Elevess Allergic Reaction

I recently received Elevess injections for some...

I recently received Elevess injections for some depressions on my chin due to acne. All was fine for three weeks and then all my injections sites started to swell. It seems I am also allergic to sulfites (nose turns red when I drink red wine). Apparently, the reaction was caused by this allergy I didn't even know I had. I'm now on steroids to reduce the swelling and look way worse than before. My PS called the company, and they said this type of reaction could last for up to three weeks! So, let's see...if the injections are supposed to last for three months but I have to look terrible (the only place I will go is my office) for nearly a month?! Definitely NOT worth it!!


I got my elevess injections in August 2009 ... today is January 5th and I am STILL HAVING SWELLING! I actually went a week without a swelling eruption on my face and I finally thought my nightmare was over. Apparently it's not. The company should be SUED.
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I am so sorry you had this reaction. I had Elevess injected on 9/18 and I am still dealing with the swelling around my mouth. All of the injection sites are also still hard and lumpy. I am told to massage it as this will help break it down. But others say not to massage it. It seems to slowly be getting better but I still look like a funny duck. It definitely was not worth it. I hope you find some help. Good luck!
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Wow, I wish I had read the reviews on Elevess before having it injected. I had it done around my nose and mouth. It was swollen for about 2 days and then okay. But after 2 weeks my face started getting hot, itching, and swelling. All the injections got rocky feeling. My whole face swelled up. The doctor prescribed steroids and a sulfa drug. I have finished the steroids and now my face is starting to swell up again. I don't know what to do? I also have red marks and spider veins where some of the injections were made.
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