Wow...7 years already?!

I had my LapBand placed at William Beaumont Army...

I had my LapBand placed at William Beaumont Army Medical Center in El Paso, TX by Dr. Jason Johnson on December 6, 2006. I am 5'11" and at the time of my surgery weighed in at 339lbs! I was miserable. I had yo-yo dieted my entire life, going from a normal sized person to huge over and over. When I tipped the scales at 320 I finally decided that drastic action was needed. It took me about 6 months of appointments, scans, and exams before I got put on the waiting list for the surgery (I went throught the military).

My procedure was done on an outpatient basis and my husband drove me home. I was sore but nothing horrible. I was restricted to liquids only for 2 weeks. In that 2 weeks I lost 19lbs! I had to go to appointments every month for the first year. This is KEY! A LapBand will not work if you do not get to the proper adjustment, and that can't be done in one visit!

I got down to 209lbs when I found out I was pregnant (surprise)! The pregnancy and delivery went perfectly. I released all the saline from the band 2 weeks prior to delivery. I gained 19lbs during the pregnancy (which was much nicer than the 80 I gained during the first one), and lost back down to 218. Which is where I basically have stayed for the last 3 years. I'll gain and lose the same 3lbs over and over, but this weight is very easy to maintain.
I just had a mommy makeover 10 days ago and my tummy is so nice and flat! My port was not a problem, the plastic surgeons are used to them. I've lost a little more weight since they removed all my extra skin (with some fat :-). and I think I'm gonna finally get under 200 which has always been my ultimate goal!
In short, for me, it was totally worth it! I have never had any problems except if I eat something really bready too fast, then I know I'm gonna puke. and if I eat too soon before bed, then it's heartburn city. But now it's not really a diet anymore, it's just a way of eating. I eat smaller portions now, it's just what I do. I think that at this point, even if I had the band removed, I would be able to continue and maintain because I have changed my entire way of eating; at first out of necessity because of the band, but now because it is easy to eat this way!

Good luck All!


U look great! Proud of you
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I was banded last November and I agree it was the best thing I ever did for myself (5'9" currently at 165). I belong to a group that all got their bands around the same time, so we all went through the ups and downs together which was my saving grace. I am glad to hear there were no problems getting a mommy makeover since there is a port issue. I am just now starting to look into getting it done myself. I have worked my butt off this last year and it is discouraging to still have loose skin in the stomach area and boobs that look like deflated balloons! Good luck on getting to your goal of less than 200 (onederland!). You have done so well so far, you CAN do it!
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Hi there! Thank you so much for sharing your story! I am at the very beginning stages of the weight loss surgery process. I have done a ton of reading and have consulted with my doctor to get the process underway. I just have some reservations about doing the surgery.
My biggest concern, I guess, is just eating. I wouldn't label myself an "emotional eater", I feel like I'm a more of a "because I can" or "because it's there/available" eater, or because I'm bored. Know what I mean? For example, if I know there is a bag of popcorn in the cabinet and think about it, I can't get it out of my head. I can go and do/think about something else. But in the back of my mind it's still there and I'm not satisfied until I eat it and then I feel terrible. Is that emotional after all? Either way, my question to you is, did you have that problem? Because I worry that this will continue after my surgery and I will continue to be over weight. Thanks in advance for your help! =D
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7 Years!

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7 Years!!!!

It's been 7 years. I've joined weight watchers, and I'm really trying to loose these last 20 lbs, and I'm gonna do it!!!


That is good to know! I think I can handle that! After reading everyone's posts about the band, I am really excited and want to get it. My insurance carrier does not cover it but in January, I will switch to a carrier that covers some, if not all, of it. Money is the biggest issue!
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Christina424, it's nothing like a sour stomach or stomach virus. If I eat something that won't fit through my stomach opening then the stomach starts producing large amounts of thick mucous tring to lubricate and help the item through. This mucous starts to build up over the stuck item, the feeling is obvious but not more than a bit uncomfortable. Eventually the mucous gets high enough to trigger a gag reflex. It's fast and painless. Now should you ever actually get a stomach flu, that's when it can get hard. Just as everything that goes into your stomach has to fit through that small opening, so does everything going out!! If you have a sour stomach, my advice is to stick strictly to liquids! Good luck :)
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I am considering lap band but I have a huge phobia of throwing up! Is it like stomach virus or sour stomach? I don't want to get the band and throw up all of the time! Help!
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