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So Excited at the Thought of Loosing my Baby Belly! - El Paso, TX

Hi everyone, my name is Jackie. I am a 31 year old...

Hi everyone, my name is Jackie. I am a 31 year old mother of two, ages 3 and 21 months. I am a Registered Nurse and live in El Paso, TX. After my first baby, my body started to bounce back (I somehow manage to escape without a single stretch mark). I became pregnant with my 2nd baby when my first was just 10 months old. My body did NOT fare so well this time. I have really big love handles that give my hips a boxy look that is difficult to hide. I also have stretch marks and a floppy pouch at my suprapubic area. I never considered abdominoplasty until I stumbled upon this site and saw some really excellent results. So, I worked up the courage to schedule a consultation for October 4th! I cant imagine how wonderful it must feel to put jeans on and not have floppy skin squeezing over the top like bread dough!

Hey just read your bio...that is great!!! Yes, I am sooo happy, I don't think you will regret it!! I got really big with my second child to...I remember the feeling of my stomach on my legs when I sat down...ugh! :) Congrats on making the decision, that is the big first step!!!
Yes, the feeling of my stomach on legs is GROSS! As is the sensation of my pooch jiggling when I run. I feel like a giant gummy bear.

Welcome to RealSelf:)  

October will be here before you know it.  I look forward to following your journey and sharing your happy results!  

Funny how our poor tummies don't bounce back after the second child.  Well soon you will be sliding into your jeans without a muffin top and will love it.


Ok, so has anyone had to deal with guilt over...

Ok, so has anyone had to deal with guilt over wanting/having a tummy tuck? I still have my consultation for October 4th, but am starting to feel selfish for wanting to spend this much money on myself. I also feel like my recovery will be hard on my kids (ages 2 and 3). No, they do not lack anything, and yes, my hubby has all manner of expensive toys. I just feel like I am making a selfish choice. How have any of you handled these feelings? Did you go thru it anyway? Regrets? Any advice or stories are appreciated!
Did you ever decide on a surgeon here in El Paso to get your tummy tuck done with? If so, I would like to know if all went well! I don't want to end up with dog ears if I choose the wrong doctor!

Guilt is a normal feeling to have. I think that if you read most of the profiles on the site mention guilt at one point. It's okay to do something for yourself. Just make sure that this is what YOU want. It is a very big decision and it's good to have support around you. Focus on the positive and best of luck. :)
Hi Jackieliz, yes the two docs. have done this procedure many times before and have it all coordinated: the PS comes in to do the opening, the GYN does his part, and then the PS returns to do the muscle repair and closing. I suppose that is why my GYN basically insisted that this PS do the TT. I did research him pretty extensively and so meeting him in person was just the icing on the cake as to my confidence in him (no need for other opinions). I think it is the GYN portion that requires the hospital stay, as they'll be messing about with my bladder, uterus and rectum. I think they have to make sure everything is in working order before they can send me home. But, I think it will be helpful for the TT recovery, as well.
I am glad to hear that you are doing your homework, too! It's great that your sister lives in Albuquerque, if you decide to go there. Don't they have a great Balloon festival in October? : )

back in the saddle

Hello everyone, I had a tummy tuck scheduled in 2012 and then found out we were having a surprise baby 1 month preop. Now that our wonderful surprise baby will be two, I am starting to think about reconstructing my sad body. I am starting from scratch with my surgeon selection as things have changed here in el paso plastic surgery wisw over the past few years. Also, curious, surgeons here state they are skilled with the braziliamn buttlift surgery, but I have yet to read a review for that. Anyone local have direct experience?
Consultation scheduled with Dr. Reynolds

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