32 Years Old 161 Pounds, No Kids. Full Abdomen with Back Roll Done with Airbrush Laser Lipo Sculpture - Roseville, CA

I have always had a pouch under my belly button....

I have always had a pouch under my belly button. Even as a 110 pound teenager it was there, although smaller than at 161 it was still very noticeable in bikinis and tight fitting dresses. I was finishing up college and i gained 15 pounds. Due to not having time to eat i ate a heavy meal to hold me for 6hours at a time in between work, school, and internships. That's when the pooch just took over. I had love handles and just pockets of fat. I have looked online at tons of options and decided to try elite lipo sculpture. I believe you pay for what results you expect. It was pricey, but if i get the results im hoping for it will be very worth it. I will post pics pre surgery and along my journey.. Once i heal i will update wether it was worth it or not.

For now ill post on day of surgery:

Day of surgery the procedure felt very weird i cant really attribute it to anything i ever felt before. At times it felt a little painful like a quick sharp pain, but the doctor noticed and gave me more numbing liquid. Most of my back and love handles i felt nothing? But certain areas in my abdomen were a lil painful. Not to the point i needed him to stop or anything. I could handle it. I went home feeling not bad at all. Of course it was a bit hard to sit down because i had to bend my body, but once i sat down i was fine. In general the discomfort all day was similar to having medium strength cramps on my period.

Day two, i woke up with a lil difficulty getting out of bed. I felt extremely sore as if i had bad sunburn in my stomach. I have a sleep number bed and my setting is very soft i am going to increase the firmness on my bed to see if it helps getting out of bed easier. Tomorrow. My core feels very tight as if i really over did it at the gym. If i stand up and not walk i feel no discomfort at all. I wont dare pick up anything from the floor since bending down hurts. I use a hanger to help me put up my underwear and pants when i go pee. Lol i see no staining on my bed at all. I feel compressed like a human burrito, but that is what the garment is for! My energy and mood is no different from other days. In general is a bit uncomfortable but not intolerable. I will say when i get out of bed i take a moment and stand still and hold my stomach because the gravity causes a weird and powerful feeling. I take a few deep breaths as i hold then slowly stand up all the way straight. When i sit down its not bad, but getting up makes me feel that powerful gravity feeling in my stomach. So, i hold my stomach slowly stand straight as i take deep breaths. I walk slowly, so it doesn't feel too bad. Overall everything is bearable. Cant wait to see results in 3months when im not swollen any more. I forgot to add on day 2 after surgery i was allowed to shower. I had mom help me take the compression garment off. The pads i had in place to trap leakage hurt as i had to force them off. It felt like i had a fresh burn. Like a blister that popped open. In the shower i did not jump in because those sores hurt! So i placed water slowly on myself. Eventually the sores hurt less. Mom washed my garment and i was without it for about an hour. Thats when the pictures were taken. I felt weird walking without the compression. My stomach by my belly button felt like gravity wanted to pull it down. I will post more updates.

Day 3

I have not been able to poo since thursday (day of procedure). I took pills on saturday to make my stool softer, since mom insisted that would help. So saturday night i finally had a bowle movement and it was stiff. Thank goodness i took the pills. I later found out the medications i have to take cause hard stool. Well i must say i am happy i did not poo earlier on because the swelling from my back did not allow me to reach my butt to wipe. So, i was able to wipe and all. Day three started on sunday, i woke up feeling thinner. As if i was less swollen. I felt it was easier to get out of bed. Once up the gravity feeling was less intense. I still need a few breaths and to hold my stomach, but its so much less bothersome. Id say, the discomfort from getting up from sitting/laying improved 30% over night. So im very happy. I can sit with less discomfort as i sit and i feel more range of motion. I will add every night since the procedure my bladder is pretty weak. I usually dont wake up to pee all night, but since the lipo i get up to pee almost every hour to hour and a half. I also feel the need to take a 1/4c sip of water every time i pee to hydrate. If i dont drink a little water when i wake up to pee i feel a nasty tightness in my chest. Compared to the feeling you get when you are starving for food, but i feel that in my chest. So since i wake up so much i feel the need to take a few naps in the day. If u feel an urge to pee i better go to the bathroom immediatly because i am not able to hold it in. This for sure is never an issue i had, i am sure it will greatly improve. I take 1/2 a pill for pain medication when i am ready to nap. Not because i need it, but helps me nap easier. I dont feel pain. Its only discomfort and slight pain to sit or stand. Also i cannot walk fast just slowly, because i feel it strains my body a little. Im feeling excited to meet up with my doctor this thursday for my one week follow. I must add jennifer the financial consultant is very fast in responding to my emails. One day i did not hear from her, so i emailed the doctor thinking maybe she had a day off. I emailed him a day ago and he hasnt responded yet. Although she has. I read from previous patients that doctor Rasi usually calls his patients in the evening to follow up with his patients. He didnt call me and im on day three, so i am a little sad. I was looking forward to my how are you doing phone call. In my culture this lipo thing is taboo and im even hiding this from my dad. Its too much to explain, but just saying a call would've been nice. Since, others got one. :(

Adding the picture if fat removed

Day 5

Time to shower and here are some pictures.

Feels so strange

So today is day 6.. Last night i kept feeling a weird sensation in my skin. My belly area felt numb. You know when your leg falls asleep there is a tingling feeling? Well thats how it felt in my abs. I re adjusted my garment, but it made no difference. The sensation came from my skin. Today i woke up with the same numbness/tingly feeling. Im pretty sure my skin and nerves are just recovering. It feels so weird though. Lol i still cant full bend down, but i can get up and out of bed almost effortlessly now. I dont have to stand and breathe before i move no more. My poo is still very stiff. I eat healthy, drink lots of water, and eat fiber. Yet, the meds make my poo hard. I take stool softener after every meal, but i feel no difference. Lol looking fwd to normal poop.

1 week post op

Came to see Dr. Rasi.. He told me im healing great and that i still have lots of fluid around my belly. He said im still numb. I agreed and told him how weird my stomach feels. He said he is happy with my results and cant wait to see me in 3 months. I asked the ladies to please send me my before pics they took so here they are.

Day 8

I am a bit nervous. Although i see results from my before to now i still feel fat. Especially from my sides. I have seen some women here look how i would lov my end results to look on their 4th day. Im on day 8 and im not to the point i feel amazing look wize. I get im recovering and it can take 3-6 months till im fully recovered, but im a bit discoraged i dont look as great as i seen others here look in the same amount of time. Im feeling nervous and a lil sad. How much of an improvement can u see from day 8 to a few months in? Significant enough?

Laying down

I just took a shower and im laying/sitting past a 90 degree angle maybe around 140 degree angle. Im waiting on my garment to finish washing. I cant fail to notice my love handles. Im sad. Shouldnt they be gone?

Pre surgery

I was always able to hide my weight with clothes. Hopefully when i am done healing i don't need to hide no more.

2 weeks

I called the doctor office to double check i heard right! I was told after 2 weeks i do not need to wear my garment. That i may continue to wear it if i find it more comfortable, but that it is not necessary. That my results will not be affected if i no longer wear it past two weeks. They confirmed i heard right! Yay! Doctor Rasi asked to speak to me and he reminded me to be patient! That swelling is normal and some may experience less swelling than others and this is why they may appear to have better results sooner. He reminded me i had a lot of fat taken out and that he likes how i looked at my 1 week consult. That now its a matter of time for the swelling to decrease. I appreciated him picking up the phone to talk to me. :)

2 week pics

Weird feeling

So today is my first day without my garment. I must say it feel weird as if my skin is tightening. I can feel it happening. Have u had a sunburn before? You know when its not painful no more and its just feels so dry and tight? It feels like that but all over my abs. Not painful just awkward feeling. I feel bruised internally again not painful just weird. Lol when i walk i can feel gravity pulling my skin down although i cannot see it visibly. I tried looking in the mirror lol

A few pics w clothes 2 weeks a day post op

Im excited to see my belly so flat from the side! My belly never been flat even at my smallest of 120 i have a lil pouch under my belly button. The pics from the from dont look so great yet its the swelling. I cant wait for 2months to pass and really see my results. I will be working out in a few days adding weights and squats.


I haven't felt a think till today. I randomly feel a sharp sting in my flank area. Usually when i sit and stand or when i lye down and get up, is when i feel it. Feels like something sharp puncture me.

Tomorrow marks 3 weeks

Here is a pic to show u all im still very puffy around my belly button. Although i am slightly getting sensation back in those areas. I can feel fluid still in there

Week 3

So the stab feeling is present any time i put pressure upon an area i had lipo. When i lay on my back both flank areas send a quick stabbing pain that lasts 2-3 seconds. If i move to my side the side im resting on has the stabbing pain for the few seconds. I feel my belly button is more healed it is now deeper and more round, but the skin surrounding still hard and swollen feeling. I wear pants in xl that are baggy they are two sizes to big, but i was told before surgery to dress loose so i dont hinder my results. I also haven't worn a bra since it can mess up my bra roll results. Luckily i have small boobs lol

Bra roll update

Here are some pics on my back. I have no complains visually. I love my results w my bra roll fat taken out. I had no discomfort when he worked on that area so not sure if thats why i have minimal swelling.

Day 4, week 3 saggy ugly skin

I have never had saggy skin till today. I was happy with my bra roll results till today. It was hard to take clear pics, so i took several. My skin looks much worse in person the pics arent very sharp and a lil blurry, so they make it appear better. So my back now has cottage cheese on the sides and lines going through my back. Looks like i should be way older than 32. Im sad! Plus i took a few tummy pics i feel fat not swollen fat. I can pinch tons of it. My shorts are XL and almost two sizes too big i can fit two hands in the waist no prob but they stay in place vis elastic, yet i have side rolls?! I dont know if he even touched my side rolls? Idk im not happy today.. I even emailed the elite office to ask if its normal i did not send pics just a description. I must add i have not worn a bra since my procedure because i was told it can cause permanent creases. I have been eating 1400 calories or so daily and low sodium diet. I have not gained weight. I lost only 2 pounds. So idk what is going on.

Protein shake

Just want to share this with you. I have been drinking this protein shake for yrs now. It is now being sold at baleys gym. You can buy it at costco. I love it because it does not smell bad and its not too thick. Plus has 30g protein, 1g sugar, 5 carbs, and only 160 calories.

The picture didnt upload here it is

4weeks tomorrow

First I wanted to thank all of you that have wrote me. This whole journey has been very emotional. Not knowing what to expect next or if what im dealing with is normal is scary. So thank you to all who have reassured me it is normal to feel like a sausage on my 3rd week. Lol im going on 4 weeks tomorrow. I noticed wearing my cg at night makes me feel better because i wake up with upper abs. Although they go away after an hr or more (booo) lol well i went shopping yesterday and in clothes i feel even better. Idk if u can tell a difference from the pic i uploaded from pre op in clothes. What i can say is my lower pouch is so flat in clothes! Which was my main reason for getting lipo. My lower abs always has a pouch even at 120 pounds so im sooo excited!! These pants im wearing are high waisted and a size 10. The same size pre surgery, but my pouch is non visible. Also i poses so u all can see my lower half just cuz its my fav body parts lmaoo.. Yayyyy thank you everyone for encouraging me to be patient.

Pre surgery pics

These pics are as close as i have to the similar pose i took yesterday. Idk if u can tell my pouch in these in general i was able to hide my fat pretty good in clothes and the tank top was extra tight so it slimmed my pouch. If u stare u can see im larger in the belly lolll

I knew it was those jeans

This is me in the morning after waking up and using my cg all night. So i should be the least swollen. Well i took these pics to compare w the one i took at the mall where my stomach look flat. I know i can hide my weight well usually finding the right pants. I was right! The high waisted pants slimmed me because look at me without pants in just a fitted tank top. Hope this is swelling still and i get my flat tummy i paid for. Just wanted to show u ladies. Although my pouch is reduced its still there.

Photos at the fitting room

Some underwear pictures so u can see the swelling? I took a very unflattering top angle pic so u can see by my belly button the pouch up top and below. Today was a low swelling day.

Hair trouble

I forgot to tell you guys that i have never had hair grow around my abdominal area before, but since lipo it has! Hair is now growing above, below, and on the sides of my belly button. It extends to about a 3inch radius. I wonder if this is common and if it will go away? I sharpened the image so its clear. I have light hair so i wanted to make it darker so its obvious lol

Visit to my PS at elite

I came to see my doctor today in Sacramento/roseville. He said everything he sees looks normal. I showed him how my fat rolls up and I look fat and he tells me he sees it but it's just pockets of fluid still there. I then talked about my bellybutton area that's really fluffy he tells me there's fluid there also and recommended I massage it to help it heal. I told him I was very concerned that when the pocket of fluid on top of my bellybutton goes away that I would have a weird looking belly button or a saggy pouch on top. He says I have nothing to worry about and that will not happen. I agreed to massage it, but was worried it would decrease its elasticity lol he says again don't worry llol

I then told him how most people on real self have the "wow factor" after their lipo by my time frame. He says he's seen some of those ppl with wow results in his office too, but that's not as common as I think. That most people require more time to heal to see those type of results. He reassured me I still have a lot of healing to do. He says nothing looks abnormal or weird. The only thing he sees is I'm healing very slowly. He insisted I be patient although he knows it's hard for me. Lol. I agreed being patient is the hardest thing for me.. I then mentioned that I feel bruising underneath he tells me that's also normal and part of the healing process. My last question was about the gym. I told him that when I do a light jog I feel my skin moving up and down and I wondered if that would hinder my progress or somehow cause separation of the skin from my body. He says he actually recommends that I work out more. He also recommended that I wear something similar to Spanx while I work out so it's more comfortable. I asked if I wear the compression garment more often will that help with my skin tightening or sticking to my body more, because right now I'm feeling those pockets of loose skin (although in pics u guys wont be able to see). He told me no it will only help with decreasing discomfort and decrease swelling temporarily. Then I asked him is there anything at all I can do to improve or speed up my recovery. He said no just be patient and massage the pockets of fluid you have. Loll He then tells me he wants to see me at my three month mark still. Then i thanked him and was on my way. I must say i felt very comfortable with him and must trust ill have the "wow factor" myself at some point. Maybe it wont be at 1 month like lots of people. Maybe it will be at 5 months for me. I do look slimmer than before, but i havent lost inches i still wear the same pre op clothes and they fit almost the same. I feel more rolls on the side than before (guess that is the fluid we are talking about).

I have been wearing the clothes i bought for the surgery. They are a size or two bigger than i need (xl and xxl) but i dont see my rolls in those lol btw my diet is finally getting results!! Im 155 vs 161 pre op and im on my period, so im probably a few pounds less. Im going to buy comfortable spanx and start jogging lightly. I hope by my 3month mark which is in 6 weeks and 2 days i can be down to 150 or less. :)

Pics of the fluid

Here's a better picture of the fluid I was concerned about above my belly button.

Love this and recommend it!!

Walmart spanx type garment
I loveeeee this Spanx type garment i got at walmart. Its very comfortable. I got it in a small.. Based on the specs im supposed to be a large, but i felt no compression so i found small was best. Luckily it has an underwear part attached, so my butt does not feel too smushed llol its only a lil smushed, but my boobs are totally compressed lol im a small b but in this i look like an A cup lol by far the easiest garment to put on from all the ones i have tried on. Love it!!
Dr. Leonardo Rasi

He listened with patience to my concerns. I was considering getting my inner thigh done. He told me he can help it, but genetically i cant have a dramatic change. I appreciated his honesty. I look young and i don't carry name brand things, but no one judged me. I felt respected and valued as a patient. The day of surgery he welcomed me with a smile and shook my hand. Immediately asked what kind of music i wanted. I said, "bachata." I spelled it for them and they found it on pandora. He said he liked it and even spoke to me in spanish a few times. Once he started, I felt some pain and he numbed me up with more liquid and allowed it to kick in before working on me some more. He said he could numb me further, but can hinder results because he wont be able to see where to remove the fat from. So i trooped it! There was no pain at times and at others moments of medium pain, but they did not last long. He was kind enough to not move around and not linger in one spot.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I hope all is well :)
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Como estas chica?
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Im here being patient lolll
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Ok :) You silent as mouse :/
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Oh my gosh, I am so glad I read your post. I am 4 week post op today and I feel exactly the same way as you do when I run. In fact, it scared me the first time I increased my speed from a walk to a jog because I felt like my skin and underlying tissue were not connected and just wiggling loose. Was a bit uncomfortable, a bit weird and very strange. I finally had the mental conversation with myself and said "well if the doc said it was OK -- well then, let's go". I was exercising with my compression garment on and a binder and my abs still felt loosey goosey... After about half a mile, I did not notice it anymore so I guess all good. Still feels weird when I first get going but it eases. I now wear my Ardyss BodyMagic garment to exercise and it feels really good. I know, an expensive exercise undergarment but it works for me. I can also relate to wanting the "wow" results immediately. I want that instant (relatively) gratification too but I'm with you, I still have a lot of fluid to still deal with so hopeful in time I will get the "wow" effect too. Hang in there... you already have significant changes to your body - it just gets better...
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I must say listen you spank type undergarment made a huge difference in how I feel about myself. It makes me feel slimmer and I don't feel the skin jiggly sensation you were just describing with that on. If I take it off I still feel the loose jiggly skin thing going especially when I jump or jog. Lol it's good to see other women that are going through the same thing. I'm glad my post was able to help you somehow. I feel like I read a lot of these successful stories and the women don't seem to stress much meantime I'm always here super stressed out. Lollll so I wanted to share all the questions I asked my surgeon just in case someone else was too afraid to ask the same thing. Lol hang in there!!! Just dont push urself too hard ease into exercising
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Im so glad I just saw your review after your visit to the PS. My left side of my BB continuously collects fluid right there and I will start massaging it too!! I do hope and pray that the things that bother me disappear. You are looking great and glad you found a CG that is comfy and holds it in. I was going to try on some size S but after doing one and losing all my breath feeling like I was going to need to call for help to get it off I gave up LOL!!! Looking good girl!
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Lolll i know what you mean!! The first one i tried was like a shirt with no bra but had straps. It was super difficult to put on! I felt like my shoulders were going to separate lol it looked great on! To take it off was just ass bad, so i decided no way!! This one was very easy to put on compared to that one i just described. Lol
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Love the spanx garment :0) Walmart Rocks! The shorts didn't even look attached. I definitetly need to go,i keep saying i will but something comes up. Your abs DO NOT look Big!
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Girl im supposedly in a garment 2 sizes to small lollll sooo the Abs looking way better with this on! Lolll walmart was great! I got a shirt thats reversible from the same brand. Its in the same section i am going to use it as my gym shirt! :) it slims me down too alot
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I am glad it's working for you :) I wil go tomorrow after my nail appointment. I thought you were asleep? Did you enjoy the HEAT today? I did,i loved it. :)
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No way too hot in tracy lol i should be asleep but im wide awake llol
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It was 90 here :) Yeah,i can't sleep either because it's HOT. Fan is on but it irritates my eyes :/ I am watching D.L. Hughley comedy.
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I love that you posted all your questions to the doc and his answers.  I think it's going to be very helpful for a lot of people on here, including you :D.  I haven't been here long enough to know how many people get that wow factor, but my impression is that it's not that many--that a lot of people look much better on day 1 post-op, but that then the swelling starts setting in for a lot of people.  But it's hard not to want to be one of those people who just go in and look fabulous right away.  

You'll get past this swelling, too!
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Yes i want that whole wooooowww you look great! I def felt much slimmer the first two a days after surgery.. Although the scale says im 6 pounds lighter i feel bigger lol i sure cant wait to look slimmer. Now that i got my Spanx ill start working out tomorrow! Yay!! Thank u for ur kind words once more :)
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Have fun with your work-out! :D
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Oh, and thanks for posting the video! :D  Much better to see how the garment looks on than just a picture of the garment :D.
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Thank u im going to jog w my doggy as soon as the sun goes down a little more. :)
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I agree its easier to see it on a video. Its super comfy!!
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I hope he reassured you. Did he say why you are growing hair by belly button?
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I forgot to ask lolll the only question i forgot lol
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Haha ill remember at my 3 month lol
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Write it down loca. :)
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I had too many questions to ask lolll
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