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I had a one hour electrolysis treatment of my...

I had a one hour electrolysis treatment of my bikini area this weekend. I'd bought a coupon from google offers so I thought I'd give it a try. The electrologist was very experienced with 30 yrs of experience doing electrolysis. I don't know what method she used. She essentially inserted a fine needle in my follicle and zapped me either once or twice. I had IPL done in the Past from American laser centers which was a complete waste of money and induced growth in surrounding areas. The procedure was not too painful. Didn't feel the needle prick, just the zap. It's too soon to tell but given the price it's def worth it. Right now I have tiny scabs on all treated follicles.


I am scheduled to meet her again in 2 weeks to undergo another session. I am thinking of skipping and going back in 4 weeks so my skin has time to heal
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Yeah, give the office a call and see what they say. Sometimes they want particular periods of time between treatments to see the best results, so it would be worth asking about for sure.

Keep us posted on what you decide to do & how you are feeling!

Thanks for posting this review. I'm curious to hear how the results hold up. Are you suppose to go back for multiple appointments?

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