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Suture Allergy - El Paso, TX

I had a tummy tuck and had to get 5 surgerys after...

I had a tummy tuck and had to get 5 surgerys after that from different surgeons to correct the problem of my reaction to premicron sutures. I had puss and had to have open wounds.

The initial surgery was in 05 and now we are in 2011 and I had a baby 20 mnth ago and had lipo surgery on jan 2011 and another green suture popped out on my side. I thought all of them were gone, but to my dismay, I was left with a one inch piece on my side with puss and everything.

One scar led to many. So for the time of absorbing into the body is wrong. I am living proof and got the pics,scars,and dr documented history to prove. Still feeling a little pain above my bellybutton. Hopefully it is just scartissue.

Too much payments and Too much pain. I ask myself. Was my little tummy from my first child that bad? I wish I could take it all back. Now I am an addict to getting back to normal when normal does not exist for me. I have to be strong for my kids and not let them think that they are not beautiful just the way they are. I will not let them take my path, for my path is made of plastic, not sturdy and breakable to the ego.

Suture vs patient. Suture won the first rounds, but patient will prevail and god has been on my side. Thank you god:)

El Paso Plastic Surgeon

Didnt care about my pain, just wanted to inject me with steroid and poke me with silver nitrate.

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How has everything turned out?
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Hey Jorstargirl, Sorry to hear what you have been going through, I'm glad your doing better. I have a question, on one of your pictures I see you have some dark spots by your belly button. Are those picture where you started noticing problems? I too have a little darking of the belly btton area and a couple of dark sport here and there.
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Yes, but with a little constant throbbing pain. The scar tissue was growing trying to get rid of the foreign suture material and getting larger so bruising me from the inside out. Get an ultrasound if it has any pain and by that test they can see liquid in there like a sinus kind of way which should not be there. But yes the purple bruising was from the ongoing unhealing. I had other various sutures left in me and they too did like a little purple bruise. Now I have to cover them up eventually, Probably a tattoo or something pretty, I looked into scar revision but its a scar on top of another scar. So if I want to stop looking at my trials and tribulations on my stomach map, I need to put some pretty art to make me a little happier:) Hope I was able to help you a bit.:)
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Hi jorstargirl, sorry to hear that but I'm glad ur doing better now and I hope u got ur happiness back, uv been thru a lot and I believe it's all behind u know, nothing but a beautiful positive future ahead, take care and continue to keep us posted!
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Hi Jorstargirl! So sorry to hear about all your troubles! Did any Dr ever do an ultrasound of your tummy to see if you had fluid in there? Just curious as I had a pocket that they drained and haven't had any complications but I am worried sometimes that another might develop.
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Well continuing on the story, I just had another corrective surgery on Feb. 16, 2012 by another plastic surgeon. He had to correct what my over surgeon said he had corrected. So it comes out that there was still more suture material right next to the cut already made on me that were not removed. I had told my new Dr that the the ball I had on my stomach was still throbbing and hurting like a stinging feeling when u put lemon on a cut kind of way. So I went in and he put local anestesia and cut it semi open and puss oozed out. Like an old greyish puss. I knew it still had suture inside. So he gave me packing material and gauze pads to see if it would work. After a 2 weeks I went back and he proceeded to poke it again and still we could not find the suture. Then still packing and oozing everyday. Another month goes by and I am still oozing all over all my shirts everyday, so horrible. So three months and he says he is just going to have to go in there. So I already knew it was time. Suture never came out. So I had surgery two days after Valentines Day, WHOOO HOOOOO!!!! And weeks before the surgery no alcohol,caffeine,ibuprofen, etc. So just dinner and staight home for me on Valentines Day 2012!!!Booo!!! OK well back to the surgery, he had make an incision right across the other one. I really dont care at this point about the scarring since I rather be healthy than lets just say the cosmetic thing is totally out the door. He had to put me to sleep again, mind you being put to sleep over 12 times, I just hope I dont lose my memory after all this. OK well he said when he opened me up there was a growth of some sort and looked like a medium sized hour glass shaped growth like about 4 inches or so and he said it was draining and he didnt cut it open just took it out whole and sent it to the lab. So lab report come in and I have an infection, suture material was found. My bodys reaction to the suture since 2005 was hidden for 7 years and my First Surgeon said he poked and poked at this site and found nothing and was totally sure there were no more. What a crock!!! I have proof!!!7+ surgeries later and spending $50,000 + in self insurance and out of pocket expenses. I believe the struggle is over. My savior Dr. helped me live my life a little longer for what I would not know what would be in store for me if it would had stayed in me any longer. From 2005 till now I was always feeling so weak. Its apparent why all my blood tests would always come out with alot of white blood cells. My body has been fighting all this time. SOOOO TireDD!!! Well now I am on strong antibiotics for bacterial infection. I mean I am literally the spokesperson for antibiotics, geeezzz. I am healing well, just still swollen from the airbag they put inside of me so when he did the surgery he would not cut any of my internal organs(need those). Yes I know you think, joking around after all this, well what can you do but keep your head up and get things fixed and look to the future. I am a mom/soldier and thats just what I do. I hope this is all over and So sad my Initial Cosmetic Procedure turned out to the procedure of Doom!!! If I could take it back I would. Hey a little puggy stomach at the beginning is what God wanted for me to remember that was where I carried my Beautiful child. Oh well, Life goes on, I believe I can say I am now free!!!!!Ready to live for the first time 100% for me and my family...Goodnight!!!God Is Good!!!!:)
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How is it going ? Are you getting better ??
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Better..Just feel bad looking at my scars all the time I shower. Now I am just trying focus on the future of my kids and be there for them and try to talk them out of any of these crazy ideas I have engaged myself into. I have recently started going to the gym again and am gaining my confidence back. I dont think there is any way around not going to the gym. Plastic surgery sure didnt fix that. I have learned to forgive myself on my decisions I have made for myself. Since this experience, I have blamed myself for not researching better and picking the wrong doctor, etc..Just so much money wasted, when I should of just went to the gym like everyone else and love my body just the way it is. If I could go back I would and not do it. It became like a spiral of bad choices. From one surgery to another to fix the other. I got so exhausted and depressed. I wish women would just learn to embrace themselves and love themselves no matter what. Society has too much pressure on us and I for one allowed it into my house, and further in to my brain. I recently did an allergy test, and now they say I am allergic to egg. All Egg..I have been eating egg forever. Now I am looking at all the labels, as if I wasnt already for the calorie intake, but now for eggs. But I was thinking if my allergy goes much further than just the sutures. I am also allergic to all the trees, grasses, molds, cats, peanut butter, chicken, watermelon, corn,bananas, and avocados. Now I am thinking maybe I should have done one of these test before my surgery and I would have not gone through with it. Maybe the sutures have some kind of corn coating or something that didnt agree with my body. I think allergy testing should go along with the EKG,Pregnancy, and Blood testing that must be done before surgery just to make sure everything really does go alright. There is only one side good to this. I am not allergic to chocolate, shrimp, lobster, beef, or fish. Thank Goodness..I guess i need a vacation where there is plenty of these thing I can eat and relax my mind and body. Thank you for your concern and I will be checking my post if you want to talk some more and listen to my string of events. Take care and have a nice day:)
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I'm sorry you were unhappy with your surgery results! Thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf. I haven't heard of a suture allergy before, but it's good for us all to learn the risks. Please let us know how your story continues.

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I hadnt either. I had a child in 1995 and never had any complications. I also had my appendix removed and nothing. Then when I chose to remove my tummy from childbirth they made an internal corsett on my muscles and a new belly button. Almost immediately I had pain and I was so sick. I couldnt even eat. I was prescribed Prevacid at the time was not over the counter because I had so much inflammation of my tissue that it was compressing my stomach. I then started forming welts full of puss and then had to be reopened to remove the internal corset of sutures. At the time I was 28 years of age. I didnt think I wanted to have more kids and that is why I went through with it. I initially suggested the mini tummy tuck without sutures internally because my future might change, but the Dr said there is not point in mini tummy tucks for a best result. So I went with what he said. Little did I know my doom.. So sad and painful couple of years. Now I have a 20 month daughter. Sometimes when you are too young, you think everything is so easy. I wish I could take it all back but whats done is done. I just write on the blog to let other people know that they might not get the results they want and infections are really up to your bodies acceptance. What was I thinking. I know, but now I am older and do not want my kids to ever ever do what I did. It is too risky. Good Luck, Do your research, and God Bless:)
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hi jorstargirl....WOW that is just awful...im so sorry that happened to you...nobody likes to think of the possible complications that could happen when they choose this kind of surgery but they are obviously very real. i hope this problem will rectify itsef for you...time heals everything..ill be thinking of you and sending healing prayers..god bless...
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Thank you for your comment. I am done with elective surgery. I believe my last doctor in Jan 2011 fixed me. Thank God that there are still surgeons out there that really care and are not just in it for the money. God has got me this far I believe to learn my lesson and to teach other people that what you see the movie stars doing is not all it is cracked up to be. Thank you for your prayers, it is much appreciated.:)
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