so many people coming to see her from the states. I'm looking into going to see her next year around march/april to be ready for summer 2014. My other concern is i don't know if I will have enough fat to get the the look i want..... Ive contacted Yily the total cost she gave me was $3100.... I also asked her a few other questions but I feel like the replies are somewhat copied and paste..... Please help dolls I really want to get this procedure sone but i'm scared of infections and other things.... I would appreciate if anyone can share experiences or pictures thank you
Wow rude ppl! Do your research and pick who is right for you!
I was new at the time.... Now I'm back :) I read many reviews and I think I'm switching to dr.duran
Why the hell are you so adamant that you want Yily to do your surgery after reading so many bad reviews? Find another surgeon and stop being so foolish

Duran Doll in the making

Ok so I'm back :).... After reading many not so good reviews about Yily I've decided to go with Dr.Duran. Now we all know Yily has gotten a bbl so why not go with the surgeon who worked on Yily :).... I've read many great reviews about Duran and how great she is with the after care. I'm currently waiting on a quote from Duran, I'm sure she's very busy but I'm crossing my fingers she gets back to me ASAP. I'm determined to get the surgery done this year. I'm looking into end of June first week of July. I'm looking for a buddy :) if anyone is going around that time please contact me.

As I mentioned in my previous blog I'm 25yrs old, 5"5 weighing about 145.... I've been struggling with my weight for a few years. I lost about 20 pounds and now I'm trying to gain in back for this surgery. I've previously had breast augmentation about 2 yrs ago but I am not happy at all with them :( also I had a bbl and my previous surgeon obviously didn't know what he was doing the lipo was good but the fat transfers wasn't. I think I had more booty before the bbl. He said he transferred 300cc per buttock but I had no drains which now I think to myself "wth did he really do?" My only concern is that I don't have enough fat for the results that I want. I sent my pictures to dr.salam in Miami and he stated I gain 15-20pounds which is a big issue to me, but I'm def trying to eat more to prepare for the surgery. I will try to write daily on my journey. I'm Excited and certain of my decision.

Appointment made for the last week of July :)

So I called Dr.Durans office this morning and made an appointment for the last week of July. I originally wanted to go beginning of July but they are BOOKED!!!!! I'm still waiting to get my quote but I wanted to make sure I had an appointment made. As soon as I get my quote I'm putting my deposit down. I'm so excited :) I'm not really nervous since I've previously had BA & Lipo. I just pray she's nice and takes good care of me and gives me the results I've been dreaming off since my previous surgery.

Looking For A Travel Buddy =) Anyone going JULY 28, 2014?

I'm located in New Jersey more than likely I will book to depart from Newark NJ or JFK in NEW York. I'm currently traveling alone but would love to find someone to go with.

Anyway I'm still waiting on a response from Dr.Duran. Praying she gets back to me asap. I'm so excited, I just pray I get the results I want since she's wayyyyyy more experienced with BBL then the first Dr I went to.
I am going to stay posted on your page, as I am considering going in June or July! :)
@pina_colada hey doll, sounds great :).... What are you getting done? Did you get a quote yet? I would love to buddy up with someone :)
What do BA stand for...

Still No Quote

So I called this morning and the receptionist stated "Dr.Duran will be responding to e-mails tomorrow." Crossing my fingers I get a response I'm impatiently waiting.

Meanwhile I contacted a Dr. in Miami who does great BBL but is too expensive. We had a phone consult and he stated I gain 10-15 pounds. I'm not so fond about that idea =( but for some reason I believe I should. He said he isn't sure if what I have is Fibrosis due to prior liposuction or actual Fat. I had liposuction 2 yrs ago and about 1 yr ago I went for a BBL which did nothing to my behind. I had no drains inserted or anything which now I wonder what did the dr. do =/. He stated " You didn't have much fat"

Anyway just waiting on a response...

Dr.Yily Quoted Me

Ok so I've been going back and fourth which I believe to be one of dr.yilys interpreter and I must admit she's quick in replying. She quoted me $4800 total. BBL $3500 plus $300 for inner thigh lipo & $1000 for BA. Price has defentley increased but still not too bad. I'm still waiting on Duran quote i would prefer Duran. Her work is amazing but so is Yilys I've just seen a few reviews how Yilys gotten cocky and after care is not as great as Duran. HURRY DURAN :)) . If I go with Yily it would be July 8th , 2014 I requested first patient so all my blood work will be done the 7th.

No Reply From Duran

Ok so no reply from Duran just yet.... I'll have to keep waiting blaaaaa..... I know she's super busy but this waiting sucks.... Meanwhile I've decided to start posting on my weight gain.... My goal is 155/160 I know the more fat the bigger the booty lol.... Currently I'm 147 I've gained a few pounds this past month.... I'll update soon hopefully I'll get a response from Duran soon

Decided to contact Bella Vita for Help

So I’m too impatient…. Per Dr.Duran’s receptionist she was going to reply to emails this past weekend. I’ve been a stalker lol I sent Dr.Duran three emails from three different e-mail addresses and no reply. I’ve also read reviews and some girls stated the dates they e-mailed her which was after I did and they got a reply. I’m starting to think maybe Dr.Duran pick and chooses. So I’ve decided to go with Jazmine services ( Bella Vita), I e-mailed her a few minutes ago. All I wanted was a quote but I also see she schedules everything else such as surgery date, helps with deposit information, nurses, massages, Recovery homes etc. I’ve read nothing but great things about her so I’m happy to start working with her. I will update on how promptly she replies =)
keep me updated hun i will be hiring her on the 28th, im just waiting on my buddy so we can do it together. keep us posted
Ok I will do so :)

Jazmine Navarro (Bella Vita)

Jazmine e-mailed me back with the Bella Vita contract. I Just filled it out and sent it back with some of my pictures. Waiting for the pay pal invoice so I can make payment and get my journey officially started. I'm happy I came across her services, she also offers transportation to beaches, mall etc. I'm thinking on going out there 3 days prior to surgery so I will ask her if they can provide transpiration to Punta Cana =) makes me feel much safer. I will keep you guys posted on how quickly she replies and gets my quote.... Its been 2 weeks since I contacted Dr.Duran and no reply =( so crossing my fingers Jazmine can get a quote for me.
Sounds like a little fun included
@coloradomaiden Just a little ;).... Do you have your dates set yet?
Yayyyyyyyyyy im glad for u. Im stuck im going january and duran does not book 6 months prior :/ but jazmine has an advanced list for those situations im glad she was able to help you out hun

Jazmine Navarro (Bella Vita) Replies

I contacted Jazmine Navarro (Bella Vita Consultants) yesterday around 3pm & received a reply today at 12am. The reply was basically the terms and agreements, followed by some questions such as age, height, weight, any prior surgeries etc and last but not least signature required. I sent it back around 9:30am this morning, and she sent a pay pal invoice of $159 around 10pm. So 20minutes later I paid the invoice. Now I'm excited :) I'm sure I'll get a quote soon hopefully in less than 24hrs but I've read usually within 2-3 days. Either way Jazmine got back to me pretty quick and it feels good to get a response due to still not getting a reply from Dr.Duran.

Anyway I will keep you ladies posted :)
yayyyyyyyyy im so happy for you :) she will get you that quote you want doll
Thanks I'm so excited :).... I can't wait to be a Duran Doll get work is beyond amazing. I just pray everything goes good for me and I get the body I've wanted for years

Wish Pics

Hips & Booty Please

I need to put on a few pounds

Just adding some pictures

Pics of me prior to surgery

Just adding some pictures....working on gaining 10-15 pounds. If anyone has any suggestions on gaining weight (healthier way preferred) please let me know :)
I can't wait to see your results! Considering being a Duran doll myself...
I can't wait July 28th seems so far yet so close :).... Did you get a quote yet?

Just an update

So Jazmine e-mailed me, her newborn was sick so that's why I took her 2 days to reply. She stated "I have everything I need from you right now, I send my case load to Dra. Duran on Sundays and should have a response for you by Monday. If there is anything you need in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me"
Now I'm just waiting to get my quote lets hope for Monday :).

On the other hand I've been eating a lot to gain this weight but I see no difference tho the scale does :|. It's still only February so 5months so go. I hope jazmine can change my date to early July :) I wanna flaunt Dr.Duran's work this summer :)
hun you can still set a date even if you dont have a quote?
No but I kinda lied lol.... When they asked me if I had a quote I said yea and made told them 3400 but of course when I get my quote through Jazmine I will let her know I already have my date and she can update my quote. It's just a small little lie lol I knew if I waited for her to reply it'll be forever and she was already booked to the end of July and I wanted to go June :(

Just an update

So u haven't received a quote yet blaaaaaaa :(. Still waiting on Jazmine hope to hear from her soon. I'm really hoping she can change my date to early June or late June. Anyway still eating like crazy trying to get some fat for a big booty :). I'll start drinking weight gaining protein shakes starting March. Currently at 150 but it goes up and down my goal is 165 by July I think I'll reach it.

I finally Got my quote from Dr.Duran

So Jazmine from Bella Vita emailed me back with a quote of $5800 for Lipo with BBL and BA. Honestly that's $1000 more than what yily quoted me, her price has def increased. Regardless I'm sticking to Duran because I love her work. Kinda sucks though I was thinking I would spend $5800 with airfare round trip, massages and recovery house. I don't mind spending the money I just hope I get the results I want IN DURAN I TRUST lol

So I asked Jazmine about the weight gain she replied " I have already answered that. Dra. Duran would have advised me if you had to gain or lose weight. Gaining weight is hardly ever recommended." Seems a little weird since I have close to no fat thanks to hitting the gym everyday and crazy diet for about 5 months. Also 2 drs from the USA said I should gain 10-15 pounds. Either way I will gain just because I want noticeable results.

So now I'm excited :))))))) Tomorrow I will work on sending in my $250 deposit that she requires to hold the date.
Hellll yeaaaaaa its onnnn now. But hun u though 5800 eith everything? We wish, thats one a small part but dammmm just for that 5800 mines is the same but adding tt shit duran expensive
Yes she is freaken expensive but still half off compared to the states lol. Yily had quoted me $1000 less and it's funny because when I first contacted her back in 2012 she was charging $3800. I regret not going to dr. To begin with but it's on now lol. I believe Duran's prices recently increased I see a few girls who where quoted less than $5800 with TT. I'm going to keep emailing her from a different email address to see if she quotes me any less ;)

I'm Looking Recovery Home HELPPPPP

So I got my quote, working on sending my deposit and I need top start looking for a recovery home. I have no clue how to start looking for a Recover home HELPPPPPP!!!! Someone please give me some names =). Due to my quote from Duran being $5800 for BBL, & BA plus $150 meds and $130 insurance I’m trying to budget myself some. Please send me some names along with some estimated prices.

Last but not least does anyone have a list of items we should take with us? Such as Maxi pads, Loose clothing, Sanitary wipes etc??

Thank you Dolls =)
Girly get ur self in a group rh are expensive also massages
Do you know how much they run? Also how do I get myself in a group? Thank you so much for the info

Upscale Recovery House It Is

So i didn't do much research on other recovery homes but Upscale seems legit. Price Includes
Room with private bathroom
24 hour nursing care
24 hour wait staff
Daily Meals & Snacks
Free Wi-Fi Flat Screen TV w/cable
Transportation between our facility and your clinic
Personal assistant to run errands
Ambulance on standby 24 hours a day

So you do not need to find a buddy for cheaper rates, they charge according to what room you choose. Rates are as followed

Single Room
Patient Rate $100 per night

Single bed with firm supportive mattress
Private bathroom with shower
Full length mirror
Lock Box with key
Night Stand
Flat screen TV

Double Room
Patient Rate $85 per night per patient
Guest Rate $75 per night per guest

Two Single beds with firm supportive mattress
Private bathroom with shower
Full length mirror
Lock Box with Key
Two Night Stands
Flat screen TV

Triple Room
Patient Rate $75 per night per patient
Guest Rate $65 per night per guest

Three Single beds with firm supportive mattress
Private bathroom with shower
Full length mirror
Lock Box with key
Three Night Stands
Flat screen TV

So far Upscale it is =)
I only one lipo and my butt shaped not bigger
I am looking into Dr Duran, who is this Bella Vita that help you. I don't mind going in July.
Her name is Jazmine from Bella vita consultants you pay a fee of $150 and she gets you a quote. The unlucky ones like myself who dr.duran didn't get back To usually go through bra vita. She got me my quote in 4days. I'm scheduled for July 28th but working with Jazmine to book me in june

Not very happy with Bella vita consultants

So if you pay $159 for a consultant in my eyes service should be great! On Monday she said she might have a earlier date in her data base it's now Wednesday and still no response. She asked me Monday to call her after 3pm, I did her phone was off. I emailed her she responded call after 7pm the later the better hmmm called at 7pm no answer, called at 9pm no answer even called at 12am no answer phone was off all day. Don't tell a customer to call at a certain time and your phone is off! So I emailed her and no reply yet, yes it's only been one day but the services are payed for so if this is a business customers should be #1 priority.

Trying to wire my Deposit

Ok so does anyone one if I can wire through western union? My bank is charging me $45 so I wanna go a cheaper route...
Jazmine doesnt do it for u? To pay the deposit?
If you ask her to yes but I kinda wanted to do it on my own. But now that you mention that I'll do it through her if there's no fee.

Jazmine responds

So Jazmine got a quote from Yily $4500 for BBL & Ba wahhhhh that's $1300 cheaper than Duran. Also $300 cheaper than what Yily quoted me when I emailed her myself. Yily also stated I need to gain 10-15 pounds which I figured and found it weird that Duran did not say that. Anyway though Yily is much cheaper I'm just in love with Duran's work and I'm 99.9% sure I'm going with Duran.

So working in getting a earlier date and sending in my deposit and of course gaining 10-15 pounds.

No Luck

Had my day off today so I wanted to send out my deposit and try to get an earlier date. I emailed Jazmine told her how I thought going trough bella vita would be a much easier process but it's just as hard communicating with her. One email a day is not cutting it for me at all. I need to send this deposit and find an earlier date soon because I also have to coordinate with work. Feeling a little upset because I feel like I don't know where I stand. Ughhhhh goodnight
Hun i understand your frustration. And im not trying to defend her you have ur point but remember is many girls that hire her and not only at cipla at other places too. She will pull through.
Yes you're so right, I'm just getting so frustrated girl :(. Between trying to find an earlier date and coordinating with work it's becoming so hectic. But I believed she hired a girl named Jazzelyn who I just spoke to, Total sweetheart!! She said she will contact me in a few minutes to see if she can switch me to a sooner date. I'm a total emotional wreck lol from excited to nervous to anxious lol. I just can't wait till it's all over and I have my dream body lol...

Woke up to great news :) 111 days to go :)

I woke up to an e-mailed from Jazzelyn, my date will be switched from July 28th to June 11 :)))))))))))). Sending in my deposit via pay pal today, just to make it that much easier for myself :).

So yesterday I bought a case of Ensure for my weight gain goal. I will keep you ladies posted on how that works out for me, just incase there's ever someone else in my situation :|. My weight as of now is still 149 blaaaaa

I'll update soon
Im stayin at upscale RH too. It seems koo and I like some of the things it comes with... I have 18 days left
Nice!! Are you also going to Duran?
No ma am. I wanted her but she never e mailed me back. Im going to Yily

Just an update

So after hearing about the girls death I've been not so excited. Just really nervous about going ahead with surgery. Though I've had surgery in the past it's still very scary. I dislike having all these thoughts in my head because I really want to go through with surgery. I still have 3 months to go so let's hope I stay calm and my head clear .
Noooooo u dont have nothing tied up in ur stomach. If she will kill someone every week then ok. Hun dont listen to those things. U will be fine . I woke up with 45 emails just talking shit bout duran and its the same people that were kissing her ass talking about oh duran is so loving duran is so amazing. I just think the whole situation is sad. But its not fair this got turned to her because even the girls friend said it was not durans fault. W.e rip treena she is in doll heaven and im over the fact all the shit talking making ppl change their minds. Cabral have killed more people and ppl still going to him and coming out with fucking banging bodies. So Let the journey continue and u will be just fine.
You're 100% right! Do you know if the girl didn't tell Duran about her lap band? Honestly I always get like this b4 surgery it's just an exciting /scary experience. I'm also going there alone and not telling my mother or father because last time I got surgery my mom caught a panic attack so I want to avoid that this time. When it comes to me the thought of anesthesia drives her insane. So that's why it's a little more scary for me, only my co-worker and 2 of my guy friends know :(. I'm sure I won't chicken out but I'm just overthinking it so much more. I still think Duran is great and if I'm doing any surgery it will be with her only. I believe this is the only death she's had correct? What also got me scared what the situation with the girl who can't walk because they believe she touched her verve while doing the BBL. I trust Duran and I just hope June hurries lol

Received My Safe :)

So I ordered a small safe about 3 days ago, I recommend 100% very easy to use and setting a pass code took me no longer than 2 min. I will be attaching this to my bed during surgery, just to make sure my valuables don't go missing :)
Every surgery carries risk. I worked for orthopedic surgeons and one patient after ankle surgery had a blood clot go to her lungs and killed her. It is a risk you tAke every time u have surgery. Just read the papers u sign before surgery.
Your absolutely correct CM, Beverly brignoni just passed because of this. My prayers goes out to her fam.
Every Dr has a past, even in the U.S. If you get down to the bottom of it it wasn't neglect on Durans part. I agree with La_MUlaTA22 ppl jump on and off band wagons. Follow your heart and I'll follow your review.....Besos

Ready to book my flight

So Jasmine emailed me saying the date she gave me June 11, 2014 is internal meaning only she can give me that date. So I emailed her back "is it ok to book my flight now" I just want to be on the safe side lol. While looking up flights round trip is currently going for $450. I posted on my Facebook status "if thats a good price" I got a lot of responses saying yes especially for that date. Once I get my last confirmation from Jazmine I'll book, hopefully tonight if not most def Tomorrow.

Does anyone know if it's recommended to book round trip or just one way and purchasing returning flight In DR?
Check now and gauge the price. It could swing either way
Really excited about seeing how your surgery turns out! We have a lot in common as far as our journey is concerned.. Jazmine, Duran, date changes, weight gain.. I wish we were going at the same time!!! My weight has been up and down too, it sucks. I was just up to 152 last week and now i'm back down to 148 :(.. I stopped drinking heavy cream, thinking that Ensure would be enough.. maybe that's part of the problem. I also share your concern with the health risk.. I haven't heard of any one dying on Duran, but I did read about a woman on RS who lost use of her leg because apparently Duran injected fat into her sciatic nerve. Pretty scary.. but like ColoradoMaiden said, there are ALWAYS risks with surgery. Even with US physicians.. these procedures are no walk in the park! We can do this though!!!
I wish we were going the same date:( I'm hoping to find someone going on June 11, 2014 just for that support system. I love real self I've spoken to some really great girls. Girl I was weighing 160 about 5 months ago but started going to the gym and eating clean never thinking I will actually go to dr for surgery. Five months later my new goal is working on getting my weight back lol. I've gained about 4 pounds in a month or so. I eat really bad :) greasy foods, chips I'm also starting to eat at night. I just started drinking ensure about 2-3 a day. I'm trying to gain the most possible weight cause girl " I want my ass to be stupiddddd bigggg with some killer hips" lol. I also heard about the lady and the leg problem it yes there is a risk in every surgery. May god be with her and help her get better soon :(. What look are you going for Hun? Hips? Booty? heart shaped?


Does anyone know how to get the Heparin? Or if it's provided with the $150 cost in medication we need to purchase once in Dominican Republic?

Flight Booked

MY FLIGHT IS BOOKED =). Ok ladies so I depart June 10th at 7:45pm from JFk in NY and land June 10th at 11:58pm in D.R. My flight totaled $450.10 round trip, good deal if you ask me =).
who did you book thru? what airlines?
I went through Expedia & the airline is Delta hun
ok. imma check it out. I keep getting prices like 8 and 9. I wish I could find a 4 something

Recover house Upscale it is

So I'll be staying at upscale :).... Currently in the process of sending in my deposit....

Anyway just adding some pictures of my weight gain.... I weight myself this morning and I was at 153 moving on up :)
Good luck girls....am hoping to book an app in around July\August...am confused...got 3 doctors in mind....Duran/Yily /Robles...they all sound good only today i read simewhea of a death...not sure what happened and someone commented with Duran.....something i guess a band burst in her.....dint understand really...heard of it???? Well as one of you say....it could happen anywhere....scary though....good luck you all....
@jeccey I believe the girl had lap band surgery... Duran did her surgery and the girl was fine but I think she had complications with her lap band... May her soul rest in peace :(.... I'm going with dr.duran her work is amazing in my eyes.... Do your research doll you can get a lot of info and post op pics, also te journey of other Girls help a lot...
Thanks sweetie....let us know how you get on....I'll contact her and get a quote....wish you the best.....

152 pounds Going up Going Up :p

I'm addicted to getting on the scale. Yea I'm gaining little by little :).... Mid May I'm eating a donut everyday morning and at bed time.

In love with realself my new journal :). Adding some pictures just to see my progress as I move forward in my journey

Some funny Meme thought is share lol

???????????????? Soon to be Dominican


How do I join Dr.Durans Facebook group?
anyone going june 14 or 16
I'm going June 10th surgery June 11.... Where are you staying hun
Do u have a travel buddy

Dr.Duran Responded on what's app

Ok so I messages her like last week just asking about my weight since I was concerned. Just 5 min ago she replied to gain 10lbs and no more.... I'm still trying for 15lbs I want my donk and hips looking right :)
Do you have Durans what's app #
‪+1 809‑707‑7163‬

99 Days left :)

June 11 can't come fast enough lol. Weight is currently at 153, 12 more pounds to go. Might gain a few extra pounds just to make sure I get the hips and booty I want, better safe than sorry lol.

Got all my vitamins and a few maxi dresses. Still have to buy a few things but I'll get there. Anyway just a little update :-*
Woooohooooooo i cannot wait to see that booty.
Girl me neither lol

Recovery House booked & 95 days to go

Ok so I'll be staying at Upscale Recovery House. My total came to $500 with round trip pick up and drop off to the airport. Deposit was $100 so I owe $400 not bad at all. Thats from June 11-June 19 since I'm arriving same day as my surgery they are checking me in the 12 and I got one day free since I'll be staying 7 nights+... Wooohooooo I'm a happy camper :).

Weight is currently 155 another reason to be happy lol.... I've been eating everything :| specially before bed.... I'll leaving to Peru for in 2 weeks for about a week. When I get back donuts for breakfast and bedtime snack it is. I need all the fat I can get lol
Whoooooo! You're gonna look amazing girl. That weight gain = more booty lol
Yes!!!! Thanks girl I can't wait.... When is your SX date?
Me and La_MUlaTA22 are going Jan 11, 2015!

New Cabral Group

So finally a Drama Free Cabral group. Join ladies share you experience pre and post, help future patients make the right choice and gain knowledge from your experience...

With that being said I contacted Cabral and in 5minutes he quoted me $5750 for BA, Lipo & BBL... $50 cheaper than Duran.... I asked him a few other questions such as "do I need to gain weight" but he didn't reply only quoted me. I know for a fact he will give me a small waist but I'm so stuck on Duran :)....
Thanx u mami for supporting the new cabral group. And u know i always follow u even if im not going to duran . Ur comments will always be welcome
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Cabral VS Duran

So at one point I was determined on Duran.... After looking at Dr.Cabrals pictures I feel he can give me what I want for certain though I'm not knocking Duran because her skill are up there also. I'm just concerned with me not having enough fat and I know Cabral will find it lol. One of the reason I'm skeptical about Cabral has to do with his past butttttt I've also read many cabral dolls reviews and they are happy. Now Duran on the other hand I have no worries what so ever and I do love her work. Still undecided but I will go with my guy feeling and my research continues....

On another note I've gained a few pounds :) and I see it in my stomach..... I took a picture just not but I must admit I've ate too much today. My weight right now goes up and down 154-158..... No worried 2 months and a few days left
Can you post pics of Durans work @mostdesired3 please :) I'm going June 11
Girl! If I could do it all over again, I think I would go w Cabral. I LOVE what Duran did for me, but I still have some fat left in my back above my bra line. I worked hard to gain this weight, but I def didnt want it left in my back lol. Choosing the right doc is the hardest decision. Good luck to you babe!
You guys should try to do a background check on cabral.

Looking for Travel buddy

Looking for a travel buddy. Departing from JFK on June 10 at 7PM

June 11 Duran Date for sale

Anyone willing to buy a June 11 date from me let me know:)
Hi I went to Dr Duran 3 months ago and loving it. Had no drama she was very attentive to my needs I had to gain 10 lbs in order to have enough fat she still had to look for more . I had a lot of concerns being that I'm an OR nurse. The heparin was included with your meds I had bought some with me your gonna be fine. Good luck. And you can look at my profile
Thank you so much! I gained 25 lbs for SX and I still feel she's going to have to do my arms and legs my arms is a must tho.... However I'm also getting a B.A so I'm hoping she's able to do all procedures.... You look great by the way you booty is the bomb :)
Good that's more then enough because she had to do my arms and legs to find fat

18 more days =) Duran Doll To Be

Hemo results came back 14.2..... I take Geritol Vitamins (1tab) every morning and Vitamin C, B12, Folic Acid and Iron at night..... I also eat lots of sea food because I love it lol anyway 17 days and I'll be in D.R 18 days and I'll have my new body..... I gained a total of 25 pounds and I can't waiting to remove it

After weight gain This is me

Gained a total of 25 pounds.... most went to my booty and thighs..... I also have in my abdominal area =p
I wish I saw your page sooner!! June 11th is right around the corner. I really want to see Duran soon. I'm coming from the same state as you and definitely want a sx buddy. Except I haven't reached Duran yet for a quote :( I'm wishing you the best of luck.
Try sending her a message on whatapp as soon as she post pictures on her IG..... I went through bella vita thats hot i got my quote.... Thank you so much hun and please do keep me in prayers =) xoxoxoxox
Try sending her a message on whatapp as soon as she post pictures on her IG..... I went through bella vita thats how i got my quote.... Thank you so much hun and please do keep me in prayers =) xoxoxoxox

8 more days

7 days until I fly out and 8 days for SX.... can't wait to meet duran and wake up with out any fat lol...
Yes do it I'm your hype man can't wait to see shit em down yeah your day is coming couple days
Hope you are well!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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