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Will It Work? - El Paso, TX

I have only had one but do not see any differance!...

I have only had one but do not see any differance! I'm in my third week and still see anything changing! I had a mimi face lift a year ago and still had cheek wrinkles in my cheeks. My Dr recommended Sculpra! Im hopeing this is the solution! I did not like the numbness even paralized one of my eyes for one hour! I will get my second shots with no numbness! Shots do not bother me!

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I had sculptra April 2009 a total of 5 sessions one done every 6-8 weeks,Nodules started approx 14 months after the first session.I met several surgeons that told me that it would be impossible to remove them . In february 2011 a surgeon offered me the chance to participate in a TV show for surgery to remove the lumps.It took Him 5 hours to remove the most noticable ones.If i had paid it would have cost £20,000 as only a very skillfull surgeon would be confident to carry out such surgery. If you are considering Sculptra Please think again as it you also have an auto immune response,the problem gets worse and worse and will ruin your life and the ones that love you will all so suffer most temporary fillers have another treatment that will dissolve any lumps Sculptra has nothing ....it is an implant not a filler as we understand. Better off using a 6-9 month filler,if you dont like it or worse the filler dosnt like you it will go away in time. Sculptra will not go away it will need to be surgicaly removed
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Thank You Jo-wolverhampton! I wish the Doctor had given me some warning but all he said is it is VERY safe. Turns out my body does not like it. if you could email me the name of that surgeon I would be so grateful. Thank You for letting people know
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Thank you for your email,breaks my heart to hear that you and so many others are having to live with the adverse reactions that happen with Sculptra. I am so very lucky to have met a Surgeon who wanted to help me.He was truely Heaven sent,and has given me a new start and outlook to my life. His name is Mr Vik Vijh ,I had my surgery carried out at the Nuffield Hospital phone number for Mr Vik Vijh 0800 612 5919 My next appointment with Him will be 24th January 2013,just to check me over He warned me that there may be nerve damage ,but all is perfect with no scars to be seen. So there is an answer to Sculptra,but the lumps will need to be sugically removed. To all others that consider Sculptra DONT I did every thing right,i used a vey experienced Clinic,they were lovely But my immune system went Bonkers!!!!! Very Very Very Risky Too Risky!!! My Heart goes out to You all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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From the little bit that I have read, its takes a few treatments to get to the point where you will see changes, so if you are only on your first one that might explain why you can't tell a difference. Here is a Q&A that talks about how long it takes Sculptra to work:

How Long Does Sculptra Take to Work?

Hopefully you will start to notice changes as more time passes. Please keep us updated on how things are looking and what your thoughts are.

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Sculptra works differently in every individual. I had only one session and now look horribly overvolumized.
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