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My surgery is schedule for Aug 28, 2012 i am very...

My surgery is schedule for Aug 28, 2012 i am very excited to get my tt and bbl. I had a baby 1 year and a half ago and i want to look and feel better. This will also help the path of my career i am trying to achieve. I cant wait to see the final results. I know it wont be easy at first but once i am able to exercise and continue my normal life, i am going to put so much effort into making my results even better.

So today is july 1st and its getting closer to my...

So today is july 1st and its getting closer to my surgery. I am super excited, i am doing a lot of research throught this website to see how many ccs i would like for my bbl. I am comparing myself to the before pictures in this site. I am thinking i want 900 ccs in each buttock. However i still have to talk to my doc about it and see his reconmendation. I just see that theres a lot of woman who say they dont see much of a difference and that is a concern for me. I am going to try and post before pics.

So i am 4 weeks post and i am feeling 90 percent...

So i am 4 weeks post and i am feeling 90 percent better, im still a little swollen but overall im doing great. I went back to work when i was 3 weeks post, my job is a standing job but i felt good enough to continue. My results are incredible im very happy with my results. My scar is healing extremely well also, the ends of the scar like by each hip is taking longer then the rest but that is completely normal. So for my bbl, well im pleased with the results its not as big as i wanted it to be but it has def made a difference. I like the difference you can see in the clothes i wear. I got 650 in each buttock! I will be posting pics of me with clothes and later on i will post of my actual belly. Oh and my belly button is also healing good, at first i was worried cause it looked weird but he told me to put a ear plug in it and so i have been. And it does work!! I recommend Dr. Alkon he is very good at what he does.

My tummy

So this is me 16 months later. I have to continue eating well and attending the gym as much as possible.

Back and butt

My buttocks has stayed and I haven't list one bit of it. So happy with the results still after 16 months.

A year and half later jan 2014

So I want to update a year as half later of my Ty & bbl. I am still very happy with my results. I still work out 3-4 x a week and I try to eat healthy 85 % of the time. My stomach is still flat and I love my results.

My plump butt

I never lost volume and so grateful for that. I always had this shape it was just plumped a lot more. Bbl"s take the shape that you already have and just enlarge it. So my advice for woman who want a bbl but don't necessarily a have the shape they want is just be realistic and don't expect something unrealistic.
Newark Plastic Surgeon

i am scheduled for a TT and BBL. I am unsure of how many CC's put into each buttock. I want to see a big difference. I am considering 650 ccs and i hope this is enough for what im looking to get.

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Oh my gosh..NICE.. I am jealous. So was this a big difference from before you got it done? This looks natural to me and tasteful. Sometimes I wonder when girls this done why they want everyone to know. In your case it looks real. Do you think if I get BBL and breast implants that I will be ready to fly to Charlotte for an hour flight at the end of Feb? I want to get this done within the next 2 weeks or asap. I have an appointment with Dr. Alkon for Monday...Please let me know.. Thanks :)
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Thanks... So the first months of my surgery I felt like my butt didnt change by much. However as time went by and the swelling went down and it started taking it shape I felt happy and satisfied. I actually love the fact that it looks natural and not fake! I always had big breast and so my butt never complimented them. Now it's a even proportion. 1 year ago I use to say I want to go bigger but now I don't I'm very pleased how everything turned out. And yes give yourself 3 week before you fly on a plane.
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So when u say " that u always had this shape and that the bbl just plumped it up" are you saying ur body before the baby or after baby was like ur shape post bbl ?
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My butt didnt change at all after pregnancy. I always had the same shape just very small. So after the bbl it took the shape I already had and it just got bigger.
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Hello! Can you please post recent pics? I would like to go to him asap...Thanks!!!
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Hi saddleriverprincess I posted pics
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I'm thinking about getting a BBL with this doctor. How are your results holding up?
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Hey girl ! Dr alkon did my surgery yesterday ! Check out my pics ! 855 cc's each
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Hey Brickhouse. I was thinking about DR Alkon to do my surgery. Do you hv any recent pics?
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You look amazing! I'm scheduled to have my tt and bbl first week of march. I'm really nervous about how I'm going to sit or lay comfortably immediately after did you do it??
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Yes it's extremely uncomfortable for the first 2 weeks. I had to sleep on my back for the first 2 weeks and I was so stressed about the bbl because they tell u not to sit for 1 month for a long period of time. And all u can and want to do is lay down because of the pain. After the first week I tried to walk as much as possible so I wouldn't lay or sit but it isn't easy. The first 3 weeks Is difficult to walk without hunching over and U get exhausted so easily that u rather just sleep. I saw the swelling go down in my butt a little and so I thought it was dissapearing, but surprisingly it didn't . I haven't posted an actual but shot but I will today. I am still happy it has maintained its fullness after the first month since I sat a lot. It's too hard not too! I must say getting both procedures together is difficult since its on opposites sides from each other so theres not much u can avoid. I wish I the best and if u are using dr alkon then in happy for u Cause im so pleases with the results
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Well you look great even though you had to sleep on your back. I heArd from another user to purchase a 6 inch thick piece of foam to lay on and cut out the butt part. I'm hoping this will make it easier to lay on my back. I'm really afraid of paying so much and ruining one of the procedures...and YES, please post pics! I'm so curious :)
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You look wonderful...
i'm looking to schedule my surgery around April 2013
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Thank you! I feel great and very happy to have chosen him!
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hello flybabymomma!! sorry im respondign so late i started work sept 12. so everything is great im feeling almost 100% and im so happy with my results. i just cant wait to go to the gym so i can look even better lol
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Hey, how are you?? How was your surgery? Hope everything went well.
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Ive been on my sides.
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hi lovethyself!! sorry im responding somewhat late. So how did your bbl go?? how is the recovery, im corcened with the sleeping sitting situation. and how many ccs did u get?
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Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us, I'm sure you'll get lots of support from the other BBL ladies!

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