A Better Me..... Loving the Change! BL and BA 390cc Mod Plus Saline- El Paso, TX

Having my surgery in a the next 72 hours! I am...

Having my surgery in a the next 72 hours! I am super nervous, but so ready. I've had issues with my breast for so many years. Been wanting to get my breast done since is was 17 years old! Having a child definitely didn't make my breast any better. Im 32 years old now and my mind frame has not changed. I am blessed enough to be able to afford to get them done now, so I am really looking forward to the new journey.

I will be getting a BL and BA. As you can see from the photos; I desperately need it! Within the last year I have really gotten into working out/weight lifting. The more I lift, the more fat I lose, the more sagging in my breast. This is the worst my breast have ever looked. After having my daughter, I was still pretty full (never been super perky) but its all gone down hill after that. So, I am amped for change. Can't wait to share my experience and results!

Per Op Mark Up

Prepared the markings for tomorrow's procedure! Forgot to add that I am 32 years old, 5'3"' 145 lbs.
Good luck. Best wish, have good healing. Looking forward to see update. ;-)
Thanks. I'm anxious and can't wait to share. See you on the other side!
Good luck to u hun. Welcome to RealSelf!! Best Wishes to you on ur boobie journey!!! It's a wonderful experience! I love the new me! Keep us updated!

Today is the day!

I'm leaving the house in 15 minutes!!!!! It still hasn't hit me. I think it will when I get to the surgery center. Hoping I don't forget anything. Cant wait to do this. Also can't wait to get there so I can pee:-)
Can't wait to see how they turn out. Our breast look exactly the same and we both share the same story..I've been going back and forth with getting a BA with lift for years...keep us posted!!
We have similar breast and the same story..can't wait to see how they turn out! I've been going back and forth with the decision to get BA..keep us posted!

On the other side!

Quick update. Surgery went well this morning. Currently back at home resting. I'm in a little pain. But mostly tired. Ladies; I don't remember a thing from the surgery! Last thing I saw was a plastic mask covering my mouth and nose! Woke up in recovery a little grogy. A nurse helped me get dressed and I was on my way home. Left a littld nausea from the ride but made it back home before anything came up. Now I'm just propped up trying to get some sleep.
Happy Healing!! I'm ready to join you in boob land...
Welcome to the other side! Boobie Land!!! Congratulations
Thanks! I can't wait to go to my PS for him to take the bandages off so I can really see. I hope my scars are too horrendous. And I hope I don't develop frankenboob!

PS Follow up

Went to the see the PS today. Got my bandages cut off. Got to see the girls for the first time today. Loving how they look so far. Has changed my body shape too. They're sitting high and tight right now. Left has dropped a little more than the right. Feeling really good right now. I've only taken one vicoden since coming home. Extra strength Tylenol has been handling the job. If anything my back has been hurting more than anywhere else. Sleeping sitting up is usually really easy, but last night was an issue. But I'm moving around today pretty easily. I know I need to take it easy. Loving it on this side though!

Forgot to add their birth certificate!

The official birth certificate:-)
Smokin Hot!!! You look so amazing!! I love it! Birth certificate!!
Thanks! I feel smoking hot;) can't wait to start healing and D&F. The world better watch out!
See, not so bad right? They look nice!!

Getting better daily!

Two days post today and I'm feeling great. Woke up a little sore and heavy but after taking a shower I feel really good. The girls have dropped a little more. The only thing bothering me right now are under my armpits and around my upper ribs. That area is really swollen. Other than that I feel back to normal already which is great. Can't wait to D&F.

My PS didn't specifically say how long I need to sleep on my back. What do you suggest? Also, I ordered some Scar Guard for my incisions but I'm not sure when I can start to use it. I'll have to ask my PS during my next appointment. Happy healing everyone!
WOOHOO! "The Girls" look amazing on you- so happy you did that for yourself! :) HAPPY HEALING and I can't wait to join you on the other, happier side in about 2 1/2 weeks (10/8)
Thanks! I can't stop touching these leading ladies! Your date will come faster than you think. I had to push mine to the back of my mind so I wouldn't get too anxious! Can't wait to hear about your journey!
Ur welcome that's what we're here for.

OMG Someone should have warned me about day 4!

Woke up thi morning almost regretting the whole operation! Talk about morning boob :( my chest is so tight, it hurts to breathe in deeply. Not much change in the way the girls look from day 2. The right side is still very high. Both breast are still pretty hard. Still quite a bit of swelling on both sides as well.. I don't take the pain meds, but today makes me want to. For the most part. Tylenol and Tylenol pm usually take care of business.

I'm hoping by the end of week one, my outlook will be better. I can't wait to feel back to normal (just with better, bigger boobs)!

Hang in there honey! You'll be feeling better soon!


Feeling much better today!

Day 4 was a no go, but today is so much better. Work up this morning with morning boob, but it wasn't that bad. That is until I started having muscle spasms. Wasn't prepared for the on slaught of muscle spasms all morning but I got though it. Been massaging the girls as much as possible. Not too much dropping going on.

In the past

I was looking through my old pics and found one where I felt my chest wasn't so deflated. This was back in 2008, which doesn't seem so long ago. ...what happend?

One week later

I'm doing ok this morning. Still having muscle spasms every now and then. Massaging almost on the hour. Still sitting high.
Perfect size for you!! You will start to feel better everyday! ((Hugs))
Thanks! I'm just being a little impatient. I guess when you're not back to work yet and don't have too much else to think about, you start to go a little stir crazy! The support on this site is awesome though. Thanks a bunch;)
I am already. Thanks again!

Some comparison pics

You look amazing...I can not believe your before and afters! I'm SO looking forward to seeing lots of new updates/pics!!!
Omg you u look gr8! And I did the same thing ... Looked at some old pics and realized somehow over night my boobies were gone! Lol
It's a crazy feeling right! Does the Bio Oil really make a difference? I recent bought some Scar Guard Scar sheets which I will use as soon as I get the ok from the PS. I've heard good things about the scar sheets, but mixed reviews on the bio oil. I'm usually a hit or miss with scarring. But I need these ladies to look marvelous!!!

Almost One Month PO

Today marks 28 Days after my sx. I can say I feel pretty darn good! I feel almost 100% back to normal. I've been back to work for a little over two weeks now and haven't had any problems. Had to stay away from the site for a bit due to some serious boob greed. I thought I wouldn't have that issue, but it crept up on me little by little. It really sunk in when i could fit some of the old bras I used to wear before I lost all my volume (36 C). I had the thought of doing a revision. But as of right now, I'm pretty happy with my size. For me being as active as I am, I don't know if going bigger would be a good idea. I had to think back at the original reason for me getting the BA and BL in the first place. I was originally disgusted by the way I looked and not necessarily my size. When I had more volume, I was satisfied with my size. So just looking at my before pics put me back into perspective. Every now and then I still have a little bit of boob greed:-) lol. At the moment I am exercising on my lower half (which is my favorite anyway, I LOVE LEG DAYS) but I can wait to really get back into lifting full body. For a while when I would look at my boobs they looked lopsided and asymetrical, but now they are starting to even out. So much has changed since day one. Scars are looking better daily. I'm not using anything on them right now except shea butter lotion. I'm waiting till all the scabs come off before starting any silicone w/ vitamin E treatments. I'm still not able to sleep on my stomach, but that really hasn't been a big issue. I've had one additional PO doc visit since my surgery and the doc said everything looks good but that I need to wear more supportive bras! So any suggestions would be great. I'm currently wearing an extra large Genie Bra which are super comfie by the way. I'm still not sure what my final size is/will be as there is still some settling that need to happen. Over all I'm doing great.


Great to see how far I've come
You look good! Mine are similar to your starting and I am considering a lift and saline implant because of your review. It would be awesome if you could do an update. =)
Thanks for sharing you look great! I'm considering getting a lift by him but the price you paid is a bit high for me sigh
You look amazing
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