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Im due my op in 10 days now and im excited and...

Im due my op in 10 days now and im excited and nervous at the same time. Im a 32 A right now and aim 2 be either a very full B or normal C.
I wanted 2 know if there r other women who had breast op through fat transfer and how was post op like in terms of pain and movement and recovery?
I will deffo post again soon.
l had fat transfer to the breast in April 2013. The areas of lipo was bruised for 2 - 3 weeks & I was sore for about a week. I increased about one cup size which I think is standard. I think it varies from person to person. I am very happy with my outcome, Using the bravo system improves your chances of keeping more fat & how they harvest the fat is key. Make sure your PS has done a lot of fat transfers & ask about his success rate & for reviews by patients. Good luck!
Thanks so much my PS has done lots of fat transfers iv seen the b4 and after pics the reviews were positive aswell, i just hope i heal well and the fat stays up top and not go back down lol. Im glad your op went well i feel a little less nervous about it thanks.
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