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Well, I made it. Tuesday before the surgery, I had...

Well, I made it. Tuesday before the surgery, I had lots of running around to do and by bed time, I was a nervous wreck. My husband is amazing, though. He got me up and out, to the hospital on time, and everyone at the hospital was wonderful.

They laid me on a nice warm bed, I felt so comfortable. The preop nurses, the anestheseologist (?) and assistant were so good. I changed clothes, my PS came in and marked me, talked a minute to me and my husband, and then I woke up! My husband said that nurses came to the waiting room several times to report my progress and after I came to, I was up and out.

Now I am 6 days post and sore, but nothing unbearable. I think I was blessed also with no nausea. The pain pump came out yesterday, and I have had two showers. My husband has been a wonderful nurse, draining, redressing and keeping me up and about. The incisions don't look bad, he pulled my abdominal muscles together, created a new belly button, and the tummy lipo and incision are all looking good. I see my PS Thursday to see what he thinks.

Thanks so much for this site to help us all through this.

I am three months post op now, and loving my new...

I am three months post op now, and loving my new tummy. It was weird at first, almost like "this is not me," but I am adjusting and things are fitting much better. It still is tight and a little swollen but I am working out, lifting weights, walking on treadmill and riding a stationary bike almost everyday. And feeling more like me daily, too. It does get better, but is a slow recovery time.

El Paso Plastic Surgeon

He is very matter of fact and took the time to answer all my questions. I always had a list for him and his staff and they are wonderul.

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Thank you for your comments Dr. Reynolds!  MKELL, you look awesome.

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Patients that have a higher body mass index or have excess skin in their upper abdomen often benefit from the vertical incision. It doesn't HAVE to be done if the patient really doesn't want the vertical incision but it allows us to tighten the sides much more and take out much more tissue in these patients.
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You look great! I do have a question though...why was a vertical insion used on You? Just curious as to what that procedure was for...:) You look so tiny! Congrats on your wonderful tummy!
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You are looking good, too. My ps did the vertical to take out fat and reattach my muscles there. It is looking good, and I am working on getting them back in shape. Still have lots of work to do, but feeling better all the time. Take care of yourself.
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When there is excessive skin in the upper (epigastric area) abdomen, the vertical incision allows removal of much of this tissue and tightening of the sides (lateral) to get a tighter, flatter result. Without the vertical incsion she wouldn't be as tight or flat and would have more skin left. We often need to do this with a higher BMI or with excessive stretch during pregnancy. Dr. R.
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I just now found your pictures!  Oh my God you look great.  So flat and the waist pulls in so nicely.  Hot Mama!!
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Hi mkell...how are you doing this week?  Thinking about you and hope you are doing well.
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Hurray!  It is so good to hear from you! 

That is wonderful you are coming along so well.  Yes, it is a long process.  More than I had ever expected.

You go girl :)
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Hi Kimmers, and all, yes, it has been more than I expected, but loving my new body. Now I need to work out the rest of my body, butt, arms, back, but those areas seems to respond better to exercise. I feel so much better, no more heel spurs, carpel tunnel syndrome, and back pain. I love that. I actually feel pretty lucky because I didn't have the nausea, and my pain meds worked well. My tummy is still real tight, and I am trying to sleep on my tummy a little bit each night. It is a long process, but so worth it, now that it's 3 months out. Yippee.
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I am so happy for you!   You have really noticed some great health benefits as well; and so soon :)

The tummy sleeping takes a good while to get back to.   The hard part for me was sleeping on my side.  It always caused horrible pulling when I was in this position.  It does get better as the weeks go by. 

Keep in touch and help motivate the other ladies on the site who are at that "What did I do" stage. 

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Hi Ladies, I am doing well. Still a little sore, and dealing with the drains. They are still draining quite a bit, but I had lots removed. PS gave me pics last week of what he removed ~ OMG!! It was amazing. I have a couple pics I would like to download, but can't find the place to do it. Please help, Kimmer. Thanks for keeping this place a positive experience for us. I am eating pretty normally now, just not much of an appetite yet, which isn't bad. And I was a diet coke junkie, but haven't had one in 2 weeks now, that's gotta help out, too. Thanks again. Mkell
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So glad to hear from you!  You are doing awesome and I am so proud of you.  See I told you that you could do it :) 

Now for the pictures...log into your account and go under the edit tab.  You will see down on the bottom where you can upload pictures.  If you don't see this let me know and I will get some help from Tom.

I am very excited to see the pics!
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hello..i am going for a TT in one week and i saw your pictures and i must say you look fabulous!!! did you end up loosing weight from the tummy tuck?? also i noticed a line vertically on the belly...why is that? im having just the one incision at the bottom of my tummy..are there different kinds?

thanks in advance for the info!!
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Hey Mkell..how are you doing girl?
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Sending you lots of good thoughts your way! I am Day 7 post op and saw my PS today; he removed the drains & said all is healing great. I'm at the point where things are starting to itch due to the healing.

Best to you
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Sending smiles and good thoughts your way!!  Did you do the before and after pics?
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